Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Girly and Cute Winter Outfits

Hello December, it’s great seeing you again! I love winter and everything that comes with it such as: the cold weather, the snow, Christmas and more importantly the new clothes! Last Saturday was the perfect winter day because the sun was out and we had no obligations. I feel free!!! Anyway, it is only 23 days until Christmas, and It’s official my favorite month out of the entire year is here and I was born in December too! Hahaha.

Are you ready for the onslaught of the wintry winds? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I know you all must have started preparing for winters and must have partially updated your clothes and shoes. 
So, for today's post I am bringing you the latest outerwear to keep you warm, adorable and cute. I am going to share the most cute outfits ideas for winter! If you love to look pretty, cute, and dress up all girly, then these ideas will surely inspire you to update your closet for winters with cute outfits. OK! Let's enjoy in the pictures below!

I got my dress from Oppa. I weared for Oppa's friend wedding party and loved it since it wasn't to explicit. I'm usually a small but got a medium considering the small fit me way too tight. Get compliments all day long about it!
These dresses are awesome! They are super cute and pretty for winter. One more thing, the styling possibilities are modern and endless!
It fits me perfect, and this dress is very lightweight and comfortable! I definitely want another in a different color. =)

A great pair of shoes in winter is a must! Stay warm and trendy at the same time with fashionable winter shoes. These shoes will have you looking cute and cosy all season long! 
Shoes are the most important part of winter wear here in South Korea, where snow will be melting one day and icing over the next.

The front and back of the coat, as well as left and right sides. You can wear different necklace to change the look.
I always try to stay warm and stylish with the cutest coats for every vibe and occasion!
You can also design your own outfits.
I cannot live without a warm and cosy coat during the winter months. So, this would be my perfect winter outfit and staying gorgeous in the cold!

This is an outfit that anyone could pull off, by pairing a wool beige coat with black and white dresses and some simple black shoes, it’s fashionable and easy to wear for almost any occasion.
Best stockings to keep your winter legs warm and awesome! Stockings can be an extremely comfortable piece of clothing to wear in winter, they are good and warm.
There’s nothing more comforting and comfortable than wearing a beautiful and cozy coat in the winter, this coat from JUCYA is so soft and warm, I really love it!

The addition of a patent leather bag, brown and cream line scarf add a little bit of interest without overwhelming the look.
What I like about this outfit is that it is so simple and girly, and you can wear different bag to change the look.
Put down your pretty coat, scrap that unique scarf, and read on to see how to make a fresh cold weather statement.

Purples are classics when it comes to popular winter nail polish colors. They also work well with a range of different winter trends.

Where to get a leather bag? 
http://www.teenieweenie.com.cn (Teenie Weenie)

Where to get a winter coat? 
http://www.jucya.com (Jucya)

Where to get a winter dress? 
www.coupang.com (Coupang/쿠팡)

Where to get a leather shoes? 
www.vincis-bench.co.kr (Vincis Bench)

NOTE: All photo taken by Jong Myung

Guys, do you have winter outfits you'd like to share? Please feel free to share your winter outfits stories! ^.^

Thanks for reading my little blog, I appreciate each comment and love reading each one.

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  1. You look really pretty with your dress :) It suits you well! I always wanted to wear coats but being in tropical country like Philippines, I just can't. I always wish to visit Korea someday :)


    1. Thank you for the comment! ^^ If you come to Korea, let me know maybe on that day I'm holiday,so I will bring you to nice places. ^^~~~

  2. The dress really cute :D ahh and ur shoes look amazing.
    I love this kind of dress but Im afraid to wear dress often. beside because of the weather ,it also make me look shorter haha.
    anw you r very pretty and cute :D


    1. I'm also short, hahaha.. dont worry ^^ anyway, Thank you for the comment~~^^


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