Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mickey Mouse Ice Macaron

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I want to let you know that Mickey Mouse (미키마우스) Ice Macaron debuts at Baskin Robbins (배스킨라빈스) in South Korea is now offering a Chocolate Mousse macaron ice cream. Finding new treats at Baskin Robbins is one of my favorite pastimes, so today I can't wait to share a new Mickey Mouse ice macaron with you!

I'm absolutely in love with their cute packaging! The packaging was very cute in a pink plastic made for ice macaron and the designs are extremely adorable. 

Baskin Robbins made a clever move by using the Minnie Mouse version of a macaron ice cream as the basis for an all Korean sweet.

At first I was very disappointed, the Mickey Mouse ice macaron comes in normal shape of macaron. ㅠㅠ Where is Mickey Mouse shape??? They don't have a Mickey Mouse shaped!!! ㅠㅠ The macarons small portion size does not equate to its cost of 3,300 KRW per sandwich. I'm regret with choice of this ice cream!

At first glance it seems like it'll be hard to bite in but the ice macaron was actually soft, moist, and chewy. The Mickey Mouse ice macaron itself is made of chocolate ice cream, which is covered with cookies. The chocolate ice cream was a nice surprise, delicious, and pleasant in every way. The perfect amount of flavor and sweetness that doesn't make you feel sick. Anyway, some other bakeries or cafe make the ice macaron too sweet, it's hard finding good ice macarons that are not overly sweet with just the right texture.

I'm not a sugar cookie type person but I really like the cookies. The cookies are mouthwatering and the macaron outside wasn't dry or anything. The consistency of the filling and the texture of the Mickey Mouse ice macaron was just perfect.

관악구 봉천동 464-2
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  1. Yum! I love macaron ice cream sandwiches!

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  3. Aww, I'm kinda sad that it doesn't come in the shape of Mickey! It looks super yummy.


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  8. i love mickey and also the macaron :D

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  12. Wow! omg! that is sooo cute!!!! I miss eating macaroons!!! they are one of the best!!!!
    Need to check my fave French bakery now to buy some hehehehe thanks for sharing this love! <3

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  14. That looks so delicious


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  18. These are like all my favorite things combined into one.. mickey mouse, ice & macarons.. YUM

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  27. The packaging is hella cute! :) Sadly, the ice cream hasn't got the shape of Mickey Mouse ><

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  29. Que delícia desejando comer um desses!
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  30. I was hoping to see a Mickey Mouse shape as well!! The macaron looks delicious and the amount of icecream is humongous.

    Mischa | wunderstar

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