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Anniversary Trip to Herb Island

Last weekend, my boyfriend came to tell me that we were going to a special place where there were many flowers, waterfall and that we would also be taking some pictures there. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary on 22nd September 2014, and He decided to surprise for me with some sweet, awesome and thoughtful trip to Herb Island in Pocheon. He said to me, one of the best ways to celebrate a anniversary is by taking a trip together. Thank you so much, what a great surprise!!!
A trip that was made all the more exciting because my boyfriend organized it all by himself, I had no idea! Anyway, my boyfriend and I have been together for a little over two years. He is absolutely wonderful, lovely, my best friend, and more than I ever dreamed of in a man, and we are very good at communicating about everything.
We went to Herb Island in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province. Herb Island is only a few miles north of Camp Casey the Army military base in Dongducheon. This place is not as easy to go to if you don't have a car, so it's best to come here by car, and parking is free. We arrived in the morning and stayed until just after dark to catch the Christmas lights. Herb Island, has a different face in daylight and after dark. If possible, try to stay until night time, but you will be hard pressed for time if you are coming here by public transportation. Herb Island is a great place for families, lover, and friends to wander about and explore the explosion of lights.

Herb island is not actually an island at all but rather a small little village located in Pocheon. Herb Island focuses on growing Mediterranean herbs. The Herb Indoor Botanical Garden offers over 180 different herbs while the Outdoor Botanical Garden showcases a dazzling array of herbs surrounded by nature. Additional attractions include the Herb Museum, Living & Herb Exhibition Hall, Herb Restaurant, Herb Barbecue Restaurant, a cafe, a bakery, a gift shop, Aroma Therapy Center, Venetia Village, Herb Studio, Mini Zoo, and an outdoor performance hall. Herb Island even boasts excellent pensions with each equipped with whirlpool spa facilities, each pension provides aroma spa therapy. The entrance fee is 6,000 won per person. In the autumn I would imagine the grounds are filled with beautiful flowers and trees.

In this small village there are many shops and gardens as well as a huge greenhouse. It was gorgeous with all the many beautiful flowers and herbs all around. You all know how much I love nature and flower, and I couldn’t have been happier at Pocheon. The greehnouse doesn't just has herbs, there are also wooden sculptures and statues to make the place look like as if its your very own herb garden. Here we loved following the long paths through each twist and turn and smelling and taking in all the flower and plants had to offer. This is a great area to take all sorts of pictures, and flower lovers will surely love this place. A collection of herbs from all over the world are on display indoors and outdoors. There are herb-themed shops, restaurants, and cafes to enjoy.

Now, we entered a herb plants museum, finally we saw beautiful flowers and herbs in four seasons with so many colors, all were in harmony, creating a beautiful sight pampering our eyes. A herb Plants Museum is the biggest size of indoor garden in Korea. Visitors can purchase pretty herbs and pots, and inside we can smell the different types of plants and see a variety of flowers regardless of the season.

My boyfriend bought me syngonium podophyllum. Syngonium podophyllum or the Goosefoot Plant is a simple but elegant and versatile houseplant. Syngonium also known as Nepthytis or arrowhead plant is an easy to care for plant that is well adapted to indoor environments. Syngonium podophyllum is easy to care for and adds a relaxed, natural feel used indoors, or can it be enjoyed outdoors during warm weather on a shaded porch, patio or deck.

Entrance to the enormous and awesome plants museum complete with several waterfalls.

After the Herb island museum we followed the path that leads us up to the herb bakery. I could smell this place when we first pulled in the lot with my smart nose. You can also smell the delicious smell of freshly baked bread a kilometer away, coming from the Herb Island Bakery. We wanted to buy some bread, because they had smelled and tasted delicious.

I decided on the herb garlic bread and bun bread roll. The Herb Garlic Stick, and Bun bread roll, I tried one and was delicious. I would have come back for some more.

There is a new stage performance which is surrounded by a waterway which inspired by Venezia. There’s even a Gondola that you can ride on, and there is a bridge which fully covered by artificial flowers.

At night, the garden is dressed up in landscape lightings which enhances night walks and transforms into a magical garden that is not seen in daylight.

What pretty landscaping!

The small Italian themed town has a man made river that runs in a circle near the center of it. Small paddle boats and water spheres can be taken out on the watercourse. The view of kids and parents, couples and friends is amplified by this neat feature.
Gondola stream in Venetia Village

If you follow Running Man, you'll probably find this venue familiar, and that's because the episode that Park Taehwan and Son Yonjae (both national sportsman) guests in are filmed here. The whole theme park is obviously very European inspired. The European landmarks such as Venetian Gondola, Trevi Fountain, French village, make the place picture-worthy.

Moving to the other side of Herb Island, there are many shops in Herb Island and it was so fun even just to look around, we got in into a huge shop, and the shop is colorful, tidy and catchy, but the bad thing is some shops not allowed to take photos. As always, the aroma welcomed us in front of the door, and not only that, a free cup of delicious herb tea are welcoming us too in such a warm way, really nice! Inside the shops, there are all kind of herb candles, candy, perfume, fragrance, flowers, jam, teas, bath and body items, aroma pouches and so much more interesting trinkets.
A aroma shops has 4 floors. first floors is for hot or cold experience. 2nd floor is for dress shop. 3rd floor is for herb oils, teas, body care, and so on. 4th floor is for browsing through books about children. Visitor can get free herb tea and peppermint oil massage in aroma shop. The different aromas of herbs, oils, and tea made a good combination, giving the whole shop a unique and relaxing smell.

 One of the favorite places was the shop where you are greeted by a host who puts an invigorating cool oil on your neck and you are offered some wonderful tea in a beautiful glass.

What we bought? Let's Check it out!

My boyfriend bought for me few herbal soaps, perfume, candles, aromatherapy essential oil, fragrance, and inner cleanser for women. I especially love their peppermint aromatherapy essential oil for my rhinosinusitis. I regretted not buying for my boyfriend too! 

We explored the street of memories where lots of old Korean shops, old korean class, daily items and all that were on display. Buildings and setup of the olden Korea, and some middle aged visitors were quite excited to reminisce their childhood days. Personally this is also one of my favourite places there. 

There are shops all around where you can purchase herbs, flowers, aroma therapy products, fragrances, teas, bags, sculpture and so much more.

After a long day of exploration and picture-taking, we want to take a rest and have some traditional Korean food. This Restaurant is the place for you.
We ordered Soup (국 밥) is a spicy pork broth with veggies, literally meaning "separate soup rice." We were both really ready to eat lunch after the trip inside of the street of memories. We grabbed lunch at a sit down restaurant located within Herb Island called the street of memories.
Outdoor dining
국 밥
Do you love Christmas? There’s a santa village as well which would have been much more awesome during Christmas with the snow falling and all that, we can visit all year round at Herb Island. Many statues of Santa can be found to pose with for picture time.

I love how there are seats everywhere so you can rest whenever you’re tired from walking.

At Santa Village, one of Herb Island's main attraction, you can feel the warmth and joy of Christmas all year round. At night, the village is draped in colorful lights arrangements and with a long light tunnel beautifully illuminating the village, it is truly a fantastic sight at night. Illuminated Christmas trees, Santa sculptures, gigantic present sculptures, and themed Santa booths are placed all around Santa Village which  further brings out the happiness feeling.

Many couples write love notes and tie them to the pole or sculpture.

The Christmas decorations were part of the Christmas Festival.
Many couples write love notes and tie them to this tree.

 We also did! 
We both love nature and seeing beautiful things, we had a great time and look forward to doing it again, and we have some nice pictures and great memories of our anniversary together.

After checking out the santa village we headed over to the zoo.

Herb Studio (DIY crafting), various activities available in the long building and also has a library. At the Herb Studio, visitors can learn and enjoy DIY crafting for a minimal fee.

Herb Island Athenae Hall (아테네홀) 
If you want to eat something else, such as pasta, you can try Athenae Hall. Herb Island Athenae Hall most amazing places I want to visit again and it's an incredible place to get married or just to visit for inspiration. 

There are pensions being built on the site as well so people can stayover but the rooms are really expensive. If you want to fully enjoy your trip and you’d like to stay more than one day at Herb Island, there are a few pension houses for you to stay at.

Trevi Fountain

Herbisland has a theme "herbs of life" of Mediterranean Sea which was the place of origin of a herb. The Italian city of water Venice which was come into being on 10만평 (size) in herbisland. The gondola which completely reappeared is running in venice area. The garden party, mask party, rent a noble dress, and live performance is progressed on weekends.

A Therapy Center (Village sleep with aroma)
Customers get comfortable fragrance experience at lavender room, peppermint room, rose room, and orange room.

At night the whole landscape is draped with lights, and it seems as though they took the christmas lights and covered any and everything that does not move. This place is filled with so many nice picture opportunities.

At the stage they had some perfomances of belly dancing. The belly dancing performance was good and entertaining!

When we will go back to home, suddenly my boyfriend gave me the bracelet and watch. I  really like it and I am so happy!  Thank you made my day!!!
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35, Cheongsin-ro 947beon-gil, Sinbuk-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
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