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Grill Jonggosan 그릴종고산 Korean Restaurant

Hello guys! How's your day? I hope you are all doing well! Sorry that it took me so long to write this post as I was really hectic lately, and the internet connection in my home was horrible last week so I rarely touched my laptop. So yeah, let's update and probably this is the perfect time to write a new post on blog. As I've promised in my post before, I'm going to show you where did I go for my birthday dinner eve! Are you guys excited? because I am! Now sit back and enjoy the photos taken by yours truly!
So on Thursday, December 24th, my fiance took me here for my birthday, and ended a wonderful day at the 그릴종고산 (Grill Jonggosan). Since I love seafood, he brought me to this place! The location of the restaurant was amazing, and not far from the Hangang river. Grill Jonggosan restaurant offers Hanjeongsik (한정식) (traditional Korean meal with an array of savory side dishes) and large selection of seafood and Korean beef choices. If you're wanting some authentic korean food this is definitely the place!

My fiance found this restaurant from the internet and trying to find it by using T-map but he get lost for 2 times and finally he found it! And also it's a little bit hard to find a parking place at certain hour but he finally found a spot where my fiance could park! *drum roll*

The outside of the restaurant is extremely beautiful with many flowers on display. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention! You can also go and grab a free coffee to lighten up your day.

They had christmas trees decorated beautifully with all the ornaments.

There are many different types of food to choose from. The food is a little bit expensive considering the portions but it's pretty exclusive if you want to dine in a nice restaurant and be treated with excellent customer service.

For you who love seafood or Korean beef, then this is your heaven!

Now let's get to the actual restaurant itself!

I was totally charmed by this place. This restaurant is so elegant and nice!
The restaurant is large and offers a beautiful view of the city from the 15th floor, so make sure to call ahead for reservations and ask for a window seat!

This place has a great selection of wines, and liquor for all occasions at a variety of price points.

The atmosphere was very warm especially for a romantic evening as it is all lit up with little twinkling lights and excellent ambiance.
We got there at about 7.30pm and the place had a few customers sitting inside.
They have a nice seating area that definitely helped me enjoy a dinner and their seats were comfortable.

My fiance asked for window seating, so we were lucky enough to get awesome seats. What a romantic set up they have too. I loved it!

This is a great place for events and dinner parties as they have a few different private dining rooms that you would not find normally in any regular restaurant.
As you enter the restaurant, you will see various sculptures representing  parts of the restaurant's identity.
All decor of restaurant is quite classy.

The owner said everything is hand made including with the kimchi (김치) and side dishes (반찬) to the entree. 

Let's check their new menu now!
그릴종고산 (Grill Jonggosan) have a large and plentiful selection of everything including soup, beef, seafood, salad, wine, liquor, and Korean traditional meal. It is impossible for us to try every thing the first time!

So prepare yourself to get your hands dirty as everything will turn messy by the end of your great meal, piles of prawns, and fingers stained with sauces. lol

He prepared the food in front me but I'm so busy taking pictures. lol

The side dishes was amazing all hand made and it shows!
The side dishes taste fresh and the kimchi is excellent along with the salads.
They also have Korean spinach side dish (sigeumchi namul banchan / 시금치 나물 반찬) as a side dish and you could ask for more which is great!

We ended up ordering the Special Seafood Platter because it has three of our loves in it: roasted abalone, shrimp, and clam. Can't go wrong with that! The presentation of the food is well done, and the seafood is so fresh. I literally ate everything until the plate had nothing left on it. ~Teehee~

Shrimp was seasoned perfectly and addicting (not too light, not too heavy) and comes out prepared for you.
If you love shrimp definitely recommend this place it's amazing! Everything was good, but it's really overpriced in my opinion.

We also had an order of Soybean Paste Stew / doenjang jjigae (된장찌개) to heal our body after dealing with cold weather, and it was exceptionally delicious!

We also ordered one bottle of Black Raspberry Wine (Bokbunjajoo / 복분자주). Bokbunjajoo is a Korean dessert wine that is served chilled. The alcohol content varies by bottler and is typically somewhere between 14-16%, actually quite low by Korean standards.
The wine is so good! It was like heaven in my mouth the flavor was just so amazing it cannot be described properly with words. It has dark purplish color but clear with unique and rich flavor, and fluffy, and paired beautifully with the delicious shrimp, clam, and roasted abalone, I think it would be the perfect addition to your table this winter.

The service is awesome, they try to make you feel welcomed as much as possible and the wait time to get your food after placing the order is little compared to other places. *maybe they look my hungry face* lol



서울 영등포구 여의도동 44-37 아일렉스타워 13층

Overall, totally satisfied with the food there! The food was really amazing, and even though it's so pricey but it's worth it. You can't call yourself you've been in Korea if you haven't tried their seafood! Happy tummy indeed!

I think that's all for this post! Make sure to 'like' this post if you love seafood and Korean food as much as I do! Therefore, I apologize for not replying your comments since your comment didn't come through to my email. ㅠㅠ 
Oh and by the way, the next post will be about a fancy bakery shop that I found really interesting to share with you guys! Remember to follow my blog and stay tuned at my blog as I will blog more about it very soon! See you~

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What I Got For Christmas 2015

Hello everybody! I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to New Years! I will post a Korean restaurant review tomorrow so while waiting, why don't you read this post first? It will be a quite short one so sit back and enjoy! I know its a bit late posting this but I just realised I didn't write a blog post about what I got for Christmas, and I wasn't in the mood to write a review and thought this topic would be fun to write about, so today I wanted to share with you all what I got for Christmas 2015! For me, Christmas truly is about share the happiness with others! What do you think about Christmas?

I know some people can be so negative about these posts, I'm not showing off or bragging but I just think these are interesting posts to read and I enjoy reading these kind of posts on blog, so I thought it would be fun to my own! 
I am totally fine with people sharing their amazing presents. I think people can be so negative and it really upsets me to see so many people getting envious and offended by people sharing their gifts on social media, seriously, please stop it and find something meaningful to moan about! Let's change the world by moaning about things that truly matter. If people want to share their gifts, then don't be the grinch, just let them do whatever they're gonna do. Okay, enough of the negativity, without rambling on, let's get into it!

I was so thankful for everything I received this Christmas gifts and just spending time with my loved ones was the best. I never really ask for much anymore, particularly because my 28th birthday (read about that HERE) was 1 day before Christmas and I got so many lovely things for that! =D Well, so that's what I got for Christmas this year!
Getting a new pair of shoes is like a ritual for me at Christmas, but these ones are possibly the cutest ones ever!
As for presents on the day, the one thing I actually asked for from my fiance this year was a New Balance (뉴발란스) Shoes. I pick this shoes because they have a beautiful color combinations and I love it as it's such a perfect size, not too big, or too small and they are just so comfortable to wear.
I really love the style and the way they look! What do you think of my shoes?

I wasn't expecting much else from my oppa this year as I'm fully aware of how much New Balance shoes cost, but he really spoiled me this year and I'm so grateful for everything he picked!
He bought me a simple but beautiful 18K Pink Gold Earrings for Christmas which are truly awesome!
He picked everything else out himself so I was seriously impressed with his choices!

I just got one last thing, he picked the UNIX hair dryer that was what I need it.
The hairdryer in my room was broken and won't turn on, so that's super useful. I think he did so well and I was so touched by the thought and effort he went to to choose these gifts!

And you guys must be wondering where did I went for my Christmas holiday! No? Hmm, well I'm still gonna tell you anyway! =D I didn't go outside Seoul so I basically just having a quality time with my oppa.
We watched a movie at Megabox Cinema (메가박스), go to church together, have dinner together and spent time at the Hangang (Han river).
When I watched Star Wars VII (스타워즈 7), I was not really impressed with it, the entire movie was predictable, but it's a really unique film that's absolutely worth your time!

We ordered two lemonades, caramel popcorn and salted popcorn.
The popcorn is a must!
Its just lemonade, nothing special! =D

After we finish watching the movie, we went to Han river for dinner. You can see Han River's beautiful scenery and there are a few Christmas lights here!
Since it was so cold outside, I decided to stay in my boyfriend's car and enjoying the scenery from the car.

We ordered a box of BHC 치킨, 맛초킹 (Crispy Honey Chicken) for about 17000 won!
The best thing about BHC Chicken is that they do delivery. The skin is crispy and fried perfectly, sauce tastes good, and the meat is tender and juicy. Crispy Honey Chicken tastes a little sweet for me and even though it is sweet, you can still manage to taste the awesome flavors, and it goes perfectly well with a bottle of beer or coke! It's a MUST try!
We went to Paris Baguette to bought a red velvet cake and celebrate the joy of Christmas at my boyfriend's house! They have so many pretty cakes too, and they give you a candle if you ask for it! 
A little pricey for such a small portion! The cream is too sweet and the cake was also dry, greasy, and crumbly and it tastes artificial.
So guys, do you celebrate Christmas in your country? What did you got for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below and make sure to click 'LIKE' this post if you love Christmas as much as I do! I hope you guys enjoy a short post from me today and see you in the next post!

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