Friday, November 21, 2014

Tom N Toms Smoothie

Hello Readers! Happy Friday everyone! Forget all the bad things you've encountered this week and have a great weekend!

I stopped in for a smoothie at the Tom n Toms Coffee (탐앤탐스) cafe at Seocho Tower. They open late night too, which is great! But the place was really crowded, and little stuffy. I don’t like crowded cafes very much. They take away from the relaxation factor. But, this coffee shop is perfect spot to come for couple hours, sitting at the cafe browsing internet with a cup of coffee, tea or smoothie, when you want to study, do your homework, or working on your laptop. It's a great place for you to hang out with friends, client, lover, and family.

TOM N TOMS is the global food and beverage franchise company from Korea and with more than 380 outlets over countries in the world.

I took my chances and ordered Strawberry Smoothie (딸기 스무디)! 
I paid 4,100 Won! The Smoothie blended with Strawberry and Milk (Choice of Milk or Yogurt). So, I chosed yogurt (요구르트)! After paying for my order at the cashier, I am given an alarm to wait for my order.

The service is terrible and the waiters here are extreme rude!
The girl taking the order had a NO SMILE policy with a snippy way of taking orders, they are not very friendly and made you felt unwelcome when you have done nothing but simply order your drink. Even when your drink is done, they didn't even want to look at you as if they had a bad day. Don't think i will waste my money here again for this kind of treatment!!! Hopefully the management will read some of these and realize they don't keep track very carefully.

To make matters worse, a rather disappointing drink, the smoothie here isn't great and lack of strawberry smoothie taste. I've only had their strawberry smoothie and was taste overly sweet to me. It just crushed ice, and I could not finish half of itI'm not really a fan of their drinks! They're all just average. 
Most of their smoothies and flavored drinks (like strawberry smoothie) are way too sweet or tastes bland.

The prices are expensive, but for the quality of the drinks, it's still far from worth it.


(서초타워점) 서울 서초구 서초동 1329 삼성화재빌딩 1층

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  1. These smoothies at look like they would be really good.


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