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Chocolate Frappuccino Ediya Coffee

Ediya Coffee is a franchise coffee house in South Korea and you can see it everywhere in Seoul. It's a comfortable coffee shop that sells affordable coffee, juice, and cake. It's a great place to chit chat with friends or family especially during a hot day in summer.
Ediya Coffee is one of the many cafes surrounding Wolgok Station. On the day that I visited the cafe, it was a saturday night. I found myself going into Ediya Coffee on my day off to sample some of their drinks and killing some time waiting to meet my boyfriend and his friends. I happen to go to a lot of cafes in this area because it is near where my boyfriend work. Actually, I've passed through this coffee place a few times, but I never really thought of trying this place out because I was just not interested in drinking coffee or eating desserts during those times.

WiFi is provided here so you also can bring your laptop and do some assignment or works here.

This Ediya Coffee, its recommended place and the coffee price is cheap, compare to others coffee shop like Starbucks, Angelinus Coffee, Hollys Coffee, Pascucci, Caffe Bene, Coffee Bean and so on. Ediya Coffee's high quality, but low priced coffee has drawn an increasing number of coffee lovers over the past several years amidst the continued economic downturn.

It has a tidy, clean, and not stuffy atmosphere and it also has artsy designs on their wall, and it's really cool just to hang out here.

There are table outside as well for those who smoke.

Ediya Coffee has introduced their blended Chocolate Chip Frappuccino, which is pretty much a caramel combined with a frappe mocha and chocolate chips. I really love chocolate chip frappuccino, and this flavor is really tasteful. The chocolate is super rich and it's really heavenly.

I ordered the Chocolate chip frappuccino, because the price of the chocolate chip frappuccino was so cheap for a cup of coffee only 3,900 Won, and the service was kindly and friendly. The prices are reasonable, and slightly lower than another coffee shop but the quality and taste is certainly much better.

They have a selection of tasty cakes and another for drinks. In Seoul there are many coffee shops where they actually provide coffee, juice and cake too.

The cafe staff kept me waiting 7 minutes. 

Ediya Coffee Tissue

What I got was this:
I was really craving for chocolate chip frappuccino already!

Well then, here you go!
A creamy blend of rich mocha drizzle, chocolate chips, milk and ice. Topped with sweetened whipped cream and chocolate sauce. 

What makes this great beverage really luscious? 
 The flavor of chocolate and more chocolate sauce, something i just can’t get enough of. There’s the rich, creamy taste of chocolate flavored sauce blended with milk, and chocolate chips in every sip, WOW IT'S REALLY YUMMY!!! 
If you like a Frappuccino, you’ll probably enjoy this, and if you love coffee drinks, but hate the flavor of coffee, this is maybe match for you. 

As I have mentioned this is my journey to discovering good foods or nice drinks and great places so I am always interested to find the best tasting food, best ambiance, well basically the best that life has to offer. I am happy to say that I am not alone in this journey because my boyfriend are always feeding me good information on new places and nice foods to try. I would absolutely come back to this place just to order this chocolate chip frappuccino again.

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