Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Starbucks Caramel Dark Latte

I was craving a hot drink from Starbucks (스타벅스), I typically like to get a cup of cappuccino but today I decided to try something new and go with the Starbucks Dark Caramel Latte! Anyone tried it yet?

Starbucks just launched it's newest holiday beverage and Starbucks offers three holiday beverages.

This time, I ordered a Tall Caramel Dark Latte. Its very pricey and actually caramel latte isn't my favorite but I'm extremely curious about the taste of caramel dark latte. 
I was kinda scared to try it, because my previous experiences with mango frappuccino weren't so good. 
What's your favorite holiday drink from Starbucks?

Dark Caramel Latte are a delightful taste of winter.

Dark Caramel Latte made with rich Dark Caramel Sauce to experience its rich-buttery aroma, and made with espresso, steamed milk and creamy dark caramel sauce. This drink is finished with whipped cream and a custardy caramel flan drizzle, providing a luxurious treat that caramel lovers will find irresistible.

The Caramel Dark Latte I ordered was great as well and I am now obsessed with it. This Caramel Dark Latte is by far my favorite holiday Starbucks drink. This is a must try drink from Starbucks. 

Once you walk in, you can see that this location is huge, clean, luxurious with high ceilings and roomy seating area.
It's a cool set up, and I like the art on the walls.

The place is spacious, and there are big communal tables that you can sit around in front of giant windows. This would be the perfect spot to grab a coffee or tea and a sweet either you are here alone to read a book.
The atmosphere is bright, perfect for working on the computer or meet friends and maybe even good for a date.

The first thing I love about Starbucks is that they offer so much different drinks. They offer Frappuccino, Latte, Coffee, Tea, Cake, Sandwiches, Soft drink, Snack and much more.

The place gets really busy in the afternoon or in the night. 
Parking is a hassle here, I hate the parking because it is almost impossible to find parking near this Starbucks! The service was good but now the baristas are more busy and have less time to be as friendly. 
This is a nice place to spend some time and have a great cup of coffee or tea as well.
I was surprised to see they also had a first and second floor behind the counter!
The photos can be easily changed and they always look beautiful.

They provide tissue, straw, water, brown sugar and white sugar.

Overall, Pictures were taken by me, and thanks for reading and have an amazing day!


부산시 해운대구 우동 627-1번지 하버타운

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