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Cafe Lalo Coffee Bakery Pasta

Hi everyone! I am finally back from Indonesia and my short 3 days holiday around Indonesia. I hope everyone missed me! LOL The autumn's in the air already in Korea, not 100% since in the afternoon it's still freaking hot! I can't wait for those pretty crunchy leaves appeared! Anyway, today will be a really really long post so read it while you are not busy peeps! Now sit back and enjoy!

Last weekend was pretty boring, so me and my oppa manage to go out and we did cafe hunting to have some lunch and dessert as well, and we found some hidden gems that I want to show you guys today! Let's start shall we?

Me and my oppa went to this Cafe Lalo (카페 랄로) Coffee, Bakery, and Pasta, located in Bundang, Gyeonggi-do and what's surprise me is this cafe is super awesome! Since the signboard is pretty eye catching you will find it easily. The weather was really nice though, remembering today was very gloomy and raining as well.

Before we enter the cafe, let's strike a pose first! =D

First thing that we see before we enter the cafe.

The exterior was pleasant.

Okay! Now, let's head inside the cafe shall we?

You can also take some coffee powder for air freshener!

Self bar gives you a water as FREE!

Loving the vintage vibe in this cafe and I also love the vibrant color that they use! Really beautiful! Don't you think so?

They have so many coffee mugs and they are all so adorable.

This cafe has a large range of food, pastries, drinks, and desserts.

They also sell a variety of tea!

Let's take a look at the interior, shall we?

This vintage style bulbs are stunning and add a touch of class to any lighting fixture.

Oh! The view is amazing, and the cafe is cozy and bright. Ask for a table by the window, and if you get a table near the windows you have a lovely view of 운중저수지 (Unjungjeosuji) lake. We got lucky because when we arrived the cafe were packed and we thought we have to go to another cafe but there's actually another seat near the window! How lucky! Great view seat yayy! 
I love Cafe Lalo for their casual atmosphere, relaxing vibe and soulful food.

Menu of Cafe Lalo. They offer free WiFi to their customers.

Finally our foods came out! Now let's take a look at the food porn shots! For those who haven't had their breakfast, lunch or dinner let me warn you that this will be very tempting! Fresh, delicious pasta, made in front of you. Don't say that I didn't warn you okay? Enjoy!
My boyfriend order Shrimp Green Oil Pasta. It contains seafood (prawns, and mussels) and poured with olive oil.
We shared all of our dishes, and the food was prepared wonderfully, hot and fresh. The Shrimp Green Oil Pasta had just the right amount of prawn, good taste, simple dish but good and tasty! The Shrimp Green Oil Pasta surprisingly was good better than many other pasta we have tried before, and the portions are just as big as I remember! It's also perfectly seasoned and didn't leaves any fishy taste after you eat it.

I ordered the pasta bucaniera which is a seafood pasta dish with mussels, and clams.
Food is tasty, cooked freshly, fairly quick in delivery, and the portion is quite big. Those mussels were so fresh they were literally dancing in my mouth! But to be honest both of them is a little bit pricey than any other pasta.
Oil and bread together is so good! Also they provide pickles for you to digest it.
Bread service as always! So chewy and tasty!
My oppa bought me a cheese bread. Prices of cheese bread at Cafe Lalo are quite expensive, but this really is great cheese bread and so moist.

Always wet wipe or wash your hands before eating.

After lunch we go on an afternoon nature walk to 운중저수지 (Unjungjeosuji) lake.

Gorgeous outdoor couple sculpture!

Outdoor seating is the best. Cozy tables and chairs make for a romantic night out on the 운중저수지 (Unjungjeosuji) lake.
The lake view is especially nice on a warm day when you can sit on the chairs and enjoy the view of the lake.

The lake is so beautiful from wherever you look at it.
The view was really calming and look.

Don't forget to bring your camera! People love to snap photos here!

Selfie with oppa! Must have a picture with the beautiful lake!

Favorite shot of the day! Thanks to my oppa who took the photos all the time for me. hahaha.
Outfit of the day:
Mickey Mouse shirts by: ASK
Short pants by: Standard and Grind
Outfit of the day:
Polo shirts by: Omphalos
Pants by: Uniqlo

Now we have a look on the third floor! Stairs that take you to the third floor. So adorable!

Third floor atmosphere.
The Parking is hit or miss, it seems to be pretty busy all the time so parking is sometimes hard to come by.

 I am quite happy to just sit by the lake enjoying the view.

You can dine while watching the sunset over the lake.

I found this beautiful wall art and I love the wall art in this cafe. So I decided to took some pictures since it's so cute!

As always we took some random photos.

I took video of our adventure around the Lake. =D

It's Dessert Time!
Let's go down to the first floor!
I love these idea for decorative jars and pictures. Its looks so beautiful!

This is the first floor. Not much different with the second floor. But I wonder why they have so many fabulous items? 

Everything has an elegant feel to it, and the furnishings and decor are luxuriously appointed.

 There is a very good antique sculptures

There many different areas and types of seating at the Cafe Lalo.

The free recharging of mobile phones and personal computers is also possible at this cafe.

I really  like the homey feeling in this cafe. 

Place your order here!

You can buy wine and other things there!

They sell some other drinks, and the cafe also serves korean shaved ice (빙수).

Our dessert arrived! Looks so yummy right? For the dessert, I choose the chocolate tarae. The chocolate tarae made with rich chocolate, and a cookies on top. In summer time, I need some cool and sweet dessert to cool me down, and this is a perfect icy summer treat for me to cool down in summer anytime!

Heaven in a plate, literally. If you have a sweet tooth, listen up! You're going to love this dessert. I am a big fan of chocolate and this did not disappoint me. The chocolate tarae is quite dense and the cookies are good for me. If you love chocolate, you have to try this delicacy!

My oppa order the Americano. The americano was tasteless in his mouth, and everything turned to ashes.

The night view of Cafe Lalo. If you come to Bundang, I really recommend you to visit this cafe if you have extra time on your itinerary!
This cafe romantically decorated with outdoor night lighting.

Name card

Address: 경기도 성남시 분당구 운중동 552번지
Phone: 031)709-5711

Well, that’s all for now! I hope you enjoy this blog post and see you in the next blog post!

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