Thursday, November 20, 2014

Vincis Bech Leather Shoes

Hello readers!!! How are you? Finally tomorrow is friday! =) 
I am so excited and I just can't hide it! =)

I want to ask you a favor. What shoes make you feel fantastic? Are you hoping to be given a pair this holiday season?

My opinions, the good shoes commonly recommended are very expensive, for reasons that are not immediately obvious. Shoes cost a lot because they are sturdily-built, high-quality objects that stand up to repeated abuse and still look good. The more it costs, the longer the shoes will last because they are better constructed and made of better materials.

Finding good shoes requires a lot of work for me because my feet are too small. I just wanted to find the shoes that were best for me. When I went to the mall, I found great Vincis Bench shoes and I begged my Oppa to get them for me.

"Oppa can you buy me these shoes? That's a pretty shoe and simple design!" 
I knew I already had a great pair of sport shoes, but I needed casual shoes!

Oppa said it looks adorable and will buy me these shoes. I was so happy because He will buy me a shoes!
But just 30 minutes, He suddenly cancelled plans and said he needed more time, it didn't feel right at this point. What is going on? ㅠㅠ 
I feel sad and disappointed to hear that, but I trying to forget my feelings of shoes.

Oppa explained me the reason why He can't buy me these shoes. In Korea, there's a superstition that says if you give a loved one (guy or girl) a pair of shoes, that He or She will run away from you forever. 
Actually It sound so funny and absurd! I can't think of any literal reason not to buy shoes for someone we love.  
According to Oppa, an accompanying tradition is that if you receive shoes as a gift, you should pay the gift giver a small amount of money like 50 or 100 won, ensuring that it is not a mere gift that will be used for your swift escape.

The other day Oppa said His mother is coming to my home and He wants me to meet her. I really scared of dying, and my brain can't stop thinking! I think maybe She will eat me! Hahaha.

When I met Oppa's mother, Oh My God, you know what?! 
She gave me Vincis Bench shoes!!! I was really surprised! Even though Oppa can't buy for me, but He asked his mom to buy me a new pair of shoes.

I'm so happy that I could literally almost cry! Oppa and His Mom gave me this shoe that I will never forget!

How did he know my shoe size? Oh yea! He knows everything about me. Haha

This looks like a nice green box.

What do you think of these shoes?

Black shoes look great with absolutely anything. Right?

Everything about these shoes were absolutely beautiful and design is good!

Take another look at the Vincis Bench Shoes!

Shoes from the back side!

The upper of the Vincis Bench shoe!

In selecting the shoes that you want to wear, you must not only consider the design but the materials that are being used into it. Their shoes are made in Korea. Shoes made of sensitive leather!

These shoes are very sensitive to water and chemicals, as leather can be easily damaged. However, there are several ways to take care of your leather shoes without having to spend a little fortune. If you want your shoes to look new, then moisturizing them on a constant basis is the secret. 
Leather is similar to human skin, and it needs proper care from time to time. If you moisturize your shoes regularly with high quality leather conditioner, they will get a nice, light shine and they will also feel very pleasant to the touch.

When I first started wearing them they were really great! 

They also look pretty and you can wear them with socks!

I love these shoes. This shoe is fantastic, true to fit with and length. 
They're lightweight, comfortable and don't hurt my feet at all. I only wore them a few times, because to me, these were a priceless work of art. For women, shoes are the most important because good shoes take you good places! 

My feet fee relaxed and comforted like no other shoes I have ever worn. I must say for the price and style and comfort you are getting there is no other shoe that can beat these, they really are great!

I promised myself, I would never sell them or give to someone! I would never over-wear them, and I would always keep them in pristine condition.


Last but not least, sometimes, I forget to thank the people who make my life so happy in so many ways (especially to Jesus christ, my Mom, Oppa, His Mom, and my best friends). I forget to tell them how much I really do appreciate them for being an important part of my life. Thank you for your love. 
You'll never really know, how happy that you've made me and how much I love you so!!! Thank you God for everything, the big things and the small. 
I feel very lucky, I have a Mom, Oppa and second Mom in Korea that I adore. =) I have a career I really love. When I sit back and reflect, it's, like, WOW!!! 
I am very grateful!!! 

Christin Tomntins
Tom and Tins, Updated at: 11:21 PM


  1. Woaahh so sweet cc. . Envy :D . I just know that tradition from u, funny :D .

    And, that shoes so adorable cc <3 .

    1. hahah, the culture it's sound little funny, right! ><
      thank you for the comments ya ^^

  2. I have not heard of this brand. But I do like the way the shoes look.

    1. I never heard before about Vincis Bench too, but when i watched a Korean drama (cunning single lady), I started to know the brand. =)

  3. Sungguh suprise banget ya cc. Baik banget mamanya pacar cc.


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