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IOPE Essential Moisture Relief Cream

Hi lovelies! It's been a while since my last post. I finally could make myself sitting quietly in front of my laptop comfortably while typing this. I'm going to write a short post for you guys and can you guys guess what is it? As I have told you guys before, today I'll show you my current skin care routine to keep my skin looking healthy, hydrated and glowing for the last 3 months. Are you guys excited? Let's get started shall we?

As you may already know, the changing of seasons means horrible skin for me and every winter my usually normal skin becomes very dry. I know, many people struggle with dry skin, especially on their faces. Dry skin can be frustrating, especially when it causes other skin problems like itching, cracked or flaky skin. So I decided to purchase IOPE Essential Moisture Relief Cream and I've been using it daily for the last 3 months, so here I am reviewing this essential moisture relief cream for you guys!

This product comes in a sturdy box with blue color with grey as the dominant colors.This essential moisture relief cream comes in a generous 50 ml plastic cosmetic jar.

Moisturizing cream that forms a moisture-locking membrane for long-lasting moisture, soothes skin and improves skin firmness.

Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Cyclomethicone, Betaine, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Ophiopogon Japonicus Root Extract, Bupleurum Chinensis Root Extract, Angelica Acutiloba Root Extract, Cetearyl Alcohol, PCA Dimethicone, Glyceryl Polymethacrylate, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Dimethicone, Polyethylene, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearic Acid, PEG/PPG-20/15 Dimethicone, Trehalose, Polysorbate 20, Phenyl Methicone, Polyglyceryl-3 Methylglucose Distearate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, CI 42090.

How to use:
After using essence, dispense approximately 0.4-ml (1.2 cm in diameter) onto palm, cover the cheeks and forehead with the product, then gently massage face from the center to the sides, skin texture. Then pat dry with white plastic lid.

Here's a photo of the real packaging! This is my first product I have ever tried from the IOPE (아이오페) brand. Does this look promising? Let's see what I thought.

IOPE Essential Moisture Relief Cream comes in a frosted  turquoise glass jar with a screw top lid. I must admit that the packaging looks very elegant and high quality. But the only problem I have with the packaging is that it's quite bulky, very thick and heavy, and not travel friendly.

They use a sticker to seal the Essential Moisture Relief Cream. As always don't forget to check the sticker seal first before you buy, and don't buy or use it if the seal is broken or not attached properly.

The manufactured date is at the bottom of the jar.

When you open it, you will see a white plastic cap on top to cover the product, it is to ensure that the cream remains fresh until it is opened.

Here is how the essential moisture relief cream looks like once you remove the protective seal! You will see a pale blue colored gel upon opening, and this product has a really strong smell. There is no spatula included, so you have to dip your clean fingers to apply it.

Here's a more detailed of the IOPE Essential Moisture Relief Cream! As you can see from these photos, this cream actually has a gel like consistency.

Here’s a swatch of it on my hand. It’s a pale blue colour that becomes clear when applied to your skin. This gel immediately gives a cooling effect once applied to the skin, and it may leave your skin a little sticky for a while but it dries off after a few minutes. Just make sure to give about three minutes to sink in. The essential moisture relief cream is transparent and clear color, texture is fluid liquid like water, it spreads effortlessly, and melts easily on your skin.

Based on 3 months of use, I can say that the IOPE Essential Moisture Relief Cream does provide moisture and hydration. My nose and around my cheeks getting a little dry lately, but after having a good daily skincare routine and I applied this essential moisture relief cream that problem seemed solved. It moisturize the skin over night, calms irritated skin and make my skin looks much healthier the next day, and the dry skin was gone, and leaves my face feeling well hydrated. Say good bye to dry skin and hello to total moisture! It really turned out to be a amazing product for my skin, but the smell was so strong I couldn't handle it, I kept catching whiffs of it throughout the day. ㅠㅠ

And you already know, I didn't like the scent and I couldn't handle the strong smell, so I would not buy this product anymore. It's very hard to describe the smell, if you are a kind of person who doesn't like the strong smell, you'll probably hate this product, but if you enjoy the strong smell, then this product is definitely for you! I think this might be a very great daily moisturizer for someone with dry skin, but not if you are sensitive to scents, like me.


Have you tried IOPE Essential Moisture Relief Cream? What do you think of the IOPE Essential Moisture Relief Cream? I'd love to hear your opinion. Please leave me a comment below!
That's it for the review! I hope you like this review and stay tuned for another my skin care routine that will be posted soon, I'm still working on it guys! Thank you for reading and see you guys real soon in my next post.

All of the words written in this blog post are 100% my own opinions!
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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A'PIEU Air Fit Cushion Bboyan Doraemon Edition

Hi ladies! I know I've been away for such a long time, but hey! I'm back! I was digging through my photos and I realized I haven't posted this one before. So today I decided to posting about A'PIEU Air Fit Cushion Bboyan "Doraemon Edition" (어퓨 에어 핏 어퓨 쿠션 뽀얀 ~ 도라에몽 에디션) review! Make up review after quite a while, eh? Are you guys excited? 
Looking at these pictures, I can imagine you girls screaming inside your heart. Hahaha. How can you resist such an adorable products!?

I grabbed this as soon as I saw it! Even though I have never used an A'pieu product before, and I have never read any reviews for their products, but I still bought it! LOL~ I bought A'PIEU Air Fit Cushion Bboyan just because the packaging was so cute, and I've loved Doraemon since I was little. I'll admit, sometimes I buy some of Korean products blindly because of the cute packaging, I know it's kind of funny though, but hey, don't judge me, I know you do the same thing. LOL

Description of product:
❤ Offering your skin all kinds of nourishment from grains, milk, aloe vera and antioxidant­rich berries, the Air Fit Cushion BBOYAN is designed to give the skin a bright & baby soft appearance like a instant photoshop effect.
❤ Lightweight color corrector glides on evenly & evens out skin tones for vibrant, smooth skin, provides UV protection and also creates an ideal makeup canvas.
❤ Can be used as skincare for UV protection or under A'pieu Air Fit Cushion to re­adjust skintone, correct flaws, revive the radiance of dull skin and enhance its transparency.
* Whitening
* Brightening
* UV Protection
* Makeup Primer
* Soothing & Moisturizing

Directions for use:
❤ After basic skincare routine, take sufficient amount onto the puff then gently pat on the face. Apply as either a sunblock or makeup base underneath foundation. Re­apply throughout the day if needed.

Product Features : SPF50+ / PA+++

Rice bran water, Rice Ferment Filtrate, Milk protein extract, Aloe vera leaf juice, Tea tree extract, Berry Complex.
Origin: Made in Korea
Manufacturer: ABLE C&C CO.,Ltd.

I purchased the Air Fit Cushion Bboyan for 5,800 Won. This is a special edition so it might go out of stock. This Air Fit Cushion Bboyan has the same design, very nicely printed into the plastic and will not scratch off, and illustration as its box, that smiling Doraemon on box with his cute eyes and lovely smile, waiting for you to buy him. The packaging is small so it's easy and light to carry around or put in your bag.

The air fit cushion bboyan comes in the standard BB cushion case with Doraemon's face printed on the front of the case, and the side of the compact has Doraemon ❤ A’pieu. When you're ready to use it, you can just press the power button on the cushion case to open lid, and when you shut the lid back it clicks perfectly and closes tight.

The compact case is made from durable plastic, and I think one of the huge benefits of plastic cases is very light and sturdy. To check more details, you need to flip it over and look at the bottom and there you also can see the date of manufacture.

When you lift the inner cover, you can see that the air fit cushion is brand new, and it comes with a large mirror behind the lid with a plastic (I usually don't rip it off since I never really use the mirror) and a blue cushion pumps inside, too.

There is a white plastic cap that will protect the cushion from touching the puff and also any leakage that might occur.  

There is a plastic sticker seal covering the air fit cushion, so you have to remove first the seals and then you can use it.

A'PIEU air fit cushion bboyan only comes in white color. Don't believe me? Okay, let the image speak to you!

Take your air fit cushion and tap a little onto your air puff. 

Check out how it looks like when they're applied on my finger below! 
It has a watery consistency, and texture of this air fit cushion is very light, deeply hydrate and nourish skin, leaving it soft, supple and radiant all day long, which is great for the winter.

Here's what they look like swatched on my hand!

This is my first time trying anything from A'PIEU Air Fit Cushion Bboyan, and I was very intrigued to try. I'm not a cushion lover, more like never used any cushion product, at first I was kinda afraid to give it a try but after I tried it, I must say, I love this product! When first applied, the air fit cushion bboyan looks quite pale and oddly colored, but after blending in and waiting about 15 seconds, the air fit cushion bboyan is slightly brighter and gives it a natural glow.

I found this air fit cushion really interesting because it has a very powdery smooth finish. As you can see, after I blend it out, it has a dewy finish, sheer texture that it just melts into my skin effortlessly even with just a few swipes, and doesn't feel cake-y at all. The air fit cushion works into my hands very easily with no oily residue, and it isn't sticky at all. The best thing about this air fit cushion is that, it's applies smoothly and keeps my skin feeling really soft, clear, and moisturized. This product works great for those who have dry skin like me since it is very moisturizing and it doesn't looks too heavy, but would be questionable for those with oily skin types.

My skin gets very dry and flaky in the winter months, so my skin need moisture enough so it can survive the day, I like this product because it gives me the moisture I need without being heavy, and I love how inexpensive it is. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite cushions I've ever used. I wasn't expecting the quality to be that great but it is! The wear time of this cushion is great, I usually only wear makeup for at most 8 hours and this still looks brighter on my face till then without touching up. Oh~~I almost forgot, I love the smell of this cushion too. This air fit cushion has a citrus smell which I love!


What do you guys think about these air fit cushions bboyan? Do you ever buy something because the packaging is just so cute and you have to have it even though you've never read any reviews on the product and have very little knowledge about it? I would love to hear your experience too. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

That's it for the review! I hope you guys enjoyed this review and if you have any questions feel free to ask. I will be away for a week and will not be able to reply your email, comment or question but I will reply to you as soon as I have time! And stay tuned for my skin care routine that will be posted soon! I'm still working on it guys! See you guys real soon in my next post!

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Passion Five in Itaewon

Hey all! I know it's too late but Happy New Year 2016 to everyone! Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come. Time flies so fast, eh? I still find it hard to believe that it's 2016 already. Hmm.. Is it too late to ask how's your New Year vacation? I hope you all had a wonderful New year! I'm really excited as this would be the first post in 2016 and I wish to thank you for the support for all the time. I'm really appreciate every single of you who read my blog, including haters. I don't know why you hate me, but I'm truly gonna say thank you to you because you do spend time to read my blog and attention to talk about me and for my real supporters, without you guys my blogging journey might can't go further. 
You guys are my motivation to blog! So I will try my best to motivate the people around and I'll do my best to improve my blog! Okay, here I am going to write a long blog post today so read it while you are not busy peeps! I'm going away until 10 January and probably didn't have the chance to update my blog until then! Ok, I will stop babbling and let's move on to today's blog post!
With my oppa who's as adventurous as me in terms of dessert. lol
You guys must be wondering where did I went for my new year holiday! No? Well I'm still gonna tell you anyway. =D My oppa and I went to Passion Five (패션파이브). I have been really curious about this place for a while, and we finally got there for the first time in 2016. Woohoo! We personally have heart for desserts. I guess almost everyone loves dessert! I'm sure you're already familiar with this bakery's most famous pastry ~ Passion Five (패션파이브), but if not, you can read my hunting experience at Passion Five, which located near exit 3 of Hangangjin (한강진역) station on subway line 6.

Before entry, you'd see this luxury looking chandalier which is really amazing at night.
 Red big bird as an icon. This is located beside the SPC building, so you can't miss it!

I was stunned and amazed by what my eyes could see. The building gives a sense of elegance and luxury combined with a yellow light bulbs.
It is the perfect place to go for a break when you are in Hangangjin or Itaewon.

The Passion 5 parking structure is 90 minutes of parking is free with validation and then it's like 6,000 KRW per hour after that.

Now let's take a peek inside the Passion 5! Sit back and enjoy the photos taken by yours truly!

When we walked in the place was packed, lines everywhere, and people eating in. We went on the first day of the new year, so we had trouble in getting a seat, but we got lucky and only had to wait 10 minutes or so for a seat.
I absolutely love the combination of black and white in the decor.

This is probably one of my favourite place to hangout!

The bakery is neat, clean with a special ambiance and bright with modern furnishings. From the lights to the displays, all had a little touch of unique.
Love the wall decor here.

Passion 5 is a premium desert cafe owned by the SPC group which also owns Paris Croissant, Paris Baguette, Baskin Robbins 31, and Dunkin Donuts. The name Passion 5 (패션파이브) comes from the combining of five elements: the bakery, patisserie, chocolates and cafe. The 5th is the passion of those who create the desserts.

Passion 5 banner.

Inside there was a wide assortment of pastries, macaroons, gelato, baumkuchen, handmade chocolates, jams, and a huge variety of delicious cakes.

These are the types of cookies you will find at Passion 5.

They also make speacialty cakes that looked amazing on the display.
Everything's so freaking expensive! =(

If you don't want to buy a large cake, they also sell them in slices of cake.

They also have delicious roll cake choices on display beside counters!

The mousse puddings looked so beautiful, they almost looked fake. lol

There are quite a few varieties of eclairs and they have a lot of flavours to choose from.

Choux àla crème. I just want to eat them all!

Look at the amazing variety of patisserie and flavors represented here!
This bakery serves very delectable patisserie and you will definitely be spoiled with the hundreds of choices they have.
Trust me, you will be tempted to order all pastry! lol

They have a wide variety of focaccia made fresh daily.

Expensive for a slice of pie and slices are quite small, but for me the quality and flavors make up for it.

I love the variety of puddings they have, I'll have to try one next time!

They also have a large section of gifts and leap pie set.
I love that they wrap everything so beautifully.

I would come back here to try the baumkuchen! I am wanting to explore and find out what baumkuchen taste like.

Their juices are 9,000 KRW, so expensive!
There's a good selection of drinks to choose from and they give you an adorable glass bottle if you order a juice!

They also sell a few health foods to take home like sandwiches and salads.

You can also buy the cheese, butter, and milk here! Oh and by the way, if you want to come here dont forget to bring lots of money! Because everything here is ridiculously expensive to shop here!

You can grab coffee to go or sit and drink in the cafe, where you can order off the menu at Passion 5.

They serve dessert such as ice cream, gelato, and ice macaron.
The ice macaron and gelato look promising, they seem to be a good size and sufficiently filled.
I do plan on returning to try their ice macaron!

Let's move to another room! Outside the door. so cute!

Outside of the Chocolate room! How about we go inside?

This room was like heaven on earth to me since I love chocolate. =D

They have a plethora of different chocolates to buy or give as gifts.

Beautiful high heel shoes made out of chocolate. So cute to eat!

Passion 5 has such a wide selection of cookies that you will be bound to buy something for yourself or a nice gift for your partner, family or friend.

In addition to their extensive array of cookies, the macarons also come in a wide variety of flavors. They are just beautiful and I want to buy them all.

The selection of jams is good quality, and they have so many flavors it's tough to pick which one.

They also have a wide range of champagnes!

They also sell beautiful flowers here.
The flowers are absolutely beautiful, and I would love to have the budget to get fresh flowers! 

It was so hard to pick the ones we wanted, but we eventually were able to pick the Snow White's Apple Cake, Apple Pie, Carrot Juice, Tiramisu Pastry, and Strawberry Layer Pastry. 
For all of that, we paid about 26,200 KRW between the two of us, were a little overpriced in my opinion.

The carrot juice was made fresh and was so refreshing. You can definitely tell that it's 100% carrot juice! I love it a lot because they don't use fake artificial stuff, preservatives, sweeteners, and colors, although price is higher than a normal bakery store.

We also had a apple pie. Their apple pie is out of this world!! Light yet rich in flavor, it's not very sweet which is great. I'm usually not a fan of apple pie, but their pie is delicious. Their apple pie are super flakey, buttery and extremely crispy, but too little and too small for such a high price.

A nice bakery shop, but some items are not the best. The tiramisu pastry didn't impress me at all, the tiramisu pastry itself is definitely over baked, very dry and hard, and it tastes like a stone in my mouth. The coffee flavor is there but it's really more like a coffee pastry. I wouldn't call it tiramisu!
It's only one small piece of the strawberry layer pastry, and the prices are a bit high but it's totally worth it. I am not a big fan of sweets, but the strawberry layer is something you must try. These strawberry layer pastries are but tasted insanely delicious! Strawberry layer pastries are delicate, light and flaky with all the layers. The inner layers were soft and sweet with fresh strawberries, but not too sweet that you'll feel like you need to drink a gallon of water right after to save you from diabetes. lol

We also had the snow white's apple cake which is huge and can be shared. My complete foodgasm experience came when I ate my half of the snow white's apple cake we ordered. =D We have never tried snow white's apple cake before and it did not disappoint! To be honest, I really like eating cake, but still I'm very picky when it comes to cake cafe! Most of them didn't fulfill my expectation or sorry to say much lower than I expected, but the snow white's apple cake is to die for! The snow white's apple cake not only looked amazing, but tasted delicious as well!
This place is bomb diggity! If you're a cake lover like me, you'd go Passion 5 for the snow white's apple cake. Believe me, while writing this review I just want to run over and grab one. =D It's a little pricey for one cake, about 8,000 KRW, but seriously I don't even think about that when it comes to snow white's apple cake. I literally ate everything until the plate had nothing left on it. Hahaha. The snow white's apple cake was soft, light, creamy, and fluffy with a hint of sweetness which brought out the flavor of the apples nestled between cake and sweet cream. 

There are two floors in this place. The restaurant is located on the second floor of the Passion 5. It's called L'atelier and is open to anyone from about 7:30AM to 10PM to visit.



729-74 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 용산구 이태원로 272 (한남동,SPC빌딩)
Three minute walk (100M) from exit 3, Hangangjin station (Line 6), walk straight and you should be able to see the bakery on your left.
Have you been to Passion Five? What do you think of this place? Do you want to come here and try their delicious pastries or dessert? Tell me your opinion in the comments below!

I think that's all for this post. I hope you enjoy this review and see you guys real soon in my next post!
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