Monday, October 19, 2015

Peony Homemade Cake in Hongdae

Hello Peeps! How's your day? It's been a while since my last post! Today I'm going to post travel unrelated post which means Cafe review time! Are you guys excited? I hope you do! If you are not excited, well you know what I'm going to do! Hahaha. This post is another cakegasm and eyegasm, I warn you not to open this post unless you are full, otherwise you'll be drooling all over the cake! Me and my boyfriend never ending list of cafe that we need to try, so my boyfriend brought me to this awesome place called PEONY CAFE (카페 피오니) in Hongdae (홍대) last weekend, which is located 40 minutes away by subway. Let's start shall we?

Peony is a small cafe located in Hongdae area and it serves fresh homemade tarts and cakes.

It is a bit difficult to spot, but is totally worth the search!

Peony Cafe on the 4th floor is a popular place, which has a dessert cafe for you to relax.

Went there first time last weekend with my boyfriend, the cafe was really crowded. First thing I loved about this cafe is how clean it was and the workers here were all great and friendly.

The place is brightly decorated with white colors and there is plenty of seating for a casual enjoyment of desserts and coffee.

Peony cafe is perfect for getting work done because there's always plenty of tables near outlets.

My favorite item in the cafe. So unique! I want to have one of this too. lol

Beautiful flowers decorate the entrance of Peony Cafe.

This place has a balcony and the balcony has the best view.

If you need some fresh air or just to sit out doors.

Don't you agree that most of the cakes with strawberry look really tempting? And also you can order to go desserts as well. Sounds good right?

 If you like strawberry cakes, you should try the strawberry short cake cake in Peony.

There's another menu if you aren't in the mood for sweets!

Self bar (쎌빠).

We took our buzzer and looking for seat availability.

I ordered this and now, now, just look at that amazing plate of strawberry shortcake. I really liked it!

 Their strawberry cake is to die for! Strawberry cake at many other places are normally too sweet and dry or tastes bad, but this place's perfect! The cake was super moist and the fresh cream was light and wasn't overly sweet either, and the strawberries were also fresh. The cream tastes like milk but it is very light, and you can never get sick of them.

My boyfriend got the Americano and personally, I found it a little bitter, but this is a really refreshing coffee, especially after eating cake.

Tissue in Peony Cafe.

Peony Business Card

서울 마포구 연남로 59-1

Overall, if you're in Hongdae, you have to drop by for this cake, their cake are amazing and served in a special way, you'll not regret it! I hope you guys enjoy this post as much as I do! I will post another cafe review post, so stay tuned!
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  1. nice place, that strawberry cake look good!

  2. Wow, great photos, I love the atmosphere! Everything looks soooo yummy, too :) <3


  3. this looks really great ^^

  4. Wow! What a great place would be my go to place if I leave nearby. :D I love that ladle chandelier too! <3 And the strawberry shortcakes looking really delicious!

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  5. What an amazing post dear,the cake looks really delicious.
    Make me really hungry.Kisses xox

  6. Now I wanted to visit this cafe right now :)
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  10. normally i always go for chocolate cakes but those strawberry ones definitely look delicious!

  11. the place is really great ^^ especially the balcony seat ^^

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  12. Wow the cake looks very delicious
    And all that cafe looks clean and good
    Thanks for share so cute pics

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