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Caffe Pascucci Seoul

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you are doing great! Well, today I’m just gonna update you with a short entry. I hope I haven't bored you. =)

It was a Saturday afternoon, I were looking for a cozy coffee shop to do some work, most places in Gangnam are either noisy or didn't look interesting. I found this coffee shop on the corner of streets and decided to give this place a try since I've walked past it numerous times. I always excited to try something new every time I go to cafe.

The Caffe Pascucci (파스쿠찌) in Gangnam is a must for any one who wants a very special breakfast or brunch. Caffe Pascucci is an Italian coffee shop chain that serves Italian Coffee and has several branches in South Korea and in other countries.

Once you enter you'll be greeted by displays of their pastries as well with their dessert menu. The menu is great because they have display of everything. With all the choices it is not easy for someone wanting one of the pastries or dessert to make a choice.
The display was very inviting, and there are bread, muffin, brownie, tarte, and sandwiches as well.

Caffe Pascucci offers quite a selection of coffee and tea which all looked amazing, but the items on the menu are way overpriced in my opinion.
The menu is quite huge and you may have some trouble deciding what you want to eat or drink here.
The service was outstanding, and every staff was warm and friendly. 

This chic style coffee shop caught my attention! This cafe has a very warm, neat, and homey feel to it.
This cafe is very large in space with a variety of comfortable seating options. The sit out is peaceful and the indoor seating is well furnished. The interior design is trendy and simple but yet very warm to the eye.
The black and white contrast really appeals to me, especially the black and white walls is very modern and elegant.
The place is a bit crowded on weekends during lunch hours apart from this time usually empty, so a good place to catch up with friends.
Caffe Pascucci is a nice place to hang out, work, study, relax in peace. The chairs were perfectly comfy, not too hard and not too soft. I sat on my butt for 7 hours. ;)

I ordered an Americano (아메리카노), knowing my big fat tummies, I didn’t want to take only coffee so I got an additional Choco Fondant (초코퐁당) to munch on. The total came out to be 7,500 Won and I personally don't think it's worth the price even though they were delicious. You order your food or drinks at the front counter and they give you buzzer. Once it buzzes, you pick up the food or drink at the counter.
I waited about 10-15 minutes for my drink and food. It was the first time I had order choco fondant and it was quite interesting!
The colour was very light and the flavour was diluted, while not the worst coffee, it wasn't the best either.
Chocolate fondant which was 3,500 Won looked amazing and absolutely gorgeous! That came in a little ceramic dishes accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream, chocolate caramel sauce with smooth consistency and served beautifully. Anyway served exactly like the display, I liked it so much.
The Brownies are really rich and moist, it has a crisp, crumbly exterior that reveals a chewy, soft, doughy interior filled with fudgy chocolate. My only problem with them is that their choco fondant is small, 4 to 5 mouthful and its over.ㅠㅠ

I usually only have one coffee in the afternoon but I was planning on having a late day so I had one for dinner instead. I have just ordered the English Breakfast Tea.
It is always a black tea blend, and it is meant to be prepared with milk and sugar. The English Breakfast Tea was delightful, rich, a little on the strong side but smooth nonetheless, and it was indeed a tasty drink. I had a very special moment upon the first sip of this drink. I am so in love with their English Breakfast Tea, it was not too sweet which was a perfect combination.

서초구 서초동 1327-26
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