Saturday, September 5, 2015

Cello Girl Online Shopping in Korea

Hello ladies! I feel so sorry for only posting this now because it's kinda hard for me to balance my time between blogging, my work, and my study. 
Anyway, if you're looking to shop for clothes in Korea, I have a good news for you! Like many girls, I absolutely love clothes shopping! Shopping for new clothes should be fun and allow you to showoff something different.
I've been wanting to try shop like these for my pants but I wasn't too sure of the quality of their pants until I decided to give it a try and order some half pants for summer. Have you guys ever heard about CelloGirl before? If you have, that's awesome! But if you haven't heard about them before let me explain about CelloGirl to you!

CelloGirl is an online asian fashion retailer located in South Korea they take popular clothing items and make them for a cheaper price. Their online shop is really huge but easy to navigate. If you have any question before you make an order, have an order, or asking about previous order, contact them, and they will help you.

Are you excited to know what are the products I got from them? I hope you do! Because if you are not excited I have to pinch your cheeks then! Don't you dare say that you are not excited! OK? ;D Let's start shall we?
From this site, I bought a Women's Fashion Half Pants Shorts. The prices are ridiculously cheap and the shipping costs are not too high either.

The stuff came in plastic bags of reasonable size, and everything was neatly packed within. There was really no space wasted, so you won't be left with a giant pile of trash after unpacking.

l am pleasantly surprised with the result! The quality is pretty much okay, and they look pretty much the same as on the pictures, however, they are also quite small, but it's okay I still can use it.

So here's more photo of me wearing this Women's Fashion Half Pants Shorts from CelloGirl!

It fits perfectly, they're super comfortable to wear, and I love the colors.

My outfits of the day!
Shirts from: Polham
Half pants from: CelloGirl
Sandal from: Coupang
Watches from: Casio

If you are interested about CELLOGIRL, you can check them out here:

Do you like shopping for new clothes? Do you often buy new clothes? Do you prefer to go shopping or just browse? Share your opinion below the post!

All in all, I am very satisfied with my purchase. In a couple of weeks, I think I'll do some shopping there very soon. I highly recommend this online shop to anyone who wanna give it a go!

I hope you enjoy today's post and see you guys real soon! 

Christin Tomntins
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  3. What a cute look! Love how you spiced it up with the colorful combination

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  6. I love this site ;) nice products

  7. The half pants shorts are cute! I love the color so much! Have a great rest of the week!

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  9. Love the color! Well the website out. :)

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  10. Thanks for sharing this brand. That pants is awesome and fits you so well.

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  12. the pants are quiet nice ^^ I've checked the website, and there are so many good stuffs and cheap price ^^

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  14. cute pants!

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  20. Seems like a great online store, thanks for sharing! :) Pretty trousers you found!

  21. Wow I never heard about this shop, they seem awesome! Thanks for sharing dear!

    Lovely post, and lovely pictures too!

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  22. ooh those shorts are such a lovely color :)

  23. amazing items
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  24. Love you all ,the clothes ,the hair.the shoe!

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