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Halloween Dunkin Donuts

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I was on my way to Oppa friend's office at Bangbae, but decided to stop Dunkin Donuts bought for some donuts first. I've always wanted to try Dunkin Donuts because their donuts are cute and fresh. Is there any brunch food more tasty or more beloved than the donut? Please tell me!!! Hahaha.

According to Wikipedia, Dunkin' Donuts is an American global doughnut company and coffeehouse chain based in Canton, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1950 by William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Dunkin Donuts is a fairly common foreign chain here in Korea that has a handful of the basics we all know of from back home but it also has a surprising amount of interesting and cute treats localized for the Korean market.

There are no words to describe their donuts, if you walk in and the smell alone tells you, you've found a piece of heaven!

From the outside it doesn't look like much, but when you step inside you're consumed with an amazing selection of cute and delicious donuts.

They also have a small menu of breakfast items. You can get breakfast whenever you want it!

They offer lots of soft drinks!
From the menu, the price looks quite worthy. The staff here are always friendly and helpful.

Rooms are small but still a nice place for study, or chit-chat with your friends, family, or lover.

Real Body Real Coffee, this was a good way to get a good shaking of caffeine!

So many excellent donuts to choose from! Dunkin donuts (던킨도너츠) in Korea is amazing, and there's always something unique and sweets waiting for you!

Anyway, I visited on Friday, and just so happened there is this Halloween Festival going on at Dunkin Donuts! As always, their donuts are the best, and they even have a Halloween Pumpkin Donuts now! I like how Dunkin Donuts gets creative with their flavors. So what I oredered?

I ordered their limited time donut which was the Halloween Pumpkin Jack (할원펌킨잭) donut with Halloween Ghost donut (할로원고스트). Moreover, I oredered Chocolate Almond Crunch (아몬드초코크런치) and Peanut Crunch (피넛 크런치).

My first impression of the chocolate almond crunch donut was that it had a pleasant and familiar nutty sweetness to it. It was a smooth flavor that was easy to eat. This is the kind of donut I crave, something with a finish that makes me grab more donut. Hahaha. 
Oh! One more thing, the peanut crunch donut it was also good too, sweetness that doesn't taste artificial and overly cloying, and velvety soft when you bite in. I think this is perfect menu for brunch!

The seasonal treats are rolling in at Dunkin Donuts and the Halloween Donuts is headlining for the month of October. This new Pumpkin Jack designed chocolate drizzled donut features a vanilla flavored, buttercream filled, pumpkin shaped yeast shell, with orange icing. This Halloween Ghost Donut designed like ghost body shape filled with vanilla flavored buttercream, topped with chocolate icing and ghosh body made with white (vanilla) icing.

The overall taste is rich and soft, but does have an overriding wheat texture that spreads throughout your mouth as you chew. The pumpkin flavor is pretty soft and smooth. If the texture good for your tongue, it's a perfect choice.
Anyway, I tried all of that donuts for myself, and it was really delicious! Hahaha.

I want to come back here and try other items on the menu!


서울 서초구 방배1동 910-9

See you on my another post! Bye~~~ ^-^

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  1. My favorite donut is the lemon filled ones.

  2. We no longer have a Dunkin Donuts here. Though I keep seeing the commercials.

  3. Woahh, I did not know Korea had Dunkin Donuts! They're at nearly every corner here in America *u* I'm glad you liked the donuts! Thank you for sharing this c:
    ~Kiyomi <3

  4. Such a nice article with the amazing pictures. I was enjoying to see the whole things in this post. Halloween is not famous in India. But, I have complete idea on Halloween. It is really a nice post. Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. Love the hallowenn donuts!

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  6. Very cutes donuts ! I love these of halloween !

  7. The halloween donuts are so cute X3
    Already followed ur blog. Lets keep in touch :)

  8. Cute donuts! they look absolutely adorable!
    already followed your blog - nice to meet you ;)

    keep in touch!


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