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Apple Street in Seoul

Hello Everyone!!! How are you? I hope you have a great day!!! =)

I wake up late and missing breakfast used to signal a rough day ahead, but brunch is the newest way to have a stylish and productive day. Yesterday I was on my own and, at about eleven in the morning, it was just the right time for a late breakfast. So, I went to the Apple street (애플 스트릿) for late breakfast. Breakfast is tough to find in Korea because most restaurants don’t open until 11:30 AM. My favorite place is Apple street, which serves pasta & stew, sandwich, salad, steak and side. With tea or coffee, this is a wonderful way to start the day. Apple street is one of the best apple tea cafe in Seoul, and one popular Italian restaurant that specializes in sandwich, steak & side, pasta & stew, and salad. 

Apple street, located in Gangnam, Seoul, is where you can enjoy pasta & stew, sandwich, tea, coffee, and internet surfing. Actually this place is very close to Oppa's office but didn't get a chance to visit earlier.
Gangnam is hectic, overwhelming and buzzing with neon signs and young people on the go. 
It's also flooded with cafes and restaurants. I will be staying at a Oppa's office during my visit to Gangnam. So, I figured I might as well do some homework and see what I can find in terms of good eats. Hahaha.

There is a small balcony to sit out. They all have exterior seating where you can enjoy a coffee, tea, bite to eat or a wine.

Start your day in style with their fabulous breakfast and delicious brunch at Apple street! Being creative with the dining environment is a good solution for doing that, as people want to eat in a lovely atmosphere that transmits them that refreshing feeling. Also, a unique interior design will differentiate you from the ordinary restaurants or coffee shops.

This place is spacious, calm, has a super simple interior design, and has outdoor and indoor sittings.

Walk into a local Italian restaurant and take a seat. You can sit wherever you like!

The views, the cool ambience and the polished service make it well worthwhile.

Wake up to a tasty and good brunch!

Everything they serve is made with organic and fresh ingredients!

Sometimes simple is best, and the atmosphere cafe has everything you need to enjoy your brunch.

The atmosphere created by the eco bag artworks, and lanterns makes this a very special restaurant.

Apple street serves soups, salad, sandwich, drinks, pasta & stew, steak and side dishes in a cozy, and light filled corner building.

The menu changes frequently, with the day’s offerings written on a board that stands on the wall, but you can be fairly certain that whatever they have will be good. They also offer a brunch set with a soup or bread, and Apple street has a good wine list and excellent tea which is rarely found in Seoul.
The prices range from 3,000 Won to 48,000 Won. The price at these cafe or restaurant are a little expensive (it's not cheap) compare to normal cafe or restaurant arround Gangnam.

The staff was very hospitable and attentive!

You can choose from a variety of soft drink, wine, and juice for sale in glass box.

There you get to watch the chefs at work preparing and cooking all your food in front of your eyes.

For a take out place! Take out available for sandwich, salad, and hamburger steak.

This is what I ordered!
I ordered a Tomato Mozzarella Panini (토마토 모짜렐라 파니니).
My food takes about 15 minutes to make and arrives steaming hot. 
The panini is large, a little on the thin side, but smells very nice. The first bite is soft, chewy and with a huge amount of cheese. 
Panini is a type of Italian sandwich, usually made with breads like ciabatta, grilled in a sandwich press and served hot. 
The first panini I tried was a tomato mozzarella panini at Apple street, this panini soon became a favorite and I looked forward to it, whenever I visited Apple street. The combined flavors of tomato, cheese and mozzarella in a grilled sandwich is simply delicious! Even though they are the same food with another restaurant or cafe, they don't look, smell or taste similar. 
It is also a great choice of sandwich for vegetarians.

I also ordered Apple Tea (애플티).
I think the apple tea was amazing value for money. The apple tea was really hot, flavorful, sweet, delicious and comes with a fresh fruit apple cookies. 
This apple tea is the perfect warm fall drink to cozy up with, really recommended as well. 
If you want to enjoy a nice cup of apple tea and eat a delicious fresh fruit apple cookies, you really have to stop by this cafe located in Gangnam.

Now it's time for lunch! What I ordered?
I ordered a Cream Pasta (애플 스트릿 크림파스타) for lunch. 
The Apple street cream pasta looked awesome, the tastes good, nice and done very well by their chef. The food is prepared for you fresh. 
I love the food Its not only taste good, its so colorful and beautiful. 
This beautiful cream pasta is well coated with a delicious homemade sauce. Pasta goes really well with a rich creamy pasta sauce, and it tastes so unique and amazing.

Overall, I have always enjoyed eating Italian food. I dont know how much I ate on that day. I felt that I gained so much weight but I cant stop to eat. Food is my life, I can't life without any delicious food, even though I keep saying I should diet, loose weight but I cant do it, because it's so difficult!!! Arghhhhhhhh..... Please help me!!! ㅠㅠ

Ok, back to the topic! The first place on the list that I would like to recommend is the Apple street because the food and the atmosphere make Apple street a perfect place for a date, a business lunch, brunch with friends or a glass of wine on your own. This is my favorite restaurant since I ever started coming here. It’s great for dates, study, alone time, and just enjoying the overall scenery of the restaurant itself. If you manage to grab a window seat, you get a nice view of the beautiful area of Gangnam. 
I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you are looking for some delicious Italian food in Seoul.

Guys, do you have a favorite place on the list that you want to go? 
Let me know and if you have an questions about me in general, beauty care, foods, fashion, or even recommendations for places to eat, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!


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