Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Afternoon at Boramae Park

Hello guys! I'm trying to be productive today by writing a new post since I have been slacking off lately. Makeup review will be up soon too but this time I will write a post about my short getaway with my boyfriend yesterday. It will be a quite short one so sit back and enjoy! So let's start shall we?

Yes! As the title mention, I went to this Boramae Park (보라매공원), Boramae Park is a former Air Force Academy site that has been transformed into a recreational park. It adopted the name "Boramae" (meaning hawk) which was the symbol of the site when it was the Air Force Academy. There are a variety of exercise facilities including multi-purpose areas, badminton courts, an X-game court and climbing wall, a turf field, an air park, a musical pond, a playground, picnic sites and various other facilities. The symbolic tower of the Air Force Academy still stands as a powerful symbol of loyalty and filial piety. Visitors can get a more intimate feel of the old Air Force Academy with a visit to the aircraft display (8 pieces in all) located behind the main fountain.

Boramae Park is a destination for all seasons. In the spring, it's a great place to catch pink cherry blossoms. During the summer, the lush landscapes are at their height and the lotus pond blooms. In the fall it’s time to enjoy the colorful leaves, thanks to the park's wide array of plant life, and during the cold winter months, the snow covered pond in front of a traditional Korean pavilion makes for a perfect snapshot.

I took a video before we entering the park! =D

My best shot of my oppa that day! ❤ NO NO, I just saying jokes. He's hungry so I just let him eat. lol

You can walk here, bike, run, and play on one of the numerous athletic fields and courts.
Thankfully, we went on such a beautiful weather!
 If you come to Seoul, make sure you visit this place!
You can take your dog to Boramae Park, and plan a couple of hours you can dedicate to playing with your dog.

If you've been following my Instagram, you probably noticed I upload a short video of musical fountain and I took pictures of flowers in Boramae Park. If you're just there for an evening stroll, you can catch the musical fountain show in the pond.

Boramae Park is quite huge and a full day can easily be spent here enjoying the sights.

If you are interested in nature you probably want to check this place out!

One of the main features of the park is the large pond and musical fountain or light show.

I took some photos of the flower and liked the way they looked. In these days I am trying different new things and shooting flowers is part of my adventure. I hope that you enjoy these pretty flowers photographs as much as I do. Enjoy and get inspired!

As you can see, up here the trees are so beautiful.

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Anyway, have you guys heard about Boramae Park? What do you think, guys? Please share your opinion! =D Well that's it for today post! I hope you enjoy this post and don't forget to follow my blog if you love what you are reading and stay tuned for more posts! Bye~! ^^

Boramae Park (보라매공원)
서울특별시 동작구 여의대방로20길 33 (신대방동)

Directions to Boramae Park:
Sindaebang Station (Subway Line 2), Exit 4.10min walk
Boramae Station (Subway Line 7), Exit 2. 8min walk

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