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Apple Street Restaurant in Korea

Hello everyone! I recently visited Apple Street (애플스트릿) restaurant at Gangnam (강남) with my boyfriend when I was craving pasta. I came here for lunch around 12.00 PM on a Sunday. The owner immediately greeted us warmly and made us feel welcome. Guys, I want to let you know, the owner has really wonderful teas that taste wonderful, are made with natural ingredients, and are good for your body. You should try it sometime! The restaurant is so quiet and peaceful. Definitely a place where anyone can relax and have a good conversation.

I really like this restaurant because you get the homey feel, the owner cares, and the staff is awesome. We enjoyed our lunch experience and was very happy  because we did not have to wait long to be seated. 
I ordered their famous Cream Sauce Pane Pasta (크림 소스 빠네 파스타) and my boyfriend had a Steak Set Lunch (스테이크 런치세트).
WOW!!! Eating pasta on a plate is too mainstream, why not eat it in a delicious bread bowl? =D The menu is not the usual Italian fare. I am not really a bread type of girl but the bread went perfectly with the pasta. The bread is baked well, and extremely crispy but soft on the inside cause of the pasta sauce and the pasta itself is pretty yummy. The spaghetti had good flavor and the full portion was more than enough. This bread bowl was filled with pasta, bacon, sauce, and celery. Have you tried any of the Cream Sauce Pane Pasta? If yes, what was your assessment of them? If you love pasta and bread, this is your place to be! When I eat this it makes me full for the entire day. =D
The food you order come with a side dish!

The steak set lunch is packaged nicely with the rice, steak sauce and simple salad. My boyfriend enjoyed the food, when the food came out, it was fancy and something innovative. Food is great enough to full you up. We would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who appreciates delicious and creative Italian dishes! Thank you Apple Street and staff for a great lunch! It was very kind of you guys! If I'm in the area I would like to visit here again!

The beef was very tender and juicy, the taste is just nice. Perfectly seasoned steak and cooked to perfection! You will never be disappointed with the steak, and the salad is always fresh and yummy. This salad is fantastic, it is my oppa's favorite meal. I am not a huge salad fan, but it works for me in this salad. 애플스트릿 스테이크 런치세트! 짱 맛있어요!!! =D

My boyfriend ordered a drink called Rooibos Iced Tea (루이보스 티). His favorite is the Rooibos tea, which is very fresh, extremely satisfying, and presentation was realy cute! Rooibos tea, also called red bush tea, is a herbal tea derived from the leaves of the rooibos plant. The herbal tea made from rooibos has been a popular drink in Southern Africa for generations. He love the flavor of the Rooibos and definitely the best smelling tea. Roobios tea is healthy, and tastes great.

I also had the more unique Schisandra Chinensis Tea or Omija-cha (오미자차). My favorite drink is the cold Schisandra Chinensis tea, which was really good and presented beautifully. Schisandra tea is made from the berry of the Schisandra Chinensis plant. Schisandra Chinensis is named because the tea comprises five distinct flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and pungent. I love the flavor of the Schisandra Chinensis! The Schisandra Chinensis tea were fresh and went very nicely with it. The flowers inside were also beautiful!

Overall, this place has an amazing selection of food and teas, but unfortunately this place is a bit pricey, but don't worry definitely worth it if you want to splurge, I'd come here again for sure! =D


서울특별시 강남구 역삼동 825-22

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