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Travel and Cook Restaurant

Hello food lovers! How are you? It's me again! I had been feeling tired, stressed, angry, and in so much pain for one week because my stomach felt weird. My oppa came and took me to hospital because he is worried about me. I was in hospital for 2 days and it was really scary and I started crying from pain. I really hate going to the doctor or hospital. I wish I will get well soon! Anyway! As I've promised in my post before, I am posting a restaurant review today! Let's start shall we?
Me and my oppa went to this restaurant last month and what's surprise me is this restaurant is super cheap! We went to a restaurant nearby my university, it's located in Seoul National University (서울대학교), and this restaurant called Travel and Cook (트레블엔쿡).

Snap snap before entering the restaurant!
They have a set menu for lunch too.

The restaurant is located on the second floor.

Let's take a look at the interior, shall we?
Loving the vintage vibe and I also love the vibrant color that they use!
Tried, Tasted and Recipes Loved
Life is a travel and cook!

Seating area. The size of restaurant is kinda small but many tables, but not so big for big parties.
The restaurant gives out a very comfy and homey feel which was why I liked it.
You'll find people of all ages here but with a little more elderly people as this restaurant probably bring them good old memories. ;)

The restaurant intends customers to feel like they went on a travel for experience other nation foods.
This is the outside of the kitchen.
You can see the actions. Waiters and waitresses take orders and serve food and beverages to customers.

Having a hard time choosing which menu should I order! >.<
They have a wide variety of dishes, all at an affordable cost, and large portions. In this menu, there are many types of Jjamppong along the nations, like Thai Jjamppong, Pomodoro Jjamppong, Carbonara Jjamppong.

What an adorable and creative tissue case! Kinda cute that they provide a bell for you to call the waiter. Super duper unique and creative in my opinion. =D

Our food have finally came out! This is what we ordered! I ordered the Carbonara Jjamppong, and my oppa ordered the Pomodoro Jjamppong.

The Carbonara Jjamppong was not what I was expecting. The Carbonara Jjamppong have less taste and are almost watery to me! It is a shame that I was disappointed by my visit. Carbonara Jjamppong, it contains seafood (clam and squid) and poured with creamy carbonara sauce. The noodles are low quality and too mushy. The portion was rather big for one person. Maybe you can have this with your friend or family? Never going back again!

Pomodoro Jjamppong made with a tomato sauce, it contains seafood (clam and squid,) and quail eggs. It was really big bowl, and very nice price. But unfortunately the Pomodoro Jjamppong was equally horrible, tasteless, and too spicy. The food isn't good enough for my oppa, so my oppa just didn't want to eat it, something was lacking.
They serve simple side dishes, comes in very small portions, and no kimchi though.

That's it for today! Hope you enjoy this post and see you guys real soon! Comment will be highly appreciated!

Phone: 02-879-1121
Address: 서울시 관악구 봉천동 854-2

Here's the map! Very easy to find.
트래블앤쿡 서울대점

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