Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Barista Paul Bassett in Seoul

I was told by my Oppa that Paul Bassett was popular in Korea, so I decided to check it out. After a long walk in cold winter, I arrived at Paul Bassett (폴바셋), located in between several office buildings. Paul Bassett is a popular place for the office workers nearby.

Paul Bassett is a new trend of slightly higher quality and better produced coffee, similar to Tom n Toms Coffee, however unlike Tom n Toms Coffee the coffee is not overly expensive.

Paul Bassett is an Australian World Barista Champion who took his skills to Japan to open up a number of specialty cafes and roasters.

Here are a few shots from inside the shop!
My first impression on this one girl worker wasn't pleasant, service was very poor especially made to feel unwelcome by the sour faced woman employee. The staff will not greet you when you come in, and most of the time they won't talk to you until you talk to them. =(
The place is huge with several tables, and chairs. Window seat is nice place for people watching, or chill n catch some rays on a nice winter day.
폴바셋 (Paul Bassett) is totally a great place to go for a coffee date and they also have an upstairs area where it is quiet so you can study.

There have a lot of variety in their drinks and desserts, but everything is so expensive.

Paul Bassett also serves cakes, breads, and they looked pretty good as well.
The drink options are nice because you can choose to have it hot or cold drinks.

You place your order at the counter and you are given a little pager that beeps when your your orders are ready to pick up.

They have plenty of space, lots of comfy seating including a couch, high ceilings but overly bright lighting, and the music is too loud upstairs, so you can't get any studying done because of the extremely loud annoying music.
The coffee shop itself is nicely designed with a modern feel which is at the same time also quite homely. The cafe itself is clean, and spacious. The decor and ambiance is meant for people to sit and stay. They offer FREE WIFI that works really well.

I decided to try the Hot 누텔라 코코아 (Hot Nutella Cocoa), the drink so expensive but not as good as they look!
The Hot Nutella Cocoa themselves were downright mediocre, lukewarm, and the nutella cocoa was extremely sweet in mouth, I literally felt like I was about to get diabetes!!!

At night time, my Oppa comes to Paul Bassett to take me home, and He ordered a cappuccino (카푸치노) before going back home. This is what He got!
The Cappuccino was a bit overprice, and Oppa said the coffee was nothing special, and the taste just ok.

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