Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Donggabine Korean Restaurant

I was feeling a little under the weather with a sore throat, so my best friend and I decided to go out for some comfort food, we found out this place by random search, yet it turned out to be a wise choice afterwards. The restaurant has the normal Korean family restaurant style comfortable atmosphere. This restaurant is famous for the traditional Korean dishes and all menu items are good.

I ordered some Pollock stew (동태찌개) that is cooked in a pot on the table. Dongtae Jjigae is a popular fish stew in South Korea. This spicy stew is made with Pollack boiled with radish, crown daisy, and other vegetables, along with tofu, and is seasoned with red chili powder. It smelled good and tasted even better. Pollocks have a firm and chewy texture and it has a very great savory flavor to it. This stew is very refreshing and satisfying. The spicy broth makes this a perfect winter soup to warm you up. It’s undoubtedly healthy as well. I absolutely love the Dongtae-Jjigae

My best friend ordered the Daegu Jiri (Mild Cod Fish Stew). It came out quickly but was well cooked, She is very much enjoyed the Daegu Jiri on the hot pot. Cod fish is mild-flavored and has white flaky flesh. The broth is just light to highlight the natural taste of the fresh fish, and the texture is moist and have a delicious taste and distinctive. The portion of the Daegu Jiri here are humungous (She can't finish it herself so She normally have to share with me).

They also provide a side dishes (banchan). The banchan here is fresh and good too and are generous with refills.

Prices are pretty reasonable and won't break the bank. They have a large selection of korean foods, as well as packaged meals to take on the go.

The restaurant itself is very clean, the interior is a little smaller and it can get quite busy Saturday and Sunday evenings, but it's so worth it. The staff were friendly and I look forward to coming back to try more items on their menu and recommend my friends to come here for some delicious Korean food.

Restaurant name: 동갑이네 (Dong-Gab-Ine)
Address: 서울 관악구 중앙동

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  1. Food looks so yummy! Love to try.
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  2. Cool pics! ;)

  3. Everything looks so good *o* It makes me hungry!!

  4. I love korean soup, It taste good ^-^
    looks like korea has a good place for food

  5. Great photos ♥

  6. Looks so delicious :) The photos are beautiful!

  7. Traditional is my fav, this looks delish!

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  12. the place looks great, with all that food n all.. ymm
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  13. I'm so hungry at the moment as I just came back from a mountain bike tour and now I would love to have this food :)
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


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