Friday, January 30, 2015

Hansot Dosirak in Korea

My friend and I went to Hansot Dosirak (한솥도시락) on lazy Friday afternoon, this was my favorite place to go for lunch in Gangnam-gu Office. Hansot is a huge chain in Korea, and great place to grab lunch or dinner during the workday. Some places in Korea specialize in only selling these cheap, and delicious lunch box (dosirak).

They offer a lot of variety on their menu, the food was excellent. Hansot Dosirak is a small place that seats only four, but lots of people still come because everything they sell is meant for take-out, though there is a small space for customers who wish to eat in the store, it will still come on styrofoam wrapped in plastic wrap. If you're on a bit of a budget then it's actually kind of perfect. The average price is around 2,500 Won, and a few of the expensive ones go as high as 10,000 Won.

I ordered the Chicken Dosirak (치킨도시락) for my lunch. The Korean Chicken Karaage was a good portion amount. I don't normally like chicken karaage because it's all fried, but I must say that Korean chicken karaage was ridiculously good, juicy, tasty, tender, and so good dipping sauce. Prices are very reasonable as my lunch box costs about 3,900 Won.

My friend ordered the Chili Pork Dosirak (칠리포크도시락). Served with a side of kimchi and green chili. The chili pork dosirak tasted okay but the sauce was too spicy that she really didn't enjoy her lunch. She felt like there was a big volcano in her mouth. The color was strong red, so if you're not a spicy food type of person, I'd suggest you to order another food. The price of the chili pork dosirak is 3,600 Won.

My friend and I ordered Hansot Dosirak again for dinner! I saw a lot of people ordering the Donchi-Bulgogi-Dosirak (돈치불고기도시락), so I wanted to try some myself. This was delicious as well and huge, served with a pork cutlet (돈가스), chicken karaage, and Korean barbecued beef (불고기). All of them were fresh, flavorful and wasn't overwhelmed. Really melt in your mouth delicious! The price of the chili pork dosirak is 4,500 Won.

This time my friend ordered the Doryeonnim-Dosirak (도련님도시락). The beef burger itself is tasty and it comes with a yummy small pork cutlet on the side, which pairs well with the crispy chicken karaage. She also think the pork cutlet is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The beef burger quality is pretty decent, and the chicken karaage is always tender and retains the its juiciness. The price of the doryeonnim-dosirak is 3,400 Won.

Overall, I have to be honest here, the food was really great, but the Ajumma (아줌마) that who work here are pretty cold, horrible, and unfriendly. I heard some people thank her, she don't even respond and she won't even look at you. I find this a bit rude but service is quick and very efficient. On the busiest of days, I've rarely waited more than 10 minutes. I keep going because I like the food, and it's delicious. I really want to like this place as it's close to my home and it has delicious options with good prices!

한솥도시락 관세청앞점
서울특별시 강남구 논현동 113-17

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cafe Droptop Korea

My oppa and I were looking for a nice coffee shop to meet my cousin and aunt in the Myeongdong (명동) area and we found Cafe Drop Top (드롭탑) by chance while walking around Myeongdong. This is our first time visiting Cafe Drop Top, I am really excited to be here!

Parking in the Myeongdong area really sucks, so if you're taking it to go just drop someone off to pick up the drinks and wait in your car. They take cash and card so you don't have to worry about having enough cash in your wallet.

We came here when it was raining, so this is the perfect coffee shop to duck into when its raining. I fell in love with this cafe because it's cool, cosy, clean, bright, open space with plenty of upstairs and outdoor seating.

They offer free WIFI after you enter the password posted by the register. This was a nice place to just come hang out with friends, or your lover and I think will be a great place to chat or relax with a cup of coffee or tea.
They also have lights and tree surrounding the many tables and the ambience is simple. I would say that Drop Top is the best cafe in Myeongdong.

I like the interior design, and they have a separate smoking room for their smoking customers. Their interior decor is modern, vibrant yet classy and alluring. They really know how to work it.

They offer a wide selection of coffee-based beverages, teas, and quite a menu of cakes, breads, sandwiches, and cookies.
The staff working at the front were friendly and kind, even though she was kind of busy, I didn't feel rushed at all.
So many menu items looked good!

On some of the tables in the cafe is a Samsung tablet in the table, you can play games or surf the internet as you wait for your orders. The seating area is relatively large, they have outlets everywhere so it's a great place to work.

We ordered a hot Americano, Lemon Tea and Maple Honey Bread (메이플 허니브레드). Typical of many Korean cafes they give you that gadget which will vibrate when your order is ready for pick up.

My oppa had an Americano (아메리카노), the taste was good, fresh, smooth without any unnecessary bitterness, and flavorful which left no need for sugar. 

For my drink I got a lemon tea (레몬 티), and it tasted fine just like your average tea.

This maple honey bread is slightly sweet, from both maple sugar and honey. It’s ridiculously soft and moist. I would definitely recommended this to anyone looking for sweet pastries. The pastries are a bit pricey and you may need to wait in a bit of a line but it's totally worth it.

Pictures at the cafe before we leave!

서울시 중구 명동1가 10-1 명동센트럴빌딩 1층
(10-1 Myeongdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul)

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Simple Birthday Party

Hello readers! This lovely man was born in the gorgeous winter weather! Last Friday is my Oppa's birthday, and we celebrated it at the time.

I surprised my oppa with a strawberry cream cake and chocolate pudding for his birthday. He was very happy.
I'm making a chocolate pudding for him because he loves chocolate and pudding. Pudding dessert made with nutella, honey, and chocolate powder milk. This was one of the most amazing chocolate pudding ever!

I ordered the KyoChon friend chicken because Kyochon has always been a favorite for me. We had a dinner together after celebrating his birthday.
The fried chicken were so good, the meat on these was tender, crunchy and tasty! 
I also ordered a side of their potato wedges which complemented the wings well, and the potato wedges were great.

I bought a gift for my Oppa to surprise him. I bought him a leather bags and told him to use it right away despite the fact that he wanted to wait. I know he had been wanting it for quite a while so I made him use it. =) 
 I also bought him a military wallet. 

Well, my sweet Oppa who is reading this right now, I wish the best of best comes to you. Thank you for understanding and standing by my side. You are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. You make me feel wonderful, you give me strength when I just can't carry on and I truly treasure that. Every moment spent together is another one of my dreams coming true.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, bye~~!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Sinseon Seolnongtang in Seoul

My craving for Seolleongtang (설렁탕) was really bad on a super cold day, and so I went to 신선설농탕 (Sinseon Seolnongtang) alone to have the seolleongtang. Sinseon Seolnongtang is a restaurant specializing in Seolnongtang (ox-bone soup) and open 24 hours a day. It is a good place to visit for a dinner with friends, late at night when everything else is closed. I really liked this place and it wasnt hard to find, and there is street parking which may be a little difficult but it was worth it.

The place was nicely designed, large and has good atmosphere. They keep it clean, and the service was quick and friendly.

Seolleongtang is a very common dish appreciated by Koreans. If you're craving seolleongtang (ox bone soup) you must come here! It can get quite busy here during the lunch or dinner but normally I have been seated right away. They also have a wonderful 두부야채 설렁탕 menu!

I ordered the Seolleongtang (ox bone soup). After I order I can kill some time while I am waiting for my food by preparing the kimchi for the table.

I got a small each 7,000 Won and this came with rice. The prices for the soups are good enough considering the huge portions. They give you salt, pepper, and green onion to add to it, so you can season it to taste. The soup is kind of bland for my tastes, but I loved it with a bit of pepper and salt. Seolleongtang is a Korean broth tang (soup) made by simmering ox bones for hours until it turns into a milky white broth. The longer the broth has to simmer, the better the broth tastes as the flavor is extracted from the bones.

The seolleongtang is extremely delicious, flavorful, relaxing, and comforting. The portions are plentiful, more than enough for one person, and the aroma is very rich and meaty.  I recommend adding kimchi to it to give it extra spice and flavor. The white broth is the star of the dish, packing a lot of beef flavor, it's very simple and mild especially compared to a lot of Korean food you might be used to, but feels very healthy.

I was craving dessert too, but I didnt know what I was looking for until I found sweet addiction! WOW!!! Ice cream is also served here! They provide you with variety of options that you can choose from as well at a reasonable price that you won't find that many places in town.

There are a lot of flavors of ice cream to choose from!

The flavors were all so good but I decided to go with the cookie sand because this is my favourite dessert ice cream.
The ice cream here is absolutely amazing and delicious! It's 2,000 Won for a cookie sand ice cream.
Chocolate are thick and you will endure any flavoured pastes with the vanilla cream.


서울특별시 강남구 도곡동 410-9

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