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3 Years And Counting

Hi there! It's me again after a while of disappearing somewhere!
Today I will talk less since I'm having my exam next week. This is a very late post of my 3 year Anniversary. =D 12 days ago it was my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend, our anniversary was Tuesday September 22nd. Our anniversary's this year had been a memorable because me and my boyfriend fought, we just misunderstand each other, but now, everything is fine again! Anyway, these 3 years have both flown by and stood still. I feel like It was just yesterday we were starting something that would last for eternity. Since that day many things have happened and many things have changed, but one thing is still the same, its still you and me. I'm glad it happened the way it did now. cause we're both the happiest we've ever been. You make my day everyday, and I know I do the same for you! Just shows all the possibilities that are made possible, when u stick with the one u really love and wanna be with!

3 years ago we were busy falling in love, not worried about what anyone had to say, just enjoying what little time we could spend together. It was such a joy to be around you, a feeling I loved to feel, it was so easy to talk to, just spilled everything out. My dreams, my hopes, my most deepest thoughts. Now look at us, 3 years has passed. Thinking about it now we've been through it all, not only have you been my lover but also my best friend, through good times and bad, we've stayed by each others sides, holding on tightly to each other, because in each other we have found our happiness, our peace, our unforgettable love story. There's no arguing with fate. I still don't know what I did to be so lucky to have you in my life, I am so thankful though. In this short time that we’ve been together, I've been truly blessed.
Someone to hold my hand, wipe my tears, make me smile when there's no reason to and make laughter into these wonderful memories that I can't seem to forget. Sometimes life hits u with unexpected things that take you totally by surprise. All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me and your capacity for love, caring, and understanding never ceases to amaze me. 
As we continue to show the world that our love runs deep and true, that the bond we hold is too strong to break, and throughout everything we are forever devoted to each other. Happy 3 Years Anniversary baby and still counting! We made it this far, eh? We have grown so much and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.
My lovely boyfriend got me these gorgeous watches from Anne Klein for our 3 year anniversary.

2 year International guarantee!

 I love the gift he got me! I love these types of watches and the color jumps out and says here I am. Couldn't be happier.

 It is one that would not go out of style.

The watches are very fashionable!

Elegant, attractive watch and very comfortable to wear.

He also bought a cake for our anniversary from Baskin Robbins!

It was cute and delicious. The main point was it wasn't too sweet but it really melts in your mouth where in you don't want to take anything to loose the taste.

Me and my boyfriend pray together and we make a wish for the future.

Since it's dinner time, we decided to go for dinner at the 채선당 샤브샤브 (Chae Seon Dang Shabu-shabu) restaurant, it's on the second floor. 

Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the inside restaurants because my boyfriend and I were too hungry! lol

As you cook everything in the plain water, it starts to become a broth.

The veggies were extremely fresh.

The meat is buttery, fresh, thin, and very flavorful.

The plate of salad is simple.

Mul Kimchi is always included!

 You can mix some noodles or mandu (dumplings) in the soup.

You put all the vegetables in soup, and when it starts boiling, you can eat vegetables itself or you can add some meat to the soup to eat together with the vegetables.

Overall, the food was excellent and service and guys working were really nice. They also serve beer, coke, or soju. 

Well, thank you for being the one person I could talk to. Thank you for never leaving my side through the tough and ugly times. Thank you for being my rock. Thank you for being understanding. Thank you for being patient, and kind. Thank you for accepting me for who I was, and looking on the inside, not the outside. But most of all, thank you for loving me like no one else ever has, or ever will. Happy anniversary to my love!

That's all that I wanted to share with you. I'm gonna stop writing until here. Thank you for reading! Til' I see you again next time on my future post.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cheese Jjimdak at Ilmiri Gold Jjimdak Ilsan

Hi guys! Finally I'm back with the another food review. Are you guys excited? My friends always saw I'm check-in a lot of cafe or restaurant on my Instagram but I rarely blog about it. So here you go guys! Continuing our weekend getaway, I did restaurant hunting with my oppa two weeks ago and we found some hidden gems that I want to show you guys today! Let's start shall we?
We decided to go to this restaurant called ILMIRI GOLD JJIMDAK near Ilsan lake park it's around 25 minutes by car. My oppa found this restaurant from the internet and trying to find it by using Naver maps. I've actually wanted to try this place for so long and I finally got the chance to stop for dinner before heading to home. So, here we are finally arriving at the restaurant that we've found through those hardships and took us quite a long time to figure out which way is the right way.

Anyway, have you ever eaten at ILMIRI GOLD JJIMDAK? And have you guys heard about ILMIRI GOLD JJIMDAK? Some of you might have already heard about ILMIRI GOLD JJIMDAK, but for those of you who haven't let me explain about them to you!
* Make Moment
A certain moment in life may exert a profound influence upon the whole life not letting you forget the moment. Another moment may be erased out of your head but may be making a constant imperceptible small change in your life.
Our life is not just the single moment but the full of happy, lonely, difficult, pleasant and various moments.. Everyday, we dream and wish to meet the most beautiful and glorious moment in life.
*Time is ceaseless.
Life goes on and we are making moments and remember them as pictures in our memory. We believe such moments add up to what you presently are. And it’s when we provide you with the moment you would remember that is our moment of happiness. Ilmiri made a first step into food&beverage business and we are trying to ‘make moments’ under the name of sincerity, endeavor, challenge for you.

 Here's the outside of Ilmiri Gold Jjimdak! Your search starts here!

After reading about this restaurant on Naver where someone said is her favourite restaurant, I told myself that I have to come here one day despite how delicious it looks.

Let's take a peek inside shall we?
The atmosphere is very relaxing and there are many cute displays which I think is pretty neat. I can stop starring at them, looks so adorable!

As you can see, the ambience was comfort and covered by huge spaces.
There are so much more seats!

Very simple interior!

The service was good and there's free wifi which was a major plus for me.

Okay, now let's take a look at the Ilmiri Gold Jjimdak menu.
There's so much options to choose from!
We having a hard time choosing which menu should we order... Hmmm.... Let me think for a while.
Me and my oppa was craving about Cheese Jjimdak (치즈찜닭) so we decided to order this! You can choose from different portions; small, medium or large, depend on how much you eat. The price of this menu is 28.000 KRW, we ordered the medium size chickens. I have a good news for you, you don't have to order a drink if you don't want to since they provide water.

Most of the restaurants in Korea serving Korean dishes give free side dishes for you even when you order only one main dish. 

Our food have finally came out! Now let's take a look at the food porn shots!

어머 이거봐요!!! 맛있어 보이지 않아요? Quite literally heaven on a plate! Anyway eat them while they are hot, and don't take too much time in taking pictures because I hate how my food gets cold. LOL

Food served, let's dig in!!! You don't want to try this? Are you sure? LOL

If you've been following my Instagram, you might've noticed that I upload a picture of cheese jjimdak. This is currently became a trend in Korea, putting cheese as a topping in this jjimdak dish so people really digging this new version of jjimdalk these days. The main reason why me and my oppa were interested in giving it a try, because we are a sucker for cheesy deliciousness, and we really love to eat! LOL Okay, enough of all the babbling, so how did it taste? As expected, the food tasted as good as they looked! 
This one is cooked with mozzarella cheese topped fusion style, and chicken dish with various vegetables. The chicken has a very light, tender meat, thin, juicy, yet rich in flavor. Perfect companion during this rainy season!
Actually the original jjimdak doesn't look like this. Jjimdak is basically a variety of jjim (a Korean steamed or boiled dish), which originated in the city of Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province and is made with chicken, various vegetables and Japchae noodles marinated in a ganjang (Korean soy sauce) based sauce. I'd blog about Andong Jjimdak in a separate blog post, click here if you want to see the Andong Jjimdalk dish!

We decided to order rice as we were very hungry. LOL
Rice with egg. Mine and my oppa.
After we done eating our dinner we decided to have dessert and finally got to check this place out and I'm so glad I did!
Hard to decide what dessert to try! I want to buy all of them! LOL Well, from this post you probably understand how much I love to eat. Now we talk about service! Service was moderate, some what of a wait, and they probably need more people to help with orders.
I got the cereal, banana and starwberry crepes with nutella filling.
The presentation was amazing, and these cereal + banana + strawberry crepes are thin, tasty, wasn't overly heavy, and very refreshing. I must say how absolutely yummy they were and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Only drawback is it could get pricey.

My oppa got the melon juice. He said it was too sweet and took away from the melon taste. I don't recommend you to order this juice!


(경기 일산점)
경기 고양시 일산동구 정발산로 24 (장항동, 웨스턴돔1)
There are a few other branches of the ILMIRI GOLD JJIMDAK as well, and we saw one at Ilsan area.

Well that's it for today post! I hope you guys enjoy a little food post from me today and if you have any questions, leave me a comment and I'll try to reply as soon as possible! See you in the next post!

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