Friday, December 19, 2014

Luci Luna Alana Sandals

Hello everyone! Are you a sandal or shoe lover? I'm definitely a shoe and sandal lover. The right pair of shoes or sandals can change the feel of an outfit, and even change how a woman feels about herself. I recently got a new pair of sandals from LUCI LUNA, and I received the sandals on last week. I was a bit worried about the size, because my feet are too small.

Luci Luna created this brand specially for a shoe and sandal lovers. She believe every woman should have a pair of shoes or sandals that represent themselves, whatever their style is, whether they are feminime, chic or a tomboy. All shoes and sandals are handmade and crafted by Indonesian craftmanship.

Luci Luna was very professional and attentive in assisting me find the perfect pair of sandals. She was extremely patient, kind, and allowing me ample time to try on several styles. I have received my shoes in size 35.

They arrive, amazingly quickly in my experience, beautifully wrapped and complete with their own shoe box and inserts a small card.

Sandals and shoes of Luci Luna is an online store that provides an online shoe designer application to design your own custom made shoes. You start designing by selecting an initial template, then you customize all the details.

I was very excited. I tried them on and they fit perfectly! They are stylish and absolutely comfortable. I was very happy with the sandals and I thought the online store was great! Thank you for your help, I am enjoying my new sandals and I'm wearing them around the university and house.

 I have to say that my sandals are perfect and beautiful. I have already recommended the site to all my friends. I have another design ready to be ordered and want to order some shoes as well. They are the most comfortable sandals I've ever worn.

You can design your own shoes, choose your shoe or sandal style, materials and heel height. Your shoes are made-to-order and delivered in 1 weeks. They make all our shoes using European sizes, from 35 to 41. Shoes of Luci Luna is located in Indonesia, however they ship worldwide.

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Happy Friday friends! Forget all the bad things you've encountered this week and have a nice weekend! Bye!!! ^.^

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