Friday, February 13, 2015

Dcube City Mall in Korea

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Well, today is Friday. Be happy, and let's go to the D-Cube City (디큐브시티) everybody! If you like to take things slow and just spend time with friends, family, or your lover, sitting in the sunshine at the park while nattering away is also delight, D-Cube City has everything you want and need in a mall. D-Cube City is one of the largest shopping centers in Seoul alongwith Coex Mall, Times Square, I-Park mall, etc. Opened just a few short months ago in August of 2011, the shopping complex is located at Sindorim Station.

This is a nice mall, but I hate going here especially on weekends. It is just way too crowded, so try to go on weekdays or daytime hours. Parking can be stressful on the weekends and parking is one of my biggest complaints about this place. Drivers can get easily stressed and aggressive, so I prefer to park far away and walk to avoid the headache.

This area for display is a little tricky to capture with a photo! =)

D-Cube City is especially attractive as it provides fun options for all family members. Its such a nice view from this place, right in front of the busy mall, if you are a person who wants to enjoy the mall as well as your time i would recommend you this place.

Coming to the ambiance I have to say it's quite neat, modern, and the aura was very calm and comfortable.

This mall was incredibly huge, spacious and boasts an architectural design that allows you to gaze at the other floors while shopping, and this mall is 9 levels of shopping!

Wow, I was amazed by the beautiful of the mall and what was available. I love their Christmas decorations and feeling at that time of season.

They have a lot of great stores and a great food court, water fountains, various seats and chairs for resting, and cafes on each floor create a very pleasant ambiance, you don’t feel as cramped as you would in most Korean mall.

The building itself is attractive, amazing both inside and out, and the mall is very clean and was decorated with cute pokemon air balloon.

Tel: +82-2-2211-1000
Address: 서울특별시 구로구 신도림동 360-51
Weekends and public holidays have heavy traffic, and finding parking may be difficult. Using public transportation is recommended (D-CUBE City is a 5 minute walk from Exit 1 of Sindorim Station Subway lines 1 and 2).

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