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63 Buffet Pavilion (63뷔페 파빌리온) in South Korea

Hi everyone! The autumn's in the air already in Korea! Well, not 100% since in the afternoon it's still freaking hot! I can't wait for those pretty crunchy leaves appeared! Anyway, today post will be about restaurant and food review. Food post after quite a while, eh? Are you guys excited? I hope you do! If you are not excited, well I have to punch your face then! (don't you dare say that you are not excited! OK!) LOL~~

I'm pretty sure most of you heard about 63 Buffet Pavilion (63뷔페 파빌리온) right? I know I know, the post have been delay until now is because I have too many pending blog post in between, but glad I almost finished all of them so I can blog more about foods. *Teehee~* If you're a buffet fans then you shouldn't miss this! Let's continue reading to find out more!

If you do follow me on Instagram, you may know that my fiance and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary.

I went to this buffet restaurant called, 63 Buffet Pavilion (63뷔페 파빌리온 GF No.1 Premium Buffet). Last saturday, my fiance made a reservation here for our five year anniversary dinner here. I've been wanting to try this place for long time ago and luckily he does pay attention! hehehe~

The decor is modern inviting and beautiful with plenty of plants.

This is the first entrance! This place was absolutely incredible. From the moment I walked in and were greeted, I felt like I was in a restaurant inside the hotel lobby. HAHAHA~

Here is the price as of writing this article, the price is subject to change on December 24 - 25 and the dinner times on weekdays in December will be notified separately. The cost per person for our dinner was about 88.000 Won per person. The price for each person is pretty crazy, but hey it's weekend! They  always tend to be expensive on weekends unless you come on a weekday or during the summer event.

Let's take a look at the interior, shall we?
The seats were very comfortable and at the right height for the table.

The atmosphere of this place is just beyond gorgeous and breath taking. I like it noise level was perfect not too loud and not too quite, it was simply perfect.

Looking for a romantic date night or intimate setting to catch up with loves ones with delicious food, and if you don't care how much to pay, well then 63 Buffet Pavilion is the place to dine. Please try to make a reservation before you get there because this place gets packed for dinner, especially on the weekends.

They don't only offer Korean food, but also offer a variety of things; Japanese food, Indian food, Western food, Italian food, Chinese food, meats, seafood, soups, juice bar, and a decked out dessert area.

I really like eating buffet, but I'm very picky when it comes to buffet foods! Most of them didn't fulfill my expectation or lower than I expected. I ate every dish that's served in the restaurant and that's why I always gain weight after eating buffet. =D

Their seafood is incredibly fresh so don't waste your stomach space, go straight for the seafood station if you're a food fighter like me. HAHAHA~

I don't want myself to get fat but I love to eat a lot. What can I do? ㅠㅠ I can say I spend so much on foods too beside of clothing. Hahaha.

I'm sorry, I couldn't take picture good enough to show you all the things to eat in 63 Buffet Pavilion because was too hungry. ㅠㅠ

This is what we eat for 2 people, this is a lot!

The dumplings was so damned good.

The crab was fresh and cooked perfectly. 

Heaven in a plate, literally.

The steak is nice and soft also yummy!

They are to die for! Their cakes are tempting and so delicious.

After we had dinner, my oppa and I stopped in the art cafe on the 60th floor.

Once you get to the 60th floor, the scenery is breathtaking and the views were pretty spectacular. Here are pictures and videos. Enjoy!

Restaurant receipt also provided a discount for touring the aquarium or the sky gallery within the 63 Building!

The 60th floor of the 63 building is exclusively for sightseeing and on the 60th floor, you can get a great glimpse of Seoul.

To be honest, I am extremely afraid of heights and I have a fear of elevators but this place doesn't make me nervous. Going up 60 floors in the elevator in one minute and 20 seconds is cool. It was fun and the views were pretty spectacular.

This is also a great opportunity for take your own selfie. Don't be embarrassed, there will be plenty of other people there doing the same thing. It is definitely worth the time to stop by and take a look. But sadly, they close too early to enjoy the night view of Seoul.

Selfie with oppa before back down to the first floor.

I bought some things for my sister, and for myself. Everything is so cute!

You can write down your own wish note and pop it into the wishing wall!

Here's our wish note!

The place from inside is huge and the building itself is very well decorated and clean!

There are security guards all over and makes you feel you should be on your best behavior.

This brochure provides details about the Aqua planet.

There is a small art museum in 63 Building but art is very limited.

This art museum is kind of small so coming here is a little difficult if you have a big group.

Outside of 63 Building! It has amazing decor with a trees and pretty lights right in the middle of it and some really amazing vibes!

Overall, this is definitely a memorable dinner and the perfect place to celebrate an important event but as like I said before it is definitely not a place that most people could afford to go to very often because the food is pricey. The food was delicious, well made, and beautifully presented. I personally love their desert! Yeah, that's simply because I'm a dessert lover. LOL~

If you are in South Korea, and if you want to get to taste the food from other parts of the world, and if you are willing to pay the price of what you are eating, then go to the largest buffet restaurant in Seoul, the 63 Buffet Pavilion (63뷔페 파빌리온)!

This is the present my fiance bought me!

He bought me a mirrorless camera from Samsung.

Thank you for the amazing 5th Anniversary celebration and also, for your wonderful gift! I appreciate all that you do. =D

Well, that's it for today! I hope you enjoy today's post and see you guys real soon! Now I really need to sleep! It's almost 3am here in South Korea and I have to get up early tomorrow because I have tons of work in the morning.

서울특별시 영등포구 여의도동 60


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