Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mickey Mouse Ice Macaron

Hello everyone! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and I hope that my simple "hello" will make you smile and happy! ^^

I want to let you know that Mickey Mouse (미키마우스) Ice Macaron debuts at Baskin Robbins (배스킨라빈스) in South Korea is now offering a Chocolate Mousse macaron ice cream. Finding new treats at Baskin Robbins is one of my favorite pastimes, so today I can't wait to share a new Mickey Mouse ice macaron with you!

I'm absolutely in love with their cute packaging! The packaging was very cute in a pink plastic made for ice macaron and the designs are extremely adorable. 

Baskin Robbins made a clever move by using the Minnie Mouse version of a macaron ice cream as the basis for an all Korean sweet.

At first I was very disappointed, the Mickey Mouse ice macaron comes in normal shape of macaron. ㅠㅠ Where is Mickey Mouse shape??? They don't have a Mickey Mouse shaped!!! ㅠㅠ The macarons small portion size does not equate to its cost of 3,300 KRW per sandwich. I'm regret with choice of this ice cream!

At first glance it seems like it'll be hard to bite in but the ice macaron was actually soft, moist, and chewy. The Mickey Mouse ice macaron itself is made of chocolate ice cream, which is covered with cookies. The chocolate ice cream was a nice surprise, delicious, and pleasant in every way. The perfect amount of flavor and sweetness that doesn't make you feel sick. Anyway, some other bakeries or cafe make the ice macaron too sweet, it's hard finding good ice macarons that are not overly sweet with just the right texture.

I'm not a sugar cookie type person but I really like the cookies. The cookies are mouthwatering and the macaron outside wasn't dry or anything. The consistency of the filling and the texture of the Mickey Mouse ice macaron was just perfect.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Uncle Toms Coffee

I visited the Uncle Toms Coffee (엉클탐스) in Daejeon (대전) for the first time a few weeks ago, Uncle Toms Coffee has been on my MUST-VISIT list for a very long time. After so many plans to visit, I finally decided to go alone to have a quality time and what I had was exactly that. Since I had already eaten, I can only drink coffee or tea. 

This small cafe may not look like much, but it has some outstanding dishes.

This is a nice place to grab some drinks or just have a nice conversation with friends and also a great study place because it's super cozy with a ton of tables, couches, and the lighting isn't in your face and has a calming effect. The staff is attentive without being overbearing and always do their best to make sure you feel truly welcomed. I like the mellow or calming music that they play here and I just love the vibe.

I highly recommended this cafe if you're looking for a place that serves a cheap drink and delicious coffee along with a friendly staff. The staff were well informed about the menu and gave honest input about the different selections. I watched as each drink was prepared in the open kitchen and could see how much care was being put into each order.

The atmosphere made me want to stay in there the whole day! ㅠㅠ

Everything is organized and it has a vintage feel. The place is decorated with some paintings that makes me feel like I'm in Eiffel Tower which is really cool and dresser with brick wall.
There is a unique wall clocks with its artistic quality, which is designed in vintage style.

The cafe interior was modern and cute, lovely environment to be in with decent space to hang out with friends or your lover, grab coffee, or meeting. 

If you like a relaxed, comfortable, warm, friendly environment with nice drinks you have got to come here!

Luckily, I came on a Tuesday afternoon, so I didn't have to wait on a line because I was one of only about 4 other tables at that time. 
The menu had a good selection and there were also specials on offer. Everything on the menu is super cheap in my opinion. Prices range from 2,800 KRW to 4,800 KRW.
There are some pastry and soft drink to choose from. I would love to try their pastry next time, it looked delicious.
They also have a small selection of bread for sale to accompany your drink. With a variety of great tasting food, you can be assured to leave with a big smile.  

They'll also offer free WIFI, and the WIFI is usually pretty good, definitely better than the Starbucks or The Coffee Bean down the way.

I ordered the Hazelnut Cappuccino. The hazelnut cappuccino were about 3,800 KRW. They take 5 minutes to make my coffee, this is with no line in front of mine.

The Hazelnut Cappuccino (헤이즐넛 카푸치노) was to die for! I was very impressed by the smooth, creamy and rich, but their hazelnut cappuccino is too sweet, I could taste a lot of the cinnamon. I know some people enjoy it that way, but I'd prefer to make a less sweet.

One of the staff gave me a free Iced Coffee (아이스 커피) my first time there, do you have any experiences with this? =) Anyway thanks for the treat! =)
I cannot tell you all just how much I love this coffee. Their iced coffee is by far the smoothest and flavorful I have tried, it's almost unbelievable! I can't wait to come back here and try their other food or drink.

Uncle Toms Coffee Name Card.

유성구 용산동 533

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Morning Calm Gallery Korea

The Morning Calm Gallery (아침고요 갤러리) is another amazing part of Morning Calm activity and another interesting free places to spend time! The Morning Calm Gallery is open year-round and is a nice spot to visit for families, couples, and photographers alike.

It's garden that dream of paradise. The Morning Calm Gallery (아침고요 갤러리) itself is an impressive place to see art and history from around the seasons.

There's some interesting art pieces on display!

I am so happy I didn't pass up my chance to check out this fantastic gallery. It's a fabulous place to while away an hour or so looking at art even if you're not into art.

You can make a small donation if desired.

The design of the building was very simple, and the gallery has a beautiful collection.

I don't understand anything about art, but I really want to appreciate art and just enjoy the painting. They have some pretty cool exhibits here, I am not sure whether they change their exhibits every season? I will need to revisit again soon to find out!
I was not happy to learn that photos are not allowed, I hear that flashes could damage the works over time, but just let people take pictures sans flash, there's no harm in that.
There are so many works of art in the collection, let's see the others as well!

Address: 432, Sumogwon-ro, Sang-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

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