Friday, March 13, 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello Everyone! How are your days going? I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award from: 
- Petite Feet Blog (
- Kiu (
- Violet Brush (

Thank you so much to Vonnie Weathersby from Petite Feet Blog and Natasha Juniar from Violet Brush BlogI feel so honoured, especially because I have been blogging for a very small amount of time and it feels really happy to know that other people even know about my blog.

The rules say that I should nominate 15 bloggers whom I think are worthy of this award, and write 7 facts about myself.

The bloggers I would like to nominate are:
1. Angel Lah Wang
2. Dainty Potato
3. Pumpkin Emily Smile
4. Jenn
5. Sharon Lee
6. Suji Choi
7. Mei
8. Lealaleh
9. Babsi
10. Helena
11. Claudia Persi
12. Chloe Baker
13. Lisa
14. Nicole Marie
15. Sheila
16. Sabrina
17. Lindsey Lam
18. Sammie
19. Aguardando o Camaleão
20. Olivia Fabrianne
21. Sharon Lee
22. Beautychokes
23. Milica Stanisic
24. Belliani
25. Chameen
26. Melissa Widjaja
27. Airin Ayuri
28. Fash Realm
29. Kaynath S
30. Kathy Leonia

Seven Facts About Me:
1. I'm always a little ashamed to admit this, I’m incredibly messy, but trying to learn to live clean.

2. I’m slow to let people get close to me but once I do, I am fiercely loyal to those who are loyal back. But once I feel hurt by someone, I will keep them at a distance and it’s unlikely they will ever get let back in and not waste any of my time on them. Literally they are non-existent to me.

3. I'm scared of needles and I'm scared of blood. If I see blood somewhere my head start feeling dizzy and I will cry. Anyone does the same like me? O_o

4. I'm scared of flying in plane and being on ship or boat. I always feel that the plane is going to crash if I'm on it and I feel that ships are going to sink if I'm on them. I am deathly afraid of going in the ocean because i think a shark will eat me. I think it's kind of stupid really! Hahaha >.<

5. I hate people who act nice to my face then talk shit behind my back. I usually ignore their talks but sometimes it affect me too. People like that use other people's lives to make their own seem more interesting and to make themselves feel good. Pointing out other people's imperfections is easier than pointing out and drawing attention to their own. Two-faced people are not good to associate with because even if you are the one they are saying this stuff to, chances are, as soon as your back is turned, they will have something bad to say about you to someone else. Dont you hate people who talk behind your back and start bad rumors? Usually if I do, I tell them directly what my problem with them is when the opportunity is right.

6. A lot of the times I can't forgive and forget when people hurt me, I am stuck in anger and can't seem to move on, because I don't know how to forgive people. I know its childish and short sighted but I just can't.

7. Music is a huge part of my life. It can cheer me up, or facilitate fits of crying, and make me feel nostalgic!

8. I really hate bullying, so if you bully me or others then you're simply giving me a chance to hate and ignore you forever.

9. I think and overthink about almost everything.

10. I Can't Wear High Heels, But that's Ok, because even though I could wear high heels everyday, I would but my lifestyle calls for sneakers. T_T

11. I don't believe in fate or destiny, I believe in conscious choice making and taking responsibility for those choices whether they're good or bad at one point.

12. I like to sleep in a cold room with a lot of blankets and pillows. =D

13 Winter is my favorite season.

14. I really hate sports, and have always been that way. As a child I'd find any way to get out of activities at sports day. =(

Thank you so much for reading! I'm looking forward to more blogging in the future! ^^
Christin Tomntins
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  1. thanks for nominated :) xo babsi

  2. Congratulations for the award ♥ I don´t like needles either :D

  3. Congrats on the award, so cool :) Needles are not good, I don't like them either :) xx

  4. Im messy too! lool Great post!


  5. I hate being on planes and boats too! I'm always afraid it's going to crash or sink and kill me. There is still too much I haven't done yet!

  6. Love reading your answers and learning a little about you. And yes, I hate hypocrites too, why can't people just be nice to each other. :-/

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. I loved reading about you and congratulations on the nomination.Needles are scarey to me too.I just hope people would learn to appreciate each other and not judge.Try forgiving even if some people who hurt us don't deserve it ,its hard sometimes but its so worth in the end.It makes your life easier.

  8. Thank you so much for the nomination!
    I agree with you on #2 and #6! I usually try to remember that the more energy I put into disliking a person, that's more power I am giving them :(
    Celestial Love

  9. Aww! Thank you for the nomination! x))
    You are so sweet~
    ㅋㅋㅋ We are similar, I'm scared of planes and boats too... O.o
    And blood...!

    - Suji ❤

  10. Thank you for the nomination! :) I hope I can answer the questions soon.
    Number five is so true!

    Love, Lea from

  11. congratulations

  12. Congratulations :DD

  13. congratulations! Thanks for the nomination <3 <3

    Love from

  14. Thank you so much for the nomination ! Love this award idea xo

  15. Ah yes, I'm crazily scared of flying too!
    Always such a struggle for me to get on a plane. But I'm still alive haha x

  16. Thanks so much for the nomination! I have finished mine. :)


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