Saturday, November 8, 2014

Beesket Natural Juice

Hello Guys! How are you?
After a bit of walking around , and I found myselves really thirsty. 
Well, I want to get refeshed from too much walk, and I found a design your own smoothies or juice bar called "Beesket" (비스켓)!

There is a place that really surprised me with their table, and I personally likes the cute design of the store!

Beesket has started an unprecedented revolution in providing good taste, health and fun for customers in making their own drinks. Beesket’s unique features of design, its original tailor-made healthy drink service and its smart system of computing calories and nutrient information have been favorably recognized by experts from at home and abroad. The store serves different drinks like smoothie, ade, yogurt, tea, juice, and coffee. It also serves: sandwiches, salad and healthy cookies.

The concept is based on the natural ingredients and the fun in picking and creating your own drink. You can use a unique basket called "Beesket" to choose the type and ingredients of your drink but it doesn't come cheap. In addition to the typical fruit options, you can add some healthy veggies to your smoothie, such as carrot, kale, broccoli, red cabbage, yam, paprica, chestnut, sweet potato, pumpkin, and tomato.
When you select your ingredients from the plethora that's available, you can see what vitamins, minerals, or benefits each one is good for. 

Beesket offers a totally new fun way creating your own drinks by choosing for yourself three ingredients of fresh fruit and vegetables in a Beesket.

The design is basically like this: you get a small basket and can put in three flavors to put in your smoothie. They then take your customization and make your smoothie. They figure out all the nutrition facts as well and afterwards you get a cool little intro about your smoothie and its components.

After carefully picking out my smoothie ingredients, I take my honeycomb beesket to the counter where they scan my selection.

What’s cool is that on the screen, I can see the exact calorie count of my drink as well as a breakdown of the nutrients and vitamins.

My choices weren’t very unique or interesting, just a regular fruit smoothie with kale, ripe persimmon, and green grape. 

For the price is 5,900 Won.

I got one gadget after I place my order at the counter, and once it vibrate, my smoothie is ready for pick up.

My ripe persimmon, kale and green grape smoothie was 157 calories.

The Beesket tissue are so cute.

A beautiful design wooden table with strawberry looking so lovely!

If you’re totally confused with all the choices, they have a few suggestions or best sellers that you can try out.

Guys, have you ever thought about the benefits of a glass of real natural smoothies? 
Well, you can feel the effects immediately at Beesket, even though it is just a drink, Beesket contains much information about health and nutrition you need to consider. Beesket's distinctive system provides calorie and nutritional information at a glance when you order your drink. It means you can supplement the nutrient you need more with Beesket drinks!

I couldn’t really taste the individual fruits, but the combined result was so delicious!

I can enjoy my own 100% natural smoothie made from the selection of fresh fruit and vegetables I put into my Beesket.

Beesket serves additive free, sugar free, 100% natural drinks made from fresh fruit and vegetables. The optimum combination of nutrients and taste of each fresh ingredient is concentrated into a healthy and tasty beverage according to the "Natural Cordial" guidelines developed by Beesket. The system has been created after various trials and experiments.

Beesket Offering Buy One, Get One Free Drinks.

Put your drink or Beesket photography on your Instagram, and you will get a Beesket coupon!

Overall, I thought it was a great experience, and it was fun to be able to experiment with smoothie flavors. 
Next time, I think I'll try to be braver and put in some yam, red cabbage and paprica! Oh my gosh, I still afraid of that one! Hahaha.


서울시 중구 을지로 281 동대문 디자인 플라자 B1 
(Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Euljiro 281, Jung-gu, Seoul)

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