Friday, April 3, 2015

Secret Story Baby Doll Lingerie

Woohooo!!! Tomorrow it's Saturday! I can't wait to be crazy of what I do this weekend. Hahaha. =D Today let's talk about some baby doll lingerie!
I just received this set and this was gift for me by Secret Story and can't wait to show you guys. =D The Secret Story is a China brand which was started in the year 2010 by Andy FAME. Secret Story Shop is a store that sells products such as ladies lingerie, bra sets and sleepwear. They always concentrate on the latest trend to provide most elegant outfits for women. It is available to order online! Let me show you now the baby doll lingerie from Secret Story!

TADAA~~!!! I must say it's pretty good, looks stunning, and it is exactly as described. I am so happy that I got this lingerie. The design is very cute, and the support is incredible. Actually, I needed a comfortable and flattering lingerie for sleep, and this one ticked all the boxes and held everything beautifully in place. I love the color of it and the material is very soft. The blue is a dark blue and not a dusty blue as shown but that made me like it even better.

These are some classic lingerie pieces, rendered in luxurious silk and lace. The feminine baby doll is made using 100% silk and Finished with adjustable straps and ribbon ties. The body hangs really well, with a satin band around the hem, and it's comfortable to wear for sleep. It's soft and draping with an easy sensuality. It's very sexy but most importantly a comfort to wear, and it makes me feel incredibly sexy. =D I really recommend you buy this and try it out!
The bust area also fits well because there is enough room and since the material is stretchy there shouldn't be any problem even for a very busty woman. Anyway, completely gorgeous and I recommend it to everyone who want to sweep their man off the floor! Hahaha. =P Trust me, this is one of the most comfortable and cute lingerie I've ever gotten! Overall, I am planning to buy more from this store as now I am confident that I can trust it.

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