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Landybridal Trendy Wedding Dresses

Hi everyone! How's your day? Today we will talk about what I wanted and the style of my wedding dress. A wedding of course is a moment of unity, of joining this can be when people commit to share property, wealth, burdens and joys, and of course the marital bed. We all react to the symbolism of weddings in waking life, so what does it mean when we dream of weddings? Wedding dreams can vary greatly! 
Every woman in many countries of the world has a dream of wedding which would be romantically sweet to be described. Wedding dresses are like dream outfits for every woman who are willing to be bride one day, and every girl's dream is to wear a fashionable and comfortable dress while walking down the aisle. Am I wrong? If you say I'm wrong... Well, I have to pinch your cheeks then! (don't you dare say that I'm wrong, because I'm not wrong!) LOL

OK, OK.. Enough of all the babbling, anyway, have you guys heard about LANDYBRIDAL? If you didn't, you're going to read about it!

About Landybridal:
Landybridal is an online shop where you can buy wedding dresses for an affordable price. They're a leading wedding dress and occasion dress manufacturer and they have our own factory; they have been engaged in the wedding dress industry for more than 15 years (since 1999), and do both wholesale and retail business, also accept OEM orders. They guarantee that all of our items are of high quality and we also provide excellent customer service to help you make your dream wedding come true.

Nowadays there are many designs and styles of the dress, and when you work all day and don't have time for shopping, this is a good way to look out, and find the exactly clothe you're looking for. If you are in a tight budget, then don't worry it's not that hard to find a beautiful dress you don't have to rub a bank for, because with Landybridal you'll find cheap wedding dresses without losing their quality. They are all carefully select high quality fabrics and threads to create every dress, and they look for vibrant colors, beautiful sheen and rich textures in every material that goes into your dress. Their fabulous Lace Wedding Dresses collection will make you surprise! Don't think twice to visit Landybridal.

The latest offerings from Landybridal are the Mermaid Style Wedding Dresses with or without sleeves, colored and other styles that you cannot find elsewhere. Here you can find cheap lace wedding dresses and mermaid style wedding dresses that are both adorable and incredibly friendly to the budget! I recommend it to everyone out there! 
Well, I'm going to show you my favorite dresses from LandybridalLet's take a look shall we?

This is the dream of every bride and this outfit is needed to be perfect and well fitted. What do you think of the Chic A-line V-neck Organza Wedding Dress with Appliques and Ribbons? For me, this is one of the beautiful and fantastic wedding dresses I found from Landybridal's collection of wedding dresses under 500$. The quality and detail in this dress is so beautiful and is everything and more than what is advertised.

I first saw this gown online and really liked it. I love the simplicity of this dress! I loved the Romantic Illusion Natural Train Satin Ivory Cap Sleeve Wedding Dress with Flower and Ribbons illusion design and the lace bodice was so special and amazing.

This dress is absolutely beautiful, and the quality is excellent. This color is considered as a symbol of the virginity, and this dress is absolutely amazing. I'm in love with this Perfect Bateau Natural Train Satin Ivory Sleeveless Wedding Dress with Beading and Sashes, which is a perfect wedding dress.

This Sweet Illusion Natural Mini Satin Ivory Sleeveless Wedding Dress with Appliques is simply stunning and the dress came at a cheap price. I love the short sleeves, kind of like a vintage dress. It has a perfect fit and looks so cute and attractive. It is suitable for other ocassions too and will be able to wear it after the wedding.

Overall, nobody wants to look inappropriately dressed at a wedding, nobody! Whatever makes you feel comfortable, and beautiful whether it's something plain or something sexy, is what you should wear. And remember, if you want to surprise your partner with something sexy and elegant, Landybridal always be there for you! You can check them out here!

That's all for today! Next blog post will be longer I promise! See you~


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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Milly Bridal Cheap Wedding Dresses

Hello ladies! I just want to give you guys a short notice about my new collaboration with Milly Bridal. Have you guys ever heard about Milly Bridal before? If you have, that's awesome! But if you haven't heard about them before let me explain about Milly Bridal to you!

About Milly Bridal:
Millybridal is a professional wedding & events dress design and manufacturing company located in China. Mr. Feng Yu, the company founder, is a USA Certified Public Accountant, who lived in the US and in Canada for several years, and moved back to China to establish millybridal in 2003.

Mr. Feng started millybridal with a basic idea of helping the bride, not the middleman. After hearing lots of friends and family members complaining about high cost of wedding attires in US, Mr. Feng established millybridal soon after his own wedding. With the hope of offering brides dream wedding dresses without bank-breaking price, the company soon gained popularity.

After a few successful years in the local and Asian market, millybridal expanded and started selling their top-quality dresses worldwide, mostly in Europe, American Australia and etc.

Millybridal Europe,US represents millybridal in Netherlands, Atlanta and is dedicated to serve European and North American brides who want their dream wedding gown, custom made to their order and size, at a fraction of the price of similar or lower quality dresses.

Millybridal aims to make it as easy and hassle-free as possible for the brides-to-be to order their dream wedding dresses, by offering superior products, the best prices possible, excellent and quick customer care, and pricing in$ € or £ which always includes shipping so there are no hidden costs or surprises. Import tax is not included but more often than not our brides are not charged ANY import taxes when receiving their dresses.

Millybridal wedding dress is an embodiment of dignity, elegance and fashion. From rich style with magnificent lace to the simple and natural pure style, every bride-to-be could find her dream dress for her wedding day.

Are you going to get married next year or this year? Every girl has a dream to have a perfect wedding with her dream wedding dress. Some want it to be like a fairy tale kind of wedding, some they want it luxurious, plain, or simple. So, are you looking for a perfect gown to wear? If you're looking for your beautiful dress, or looking to get inspired, this is the right place for you! 

A wedding often costs much because you have so many things to prepare and to pay. Whether you budget is big or not, you will always find more things need to pay. If you are in this situation, don't worry must be a good helper to you! Here you can find Cheap Wedding Dresses that friendly to the budget! I am so excited to finally show you some of my favourites! Let's start shall we?

The right stunning wedding dress is the one which suits you, makes you look beautiful, elegant, and attractive. Beside that, you need to feel comfortable and glamorous when wearing it at wedding ceremony. You should think well while deciding to choose the best new bridal dress for the wedding.

Dress is beautiful, well made and very nice fabric. Absolutely perfect! I would really recommend you buy this, its fabulous.

I love the dress and cannot wait to wear it. Simple elegance and exactly what I was looking for in a dress for my wedding day. 

I really like the look of the dress, it is gorgeous, and absolutely amazing! The fabric is very nice and good quality and the details are perfect.

If you are interested about Milly Bridal, you can check them out here:

If you have any question before you make an order, have an order, or asking about previous order, contact them, and they will help you.


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Friday, August 28, 2015

Wishesbridal Short Homecoming Dresses

Hi ladies! How has your weekend been so far? I'm really excited about today’s post! I will write a new post about my collaboration with Wishesbridal! It will be a very short one though but still, enjoy! Have you guys ever heard about Wishesbridal? I actually haven't heard about it myself until I went to Wishesbridal's website a few hours ago. Guess what? I'm in love with this online store! If you haven't heard about them before let me explain about Wishesbridal to you!

Who is Wishesbridal?
Several years ago, some young people met each other with the same interest.
They like all beautiful things, especially beautiful dresses. 
They are all girls.
They know what wedding dresses the brides want to have.
They know how shining the girls would like to be in the dance.
They know how to prepare an elegant dress for the mothers.
They know what kind styles the daughters want to receive.
They make every dress from your point.
Your satisfaction, their passion!

What they do?
Bridal dresses, bridesmaid dress, flower girl's dress, mother of the bride dress, special occasion dresses (such as prom dress, graduation dress etc), wedding accessories, and so on. Everything you need, they would try our best to make it for you.

Where they ship to?
As for their shipping and packaging, you are assured to enjoy a fast and professional service due to our long-term partnerships with DHL, TNT, FedEx, EMS, etc., therefore, even worldwide shipping and packaging to U.S., Russia, Arica, Europe, are possible and safe without any damage because of those well-trained staff.

If you are going to attend a special occasion and you want to make a grand entrance, then look no further because Wishesbridal will be able to help you out.
Now, I will be sharing some gorgeous homecoming dresses 2015 with you from their collection. I chose some dresses which I think they look adorable. I hope you like them too! Let's start shall we?

This Cute Strapless Short Pink Tulle A Line Cocktail Homecoming Dress will make me rock my prom party and this is the right dress I am looking for! When you will wear this beautiful dress, it will leave others speechless because the dresses were made very good quality material and workmanship.

This Lovely Pink Scoop Short Tulle Homecoming Graduation Dress is absolutely stunning. These dresses can be worn again at a holiday party or formal wedding, and are easier to dance in.

I wanted a nice dress for homecoming, but most homecoming dresses look the same and few actually innovate. And suddenly this dress changed my mind, when I saw it I knew I had to give it a try. I was very impressed by the quality of fabric and the way to which it is made. If you are considering ordering this Sweet Strapless Short Red Homecoming Dress, go for It! You will love it!

If you don't have $200 to blow, don't worry! I know if you spend a lot, you are probably stressed. Like I said, you can still have a fashionable, attractive, elegant dress, while saving money at the same time because there are cheap homecoming dresses under 100$, as well as couture style short designer dresses for the girl who appreciates amazing fabrics and exquisite attention to detail. The models are so many different and that there is plenty of choice that make you fabulous and stylish every day.

If you are interested about Wishesbridal, you can check them out here:

You can just click the banner in the left side of my page and it will direct you to Wishesbridal website! You will find all of these current popular prom dress trends in the inexpensive homecoming dresses collection. If you haven't checked their website out yet, you don't know what you're missing!

Well, that's it for today. Hope you enjoy this post and see you in the next post!


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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

DealSale Wishlist

Hi there! I just want to give you guys a short notice about my new collaboration with DealSale. Recently, I've been contacted by Daisy from the DealSale team and they asked me if I want to cooperate in sponsorship with them. They want me to make a few posts about their products. So, I accepted their offer and downloaded this application and started scrolling through their products. 
Have you guys ever heard about DealSale before? If you have, that's awesome! But if you haven't heard about them before let me introduce you about DealSale to you!

DealSale APP is the new mobile commerce platform for fashion shopping, here you can feel free to visit their stores without the limitation of time or space. At DealSale APP, they offer top-quality products to our consumers which includes the most fashionable accessories and clothing in American Standard Size. They understand that fashion market needs unique and special ladies clothes, so they always adopt some new and fashionable styles to our collections.

Anyway! I want to make sure that you know that Dealsale is an online-shopping application which you can download on your smartphones (Android or IOS). Dealsale helps you to enjoy your shopping with plentiful products such as beauty, accessories, fashion, bags, and so on. There are a lot of choices of many categories, and of course with reasonable prices. So what are you waiting for? Take your smartphone now and download the Dealsale application which is available on App Store as well as Google Play!

I scrolled a lot of many products, after 4 hours and I found some items that should be added in my wishlist. Let me show you guys!

I've been wanting this panda bag since a very long time. The backpack is so cute and this item is good for school. I really love it!

This sneakers caught my attention first because of the colour. It's so adorable and my boyfriend don't have anything like this in his collection, yet. So, I ordered this for my boyfriend's shoes. I know these shoes will make my boyfriend smile, because his love for shoes is so strong.

Currently my order is processing, and I'll review it as soon as I receive the products to let you know what I think about them! While you guys waiting for my review, why don't you guys do a little shopping? 
You can just click on the banner below for more and it will direct you to DealSale website! Their items are inexpensive, and they offer free-shipping world wide as well! If you have any question before you make an order, have an order, or asking about previous order, contact them and they will help you!

Their headquarters are in China: 


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Monday, August 24, 2015

Checked Chain Crossbody Bag From Zaful

Hello ladies! I miss blogging and it's been a long time since I've written anything here, the Internet in San Diego is just so awful, I can't stand it and I was so busy preparing myself to go back to Korea since my summer vacation finished yesterday. There are too much things that I need to post in my blog, so today I'm going to write a short post for you guys and can you guys guess what is it? From the title, you probably know that I'm going to show you my new crossbody bag that I purchased last month. *Teehee* Anyway, did you guys remember ZAFUL? I make a blog post about it HERE so read it first before you continue reading this one! I know you guys probably have been waiting for my new crossbody bags blog post and I'm so sorry to keep you waiting for so long! So let's get started shall we?
(*Please ignore my messy room. lol*)

The product that I choose is Checked Chain Solid Color Crossbody BagThe products that they sent arrived quickly and the product is great. I'm so excited to share them with you.
The product arrived in plastic bags of reasonable size, and everything was neatly packed within, there was really no space wasted.
Let's take a look of my haul, shall we?
What do you think? Do you want to purchase this Checked Chain Solid Color Crossbody BagThere are so many amazing bags on this website that I can't feature here. So I will also include the link of the products below so you can purchase them as well!
I like the features of this bag, but I haven't used it yet. Planning on using it in August on vacation. Product is exactly like it was described. Take a look at more photos of this stylish crossbody bag here:
The fabric is very sturdy, and can be wiped clean and also a nice color. The crossbody design is easier on your shoulders. Actually, I haven't used the bag yet, but from the looks and feel of it, I think I am going to like it very much. Thanks for the expedited shipping, and quality product for the price!
This crossbody bag didn't disappoint me! This is the perfect bag for shopping, the inside isn't huge, but big enough to hold all the essentials that you need in a day! I'm in love with this crossbody bag.
Backside of the bag. Overall, I like this bag because you can wear it with a casual outfit or formal outfit. I will show you after I wear them, so stay tuned. 

That's it for today! I hope you enjoy this review and see you guys real soon in my next post! =D

This is a sponsored post, all opinion are my own.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

My New Collaboration With Dressgal

Hello guys! How are you? Almost everyone's asking me what I'm busy with at the moment, so I thought I'll just update you guys here. After I came back from my vacation, there were lots of things that happened, which makes me barely touch my notebook. I've been really ill with pain stomach these past few days, so I took a break from blogging. I am a stay at home for a week, and I’ve been mostly lying down and recover my health and my energy back but I think I'm getting better now. Hooray! =D 
Anyway, I am so happy today to talk to you about my new collaboration with Dressgal. Last month I got asked by Dressgal, which is a amazing and cheap online shopping sites to share my honest opinion about their product.

Have you guys ever heard about Dressgal? If you have, that's amazing! But if you haven't heard about them, you're going to read about it!

About Dressgal:
Dressgal is a China base online store which has variety of items related to beauty and fashion like dresses, shoes, jewelry, makeup accessories and much more. They are aimed at to offer all kinds of fashion and the latest style clothing for women, including dresses, skirts, bags, lingeries, leggings, sweaters, shoes and accessories here. They Promise to try our best to offer the lowest price and convenient shipping service. Join us and get the secret to Fashion and beauty world. has established trust with thousands of customers from all over the world. Consumer's benefits are always the top priority of the starting points of our jobs. Join in us, you will get the greatest shopping experience.

Here I have picked few items as my wishlist from the store, and they sending me 3 of their products that I'm going to review real soon! Lets take a look!

What factors were most important to you in choosing a backpack? I choose this Hot Fashion Unisex Folded Portable Nylon Backpack Organizer Lightweight Travel Backpack because of the unisex value, and I was looking for the best travel backpack for my oppa. There are a few different colors to choose from green, navy blue, rose, red, sky blue, and watermelon red.

These Korean Fashion Men's Analog Quartz Round Synthetic Leather Band Sport Quartz watches are delicate and are versatile enough to be worn with any outfit you choose. They are made of synthetic leather which is very durable and sturdy!

These New Fashion Women's Casual Rubber Camellia Slippers Summer Flowers Flip-flops Shoes Flat Sandals are on my wish-list for a long time. I love the design and you can choose from several colors. You can find them HERE! What do you guys things about this slipper haul? Is it pretty?

 I'll show you everything once I recieve them. While you guys waiting for my review, why don't you guys do a little shopping?
If you are interested about Dressgal, You can check them out here:

Which ones are your favorites? I would love to hear your suggestion. I know, I know... it wasn't easy to choose, let's be honest! LOL Specially when there's so much variety. ㅠㅠ

Anyway, they are having promotion of $200 coupon for you! You can just click on the banner below to see the Dressgal website!

Well that's it for today post! I hope you enjoy this post and see you guys real soon in my next post!

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