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1600 Pandas Exhibition at DDP

Hi guys! Today will be a really long post with a lots of photos, so read it while you are not busy guys! My best friend requested for me to post about 1600 pandas in Korea so I decided to write this post for you guys today! I will not put my logo on the pictures, so you can save it or share it with others! If you've been following my Instagram, you probably noticed I upload a short video of panda and also I put a panda photo! Are you excited? I hope you do! If you are not excited, well I have to punch your face then! Don't you dare say that you are not excited, OK!! =P

Now here we go! Let's take a look at the panda photos taken by yours truly! Enjoy! :)

Do you think I am cute? Yes or No?! YES, I know I'm cute! That's why you love me. Ok ok, I know you read my post! I will stop being such a crazy girl. =D

My oppa and I went to the 1600 Panda Bears exhibition at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (동대문디자인플라자). If you didn't know about 1600 pandas exhibition, let me explain something to you! Let's start shall we?

(IN KOREAN) 1600 판다+의 세계여행 프로젝트
<1600 판다+의 세계여행 프로젝트>는 WWF(세계자연보호기금) 프랑스 지사와 전 세계에 남아있는 야생 판다의 개체수인 1600마리의 판다를 재활용 종이의 빠삐에 마쉐 수공예 작품으로 탄생시킨 아티스트 파울로 그랑종(Paulo Grangeon)의 협업으로 2008년 시작되었습니다. 프로젝트 제목의 “+”가 의미하는 바는 지난 10년 간 대형 야생 판다의 개체수가 증가하여 1,800마리를 넘게 된 사실뿐만 아니라, 판다를 포함한 야생동물 보호에 대한 의식을 높이기 위한 꿈을 나타냅니다. 전 세계를 순회하며 100회에 가까운 전시를 마친 후 한국에 최초로 상륙하는 판다들은, 인간과 자연이 성공적으로 공존할 수 있는 지속 가능한 환경을 발전시키는 데에 큰 도움을 줄 것입니다.
(IN ENGLISH) <1600 PANDAS+> is a collaboration which began in 2008 between WWF-France and artist Paulo Grangeon, who handcrafted 1600 pandas — the number of existing pandas left in the wild — with recycled materials to make papier-mâché sculptures. The title "1600 PANDAS+" refers not only to the increase in the population of wild giant pandas to over 1,800 in the past decade, but also to increased public awareness of wildlife conservation. After ruling nearly 100 exhibitions around the world, the pandas will land in Korea for the first time to promote the city’s creative industry by fostering a sustainable environment where humans and nature can successfully coexist.

The panda is one of the cutest animals in the world, and there are only an estimated 1,600 pandas left, hence the number. So, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) commissioned this creative project, which uses eco-friendly materials and cuteness to share the message of wildlife conservation.

You can see panda dolls! The 1600 paper mache pandas come in six different shapes and sizes.

The exhibition was designed by Lotte Department Store and Lotte World Mall in an effort to raise awareness of the challenges faced by the wild giant pandas.

WOW! There were even panda pyramids! Can you say cuteness overload?

AAAAAAAAAA!!!! These pandas are so cute and adorable. Can I have one please? I want to bring home! Can you give me?? *(puppy eyes) ㅠㅠ

I think is pretty neat, and looks so adorable! I can stop starring at them!

It was very crowded at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Everyone want to watch and take a photo of 1600 pandas. (even me too lol)

Panda on the roof! Pandas like to live alone and for most of their lives do not live together with others!

I will show you a video, do you want to see the 1600 pandas?

My bag don't want to miss the chance to selfie with these pandas. lol Do you like my bag? You can get it here!

This is one of my favorite outfits for those hot summer days!
Watch by: O.S.T watches Korea
T-shirt by: Popcorn Clothing
Sandal by: Juryudan (쥬리단)
Bracelet by: LalaSovely
Handbag by: Dresslink
 Hairstyle by: Jieun Hair Shop (지은헤어 숍) in Jungang-dong (중앙동)

Another photo I took on exhibition!

Now let's have a look around Dongdaemun Design Plaza!
 There were so many kids to play with! So many colorful balloons in a variety of sizes.
There's so many amazing art installations around the DDP!

They hold awesome events here and you get to see a variety of great rental cars.
If you sign up and attend this event you will get a bottle of Green Car! My oppa asked me to attend this event with him, and I said yes. So we got two bottles of the my bottle.
They will give you a round paper fan for free! I think it's really really cute.

Oppa really like this wooden bracelet he got for both of us to wear! He bought it at DDP. A little bit pricey but it's a once in a lifetime experience!

We're so hungry, so we went to a cafe in DDP and bought some macarons from Lucycato (루시카토).
We decided to take 12 macarons because it's really cheap so we buy up all the macaron and we split it.
So many macarons and there are so many flavors to try! Salt caramel macaron, strawberry macaron, chocolate macaron, pistachio macaron, honey lemon macaron, cassis berry macaron, mint macaron, blueberry macaron, green tea macaron, mango macaron, vanilla macaron, and wasabi macaron. They're light but still flavorful and they look so cute, so pretty, so beautiful, so delicate, and taste good for us to eat it.

We spend a couple of hours of days at Beesket. My oppa ordered a kale mixed in with a banana, and apple. We ordered no sugar, so the sweetness of our drink came from the real fruit. 
They come in green colour. He couldn't believe how refreshing it was! I tasted it and it was really good that's why they're more expensive. I recommend you for choose this juice!

I ordered a melon mixed in with a yam vegetable, and strawberry. 
The color inside was beautiful, they come in red colour! But the juice wasn't that good, it's not sweet and savory, so I'd strongly recommend you don't buy like mine!


281 Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 
서울특별시 중구 을지로 281

Well, that's it for today! Have you seen a panda flash-mob somewhere in the world? What do you think? I hope you enjoy this post and see you real soon!

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