Thursday, December 11, 2014

Seoul Uyu Banana Milk

Hi there! Today I want to share a little bit about one of my favorite milk in Korea. Which is Banana Uyu or Banana Milk! This is my favourite breakfast when I'm in Korea. In Korean it’s actually called 바나나맛 우유! 바나나 means Banana, 맛 means taste or flavor, 우유 means milk. 
There is a brand of yellow milk contained in a shaped plastic bottle, it is Seoul Milk's Banana Flavored Milk, a beverage that has been proving nutrients and filling people's hearts for many years.

Banana milk is slowly becoming available worldwide in a somewhat ordinary packaging as shown above. There are a few brands of banana-flavoured milk, that I spotted in Korean convenience stores, but the banana milk is nowhere to be found. The gorgeous product with its emblematic chubby and cute bottle has been loved by generations, regardless of sex, and the popularity of banana flavored milk among people of all ages is, first of all, attributed to its taste.

Banana uyu or Banana milk is a Korean drink made from fusion of banana and milk. Banana milk (바나나맛 우유) is one of the most popular drinks in Korea. 
I don't know how many NON Koreans would try this drink, but it grows with Koreans.

Seoul Milk was established in 1937, Seoul dairy produces milk, yogurt and beverage products. At facilities in Yangju, Yongin, Ansan and Geochang. It is the oldest and largest suppliers of dairy products in South Korea. Then, Seoul Milk a dairy produces milk company, came up with its banana flavored milk.
These bottles also come with a seal.

I don’t know why I really love this milk so much! When I was a kid, I really hate milk! I just don’t like it. hahaha. Oh yea! I don’t like banana fruit also, but banana uyu or banana milk is really delicious and fresh (진짜 맛있어요)! 
The banana taste is soft, light, the milk is not overly sweet and creamy without being overwhelming at all. I really enjoy drinking banana milk and I recommended you to try this milk if you come to Korea. They only sell the boxed and bottled version overseas. Don't forget you need to check the expiration date and choose your milk products properly.

Thank you so much for reading my blog, and thank you to everyone for taking the time to offer such thoughtful responses. =)

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  1. I wish we had things like that here in Spain!!! It looks so tasty!!

  2. i want!!!!

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  4. Banana milk? oh wow, I never heard of something lie this but it looks like kinda ... tasty? Is it any good or? I'll most definitely try to buy it once I get the chance to go to Korea <3

  5. Yummy, yummy, I love banana milk shakes.

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  7. I love banana and milk, but I never taste banana milk lol XD
    the packaging is also cute :D
    anw love ur new backsong :D one of my favorite song

  8. I have had banana milk. It taste pretty good.

  9. I am a banana flavor lover! I would love to have some of this milk, thanks for sharing it with us. Have a great weekend.


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  11. Yummy! :)


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