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Cone and Cups Cafe in Seoul

Hello my dear readers!!!
I went to Cheonggyecheon (청계천) on last Sunday with Oppa. We watched the Seoul Lantern Festival. The festival is free of charge and lanterns will be displayed along the Cheonggyecheon Stream and Plaza and the events will be held at Hanbit Square inside the plaza. 
Cheonggyecheon is a modern stream that runs through downtown Seoul. As part of an urban renewal project, the stream was restored in 2003. The stream isn't really famous as a popular filming location, but it's definitely worth the visit while you're there. One of the great things about South Korea is that there are so many festivals and activities happening all over the country all year long. It’s super easy to find something do! 

Cheonggyecheon (stream) is an excellent place for a night time visit!

A view from above!

At night time parts of the river light up and you can enjoy a light show!

Pororo and friends at Seoul Lantern!

Seoul's Cheonggyecheon stream has become one of the city's most popular icons!

After the visit to Cheonggyecheon (청계천) Stream, Oppa and Me decided to go to Cone & Cups Cafe for coffee. We were walking for most of the afternoon, so we thought it would be nice to take a breather here. All the other cafes in the area were crowded with people, so we came to Cone & Cups because of their large space.

So, I am here to introduce you Cone & Cups Cafe (콘앤컵스) in Jongno. 
Jongno is a thriving hub of entertainments and various kinds of restaurants and cafes which makes it one of the most boisterous places in Seoul.

It mainly sells ice cream and coffee. Since its ice cream is made with good ingredients and does not include much sugar and other artificial flavors.

They give you free chocolate if you order a coffee.

Stumbled upon this cute cafe while exploring Cheonggyecheon stream. This lovely cafe is bigger and the service was delightful. I will definitely make another stop by this place before I leave Seoul.

Life is like ice cream enjoy it beore it melts!!! 
This is a very famous proverb which means that one should always be happy, no matter what bad situations you are going through. Each one of us has to go through hardships in our life but this should be a lesson for us and we should learn from it. Rather than crying over petty matters, it is good that we explore the positive out of the negative and handle the bad situations with will power and determination. Treat life as it comes each day and enjoy as much you can. Present times once gone will never come so do not give yourself a chance to think about your past.

I love the decorating, and I think it is a great idea! With their vibrantly colored cookie shell and dainty shape, macarons are pretty adorable.

Take a look at their extensive food and drinks menu, and check out the different menus that you can choose on dashboard!
The cafe offers a wide variety of drinks, desserts, and beverage.
The cafe sell a variety of flavors of ice cream.
The ingredients to make ice cream!

Food and drinks are prepared at the bar area. The desserts looks sweet, there are biscuits, cookies, cakes, and macarons.
The macarons are available in lots of different flavors.
They sell soft drinks too.

The concept store is design with detail in every single space.

If you are looking for quiet, and good views, Cone & Cups Cafe is a wonderful place to meet up with your friend or lover, and WIFI is free too! Dont forget try for the larger rooms on the second floor!

I really like the ambiance at Cone & Cups Cafe in Jongno. I fell in love with the cafe as soon as I stepped in. It was quaint and comfy, a place where I can hang out and chit-chat with Oppa while having a cup of coffee. =)

Some pictures of the cafe while waiting for the food. It is just so pretty!
Coffee beans pictures on the walls.

The great wall of chocolate pictures.

 I was excited to see Cone & Cups walls with macarons photograph.

Drinks was served especially fast, we were served 10 minutes into ordering. When ordering, you get the electronic beeper to indicate when your order is ready for pick up!

OK, let’s see what we have that night!!! =)
I had hot Caramel Macchiato, and my Oppa had Hot Americano. A cup of Americano is 3,500 won, and Caramel Macchiato is 4,000 won.

Unfortunately, wondering why with so impressive cafe, they didn't think creatively on their coffee. Once I open the coffee I only can found some very normal and not attractive coffee on a high price! The Americano and Caramel Macchiato which I think is their signature drinks just very normal either on the quality or quantity. 
The Americano and Caramel Macchiato looks like a standard one where you can make it with an upmarket espresso machine, and there's not alot of things to shout about it. The size that you see is the largest, though nothing much to complain about the cup, there's nothing to compliment it either.

A cup of hot Americano and Caramel Macchiato, came with dark chocolates, it added a perfect touch to a rather boring coffee.

The Americano creme was not too rich as Oppa expected. Everything looks good but taste is just okay!

The warm version of Cone & Cups Caramel Macchiato is just okay!

The coffee was not very special and needs some improvement here and there, but it sure is simple and good enough. However, for the price paid, it was not very worth it!

It is the best place for chocolate lovers since it specializes in desserts made of chocolate which are all handmade. I had a bite of it and it was delicious as well.

Overall the Americano and Caramel Macchiato is overpriced and the drinks is not up to the standard. So unless you really want to enjoy the concept of the cafe then only give it a try. And honestly, this cafe is only entertaining in terms of their concept and the only thing make it interesting is the macaron themed at the Cone & Cups Cafe! 

Well, Thank you for taking the time to read my post. ^.^ Bye!

Cone & Cups Cafe (콘앤컵스) Facebook Page:

종로구 관철동 11-3, Seoul, Korea 110-111

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