Thursday, July 2, 2015

Woody Handcrafted in Joenshoe Shoe Company

Hello guys! Today post will be about slipper review and it will be a quite short post so sit back and enjoy! Today is so damn hot, I thought it should be cool by now but Seoul is a hell! I really hate the summer heat and I can't stand summer and hot weather after all. Enough about the weather forecast, and enough of all the babbling. Let's moving on! The slipper that they sent finally arrived to my home and I'm so excited to share them with you! I'll show you what I bought! Let's start shall we?

On a Monday afternoon, I received my first Woody slipper! *Drum rolls* Joenshoe is a Korea-based store that sells so much things like sneakers, slipper, boots, oxford, slip-on, tassle loafer, penny loafer, monkstrap, sneakers, driving, shoe care, accessory, bag, belt, and tie. Every pair of slipper you purchase from Joenshoe come with high-quality, and lightweight.

Everything is packed snugly in a package-bag and slippers in a a box, Nothing damaged! Joenshoe offers some of the best slipper or sandal that match your style. There are other plenty of slipper that you could wear to make to your look very adorable this season, also you will be able to stay comfortable in this heat. Find the best selection of summer slippers men here at I ordered my Woody in a 40 and they’re an absolute perfect fit.

Finally got try my new Woody slippers while driving to Han river (한강) yesterday. Sorry I took this photo after wearing them outside. lol Anyway, they so comfy and cool on these hot weather.

It is made with synthetic leather or cork sole. I was not certain what the synthetic material would feel like, however they are surprisingly soft and they also look very trendy and quality slipper are good reasons to stop and shop.
This is how you can beat the heat in style! The right outfit can give confidence, and boost to you. Summer is the official start of breathing time for your feet. In this hot weather guys need to get comfy, light and cool slipper for their wardrobe. This is a slipper I thought would be great to wear during the summer seasons.

Well, I hope you enjoying this post and see you on my next post! Leave me a comment and tell me what do you want to see on my next post!


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  1. Great post and amazing photos.
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  2. Love the sandal!
    You should buy another same design and make it a couple shoe with your bf <3


  3. Nice shoes and beautiful photos! :)

  4. I loved the shoes, especially his * - *

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  6. aww, they look so comfty :) Really liked them <3

  7. I have been wanting a pair of shoes like that! I just need to pull the trigger and buy a pair!

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  8. love them

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  9. The sandal looks so comfy!
    I think you should get another one so you'll have a cute couple sandals<3


  10. Love the shoes, they look so comfortable! Thank you for your comment on my blog - I am following your blog :)

  11. Been seeing those shoes around more and more! Especially in Autumn and the lighter Winter days in Canada. A comfy trend I see? :) Nice post.

    Love, Anne ♥
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  12. very nice pair'
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  13. I really love the slippers. Looks so comfy to walk in.

  14. Loving these birkens girl!

  15. The slippers look great on you :) BTW, Im new to your blog and Im loving the adorable layout it has~ Just followed you via GFC <3

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  16. I really like your white sandals, they're so versatile :)

  17. Nice sandals!

  18. Very interesting post!!

  19. Looks nice!

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  20. The sandals look so comfy .... nice post ! ^^
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  23. Very cute shoes, perfect for summer.


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