Friday, January 9, 2015

Angelinus Coffee in Korea

I stopped at Angelinus Coffee (엔제리너스) 4 days ago to grab a cup Caffe Latte before heading into university. Angelinus Coffee, a cafe chain owned by Lotte Group, is taking etiquette into its own hands. 
Angelinus Coffee is a strong domestic brand in Korea, you can basically find it in any city. I came here during a Monday morning around 9.30am. There were only three customers in this coffee shop at that time, because they are open early, and I believe a little before 9AM.

You order your food or drinks at the front counter and they give you a beeper. Once it vibrate, you can pick up the food or drink at the counter. The service here is not bad, the korean man who basically says hello out loud and smiles brightly to the customers grabbed my attention the most.

It has 2 floors, I went upstairs for the first time, and I never realized they had such a large space upstairs. I can definitely see this place being a good spot to study or get some work done as it was pretty. Here really have a great atmosphere, the interior was high ceilings, clean and well-decorated, tidy, modern, simple and elegant. The place is large enough to have lots of wooden tables and chairs with some fancy lighting.
What I really like about Angelinus Coffee is that it has enough electric outlets to satisfy those laptop or mobile phone wanting to spend a day on their computers or mobile phone. I like coming here to study during the off hours because it is usually quiet and great study places.
They also have free WIFI, you will see a few people with their laptops studying or working. If you will stay for a long time, buy at least a coffee, tea or cake. Don't forget, ask for the receipt! With the receipt you can access to the WIFI password. But unfortunately, WIFI is really bad here, slow, it kept spotty which is frustrating especially when the place is full.
I took a window seat and watch hundreds of people walking while I stay warm and want to enjoy my caffe latte. There a lot of big windows for sunlight in here and people are generally quiet.
The bookshelves contain actually interesting books. This is definitely a great place to hangout, meeting or study.

Actually, its my second visit here, the first time I tried one of their Lemon Tea Click Here!. First time wasn't bad so I decided to come back since I was in the area, and now I ordered a Caffe Latte. Drinks here are expensive but the bigger problem is not that great.
The Caffe Latte at here looks really good looking but it was so bland and watery. The Caffe Latte was terrible, and it was not tasty at all, so I wouldn't recommend it! The taste is one word, SUCK!!! I didn't image the caffe latte could be so horrible that I couldn't finish a small cup. But I must admit they have some nice ambiance in the cafe.

Today I stopped by here again to study for finals week. I ordered a Cheese Bun, and an Americano.

The Americano was strong enough on its own that the espresso flavor didn't really add much bitterness. The Americano decent enough, but not the best.
They have such a great selection of pastries! I finally tried their Cheese Bun and it's and it was so delicious! They had the expected crispy moist texture, it's a sweet cheese bun with filling and a nice flaky crust. Cheese Bun is a nice sweet treat for a cold day!

Overall, Angelinus Coffee is totally a great place to go for study, or sitting at the cafe browsing internet with a cup of coffee (I don't recommend their caffe latte drinks) when you want to browse internet or working on your laptop!

서울특별시 서초구 서초동 1327-7
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  1. Oh this looks like a pretty nice place, I´m not sure why, but I think see a more angelical things on this place but is just the name, thanks for share your pics dear

  2. Lovely post
    looks like a great place

  3. The cafe looks great! A beautiful place to study~ And the cheese bun seems yummy!
    Love, Jenny

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    anw my Korean name is the same as yours :D)v

    1. 반가워용!!! 그리고 고마워요!!!^^ 팔로우 할게요. 그리고 예쁜 '예자'가 아니고 예쁜 '여자'가 맞아요 ㅎㅎ
      근데 암튼 한국인이에요?

  7. It looks like a good place to be spending some time!
    I wish I could go visit South Korea one day.

    Black Daisy

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  9. I like the interior, it's warm and the ambiance seems comfortable
    not a coffee person, I prefer a hot chocolate
    That cheese bun looks yummy :9

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