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Angelinus Coffee Shop in Gangnam

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As travellers, cafes are very important to me. They’re an important place where I can rest my body and legs after a long shopping trip, or simply a place to get a drink. It's so cold in Korea right now, so I stopped at the Angel-in-us Coffee Shop (엔제리너스) in Gangnam for drink. Angel-in-us Coffee can be found all around Seoul, and it’s a speciality coffee chain. This coffee shop is open late which is really great.

Angel-in-us is one of the famous coffee brands in Korea. Angel-In-Us's name implies that coffee is God's gift delivered by angels. Only the best-quality arabica beans are roasted using the pure roasting system (a method of suspending coffee beans in the air to roast them evenly). 
Angel-in-us is also steadily expanding its market share in Asia after it first opened a shop in China in 2008. It currently runs nine shops in China, four in Vietnam and three in Indonesia.

The interior of the Angel-in-us Coffee stores are characterized by wood under soft lighting, providing a cozy and lovely ambience.

The holiday season is a time of bright colors, happy, joy and cheer. 
Christmas trees are a traditional symbol of the season and one that stands tall inside the Angel-in-us Coffee Shop.

The cafe was huge, had cozy, and homey feel. I was amazed that they had Christmas tree inside, made me feel like I'm walking in a winter wonderland. =)
It’s a nice and great place to sit and chat, study and connect to a WIFI in case you want to surf the net. Futhermore, a charming atmosphere that makes you want to hang around for a while.

You can buy their coffee blends and an assortment of cups with their logo and cute angels in various colours.
A fresh, delicious coffee taste is guaranteed at Angel-in-us coffee shop. 
A range of desserts are also available so you may enjoy a light meal with your coffee: bread, waffles, bagels, sandwiches, cakes, and more.

A display coffee here and there made up the interiors.

They have lots of good looking stuff in that display case. They serve delicious cakes, soft drinks, juices, macaron, breads, and sandwiches!
They have waffles, sandwiches and breads as well. The pastries are great and there is a downstairs and upstairs section.

That time I didn’t order coffee because I had coffee almost everyday in Korea, so I thought it was good time to get some tea. 
I ordered the lemon tea, though I’m not a lemon tea fan, but I felt that this lemon tea is worth trying and surprisingly it tasted great. Only problem is how expensive the drinks are here. 

There is a coupon for everyone! They give you a coupon for free drink.
A free drink item after another 10 Angels earned.

Tissue, straw, and sugar by Angel-in-us coffee.

Let's start with the lemon tea. I got a lemon tea afternoon craving for sweets while traveling. The lemon tea is to die for! It's so delicious and serving size is decent. It's somewhat sweet, fresh, warm and amazingly tasty.
Lemon tea is a nice sweet treat for a cold day! Lemon tea was literally a lemon tea teabag in hot water. There was a subtle taste of lemon tea, but it wasn’t very strong. I enjoy drinking the hot lemon tea, it has a nice lemon aroma, it is a sweet and sour tea. You can taste the honey and then the lemon.
Lemon tea helps to replace fluids that are continually lost by our body, being dehydrated causes rapid aging, we feel exhausted, stressed, and can't think straight. Lemon is it good for your digestive system, can help you lose weight faster, it can relax your body and mind, and so reduce blood pressure because it acts as a blood purifier. Overall, good tea although overpriced for what I got.
Anyone who has been a regular lemon tea drinker and seen the benefits?
I definitely recommend you to try this cafe. Don't let the prices fool you, it may be little expensive, but the quality is great. 
At least come for the lemon tea and the ambiance!



서울특별시 서초구 서초동 1327-7

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  1. I love the design of the cafe! Looks so nice and makes me wanna go there :)

    Deasy Tantra

  2. Beautiful festive atmosphere! Thanks for sharing :)
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

  3. Looks amazing! I have some friends in Korea *^--^* I'm gonna recommend them to go there I love the photos! o(;__;)o wish I could go there! someday I'm going to for sure >___<
    Thanks for sharing your experience really complete! (I love when places make the atmosphere feels such as the Xmas tree! >__<)

    hugs! have a nice day ^--^

  4. I've been there before. It's a lovely place

    Made in Mauve

  5. That Place looks really nice! :) Cute Blog :*


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