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Java City Coffee in Korea

I was looking for a place to study and I found this coffee shop. When I first met Java City Coffee, I was impressed with it's convenient location, so I stopped in Java City. I walked in for my first time not sure what to expect but I had heard good things for this particular coffee shop, so I decided to finally try it out.

Java City was founded in 1985 by three passionate settlers in a small brick building on the corner of 18th & Capitol in Sacramento. These original Javanistas wanted to bring a world of specialty coffees to what was then a barren sea of homogeneous mass-marketed coffee-like substances. The founders built this City on a simple principle: find the best coffees on earth and slowly roast them to perfection.
As the smell of the freshly roasted coffee slowly spread from that original building, denizens started migrating from far and wide. They gathered in that hallowed storefront to talk and imbibe in the rich and complex coffees while the majestic aroma of the roasters engulfed them. Soon, Java City became a thriving metropolis of taste, attracting people from around Northern California and the country. You can also enjoy a moment in the City in hundreds of locations across the country, the globe, and buy their hand roasted fresh coffee over the internet. While the metropolis has certainly grown, we haven't compromised on our methods, nor changed the profiles of our roasts. We still slowly roast each bag of coffee by hand, and then air cool the beans ensuring that they lock in the aroma and flavors for the perfect cup.

I made myself comfortable at a large table and spread out my books and laptop.
The inside decor is clean and modern, making it very elegant.
Java city remodeled with modern lighting, and the lighting was good without being overly bright.
This place is a awesome example of interior design done well.

On a Tuesday afternoon, the line wasn't too long and there was plenty of seating.
The interior space is dominated by an aged brown brick wall. The ambience in this coffee shop is great and it's located in Gangnam street. I love how this coffee shop is decorated and I feel like it would be a nice place to chit-chat, study or get work done.
Rooms are small but comfy, and little touches make things very pleasant.
There are little tables all around the sides of the coffee shop for people who want to sit alone or have privacy, and then a couple of long sofas couches in the middle. I love the brown-painted brick walls that make the Java City seem so bright and gorgeous.

Java City offers brewed coffee, espresso beverages, blended beverages, brewed coffee, other beverages, food and beverages. They offered coffee by the cup, using freshly roasted beans and traditional pour over methods to make the drinks, and the beans were from all over the world.
They do have a wide selection of drinks here.
You can make a payment by cash and check card.
They have some cookies too that look cute!
They have a great selection of berry beverages.
They also have the set menu but prices are a bit high.
You can participate in the event.
Here you can pick up your order.
They have free WIFI as well. But, of course, they request that you make a purchase before using the WiFi password.

They have some gorgeous pastries to pair with your drinks.
They have a good variety of sandwiches, gelato and burrito.
They have a wide-range of cakes and drinks available in the fridges, including juices, and organic bottled drinks.
Their pastries in the display case are usually nice too.

If you are a coffee or tea lover, then you must know these travel mugs are perfect to keep your tea or coffee totally warm and cozy while you get to look very cute.

I ordered a White Caffe Mocha. I paid about 5,000 won for my drink. Honestly, the price is a little bit expensive even if only some americano.
The unique design of the tissue.
Planting trees to save the planet we all know that our planet Earth is warming up and that something needs to be done on a global scale.

It was a cold afternoon this past Tuesday and I was kind of thirsty and was in the mood to drinking something so I decided to treat myself to White Caffe Mocha at Java City.
The white caffe mocha is awesome. A variant is white cafe mocha, made with white chocolate instead of milk or dark. Dark or milk chocolate is usually used but there are other known variants of mocha including white chocolate (White Mocha) or a mix of both dark and white chocolate. It's creamy and its not too sweet. Anyway, It had such a perfect flavor and I loved it.
The Christmas cup this year and this could be your red cup obsession this year.

Overall, I like this place as a study cafe or place to hang out. Their white caffe mocha nice is good but prices are ridiculously overpriced. The people who work here are all friendly and efficient. I really enjoyed my visit here. So if you haven't tried this place, I definitely recommend it!


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  1. Looks so empty. I am sure that everything is good there.

  2. great place to study! Korea is such a cafee heaven, nice review ^^

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  3. Java city? Jadi inget Pulau Jawa.hahaha..


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