Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend at Tom N Toms

Last Saturday night, I decided to meet up with my boyfriend in the Seoul for watching movie at cinema. We watched the Luke Evans movie. The movie was so good and I really enjoyed watching it.

As we had dinner on our way back, so we went to Tom N Toms Cafe (탐앤탐스). Tom N Toms Coffee is Korean version of Starbucks. My new favorite go to place to study and meeting with my friends or my lover.

We was there on a saturday and it was really crowded for a weekend. The best thing is that it opens till late. There were a few students studying here when I was there, it is quite the perfect place to study undisturbed.
Good news for those who needs to get online often, Tom n Toms Coffee also offers provides free wifi which is a non negotiable perk when it comes to coffee houses, and you can find them all over Seoul. 
The cafe has mirrors on the walls with some modern and cute designs.

Another great thing are the magazines they provide for you to read. It's very roomy, and nice to stay in for few hours to catch up on some reading or study.

Tom N Toms Coffee is where to make friends with a cup of coffee or tea. The warm decor here is nice too and the place wasn’t very stuffy either. I don’t like stuffy cafes very much because they take away from the relaxation factor.

Tom N Toms Coffee is a South Korean coffee shop with multiple franchises and with more than 380 outlets over countries in the world. Tom N Toms Coffee established roasting factory for the first time for Korean coffee brand, providing fresh beans to each store and established coffee academy program carrying out continuing research and development for Korean-tasty coffee. Also Tom N Toms Coffee is the only coffee brand that makes pretzel with own receipe, all of the above are our own competitiveness.

They have a second floor area below which is very comfortable for student studying or doing their assignments. 
I should've taken some picture of the area upstair but its too crowded, and some people looked at me because I'm carrying my camera.

Tom N Toms provides freshly brewed coffee, tea and a wide variety of sandwiches, salads, and pastries. I love the menu variety and want to come back and try some more pastries and drinks.
Service is minimal but polite and kindly.They have fresh juices in addition to all of their menu options.We order at the cashier then wait to pick up my drinks and food.
They offer breads and cakes too.
There is also a wide variety of drinks, including waters, and soft drinks.

There are more Tom N Toms travel coffee mugs, tumblers, and some snacks.
Here's a great gift idea!

This is Tom N Toms menu for pretzels. There are definitely a lot of variety, from sweet to savory, there is something for everyone. You can get pretzels with apple cinnamon, cheese, onion, and even a pizza pretzel. 
You can also make it into a set, which comes with a drink. It’s also worth noting that the coffee is decent and comes in the standard latte, mocha, espresso variations you’ve come to expect. One thing that makes this place better than Starbucks are their selection of pretzels; original, plain, garlic, cinnamon sugar, parmesan, and almond.

My boyfriend and I ordered a hot cafe latte, pomegranate iced tea (석류아이스티), and the cheese stick (치즈스틱). The price range is pretty decent, not too expensive but not too cheap too. 
I got this electronic gadget after I order at the counter and made payment. I sit down and wait for my gadget to light up and vibrate and then take my food and drink from the counter. I like the fact though that we don’t need to stand behind the counter and can simply wait at our table.
They even have unique tissues and straw.

I decided to try the drinks here because I was in dire need of caffeine. A cafe latte is simply a shot or two of bold, tasty espresso with fresh, sweet steamed milk over it. Some prefer to add syrup or extra espresso to the recipe.
The cafe latte is a perfect balance between the espresso and steamed milk.
The coffee is not bad, but it isn't amazing either. It's cafe latte but plain and simple.
I tried the pomegranate iced tea but unfortunately it's not delicious! The pomegranate iced tea too sweet and too sour for me.  Pomegranate iced tea is terrible but I must admit they have some great and nice ambiance in the cafe, so I need to try another Tom N Tom speciality drinks next time. 
Overall, they all had excellent texture and strong flavoured cheese. They had the expected crispy chewy and soft texture. I definitely loved that the flavors were all strong and easy to taste yet not too sweet.

Anyway, the longer you’re there, the more food you’re bound to order and that’s exactly what happens when I went to Tom N Toms Coffee Cafe.  I wish you will have a good time at Tom N Toms Coffee too.


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