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Platform L By Alfredo Coffee

Hello There! I've been really busy for the few days ago, I couldn't find time to blog. I have been spending a lot of time in coffee shops lately as I try to make plans for life after Korea, and I've tried to use that to find some interesting places. I always wanted to write my life story, so here I am!

Last week Saturday, I went to Platform L by Alfredo Coffee shop that I haven't been to before because I had a date with my best friend after class. Coffee culture is incredibly hard to avoid in Korea, even for someone like me who doesn't even drink coffee before, and assuredly I have ended up spending an increasing amount of my time hanging out in coffee shops since I came to Korea. 
This might be quite a surprise for those who haven’t visited Korea, who would rightly assume that a more traditional hot drink in Korea is tea. However, Korea  is moving away from its traditional ties. As continuous and wide-spread Americanization sweeps the major cities, large chain coffee shops have replaced the tea houses, and the nation’s new favourite drink comes with an addictive shot of caffeine. 

Honestly, I don’t know much about Platform L By Alfredo Coffee Shop, but this cafe was just next door to my friend office in Gangnam-gu Cheong so no excuse not to visit, right? Actually, there are many such cafes in Gangnam-Gu Cheong, so another recommendation I have is to find clusters of smaller coffee shops, by which I mean when they are all in the same location.
Platform L cafe is known to be a businessman's hotspot during lunch hours with long wait times during the week. The best time to visit is actually on the weekend when the district is not as crowded, but still expect to hang out for a few minutes.
The atmosphere is where Platform L By Alfredo Coffee Shop really glow, the beautiful ceiling arches overhead, the variety of coffee are unique, the seats along the wall are benches but somehow very comfortable. Several bulbs hang above each booth and the coffee bar is fronted with distressed wooden panels.
 Lovely ambiance and a pleasure to visit!

 Lovely place to chill or to while away time waiting for someone.

 How the interior looks like!
At Platform L By Alfredo Coffee the service is like an education in every cup. The baristas are well informed, friendly, kind, and wonderful staff.

There are a range of drinks freshly ground coffee, juice, tea and soft drinks.

Do you want to try something new with season’s best fresh and sweet raspberries?
I ordered Ice Raspberry Chocolate (Ice라즈베리초)!!!

I tried ice raspberry chocolate, a creamy white and tempting concoction of raspberry flavored, and chocolate. I had a drink, and happy to report that their drinks are delicious! Definitely my favourite 'Coffee Cafe' which incidentally She brew to perfection!

I can’t say enough about how much I love this Ice Chocolate Raspberry. I promise you’ll love this Chocolate Raspberry, because the flavor was perfect!! Chocolate, raspberry, just the right amount of sweetness, and more!
One of my most favorite quick desserts is a chocolate. Since I am not a huge fan of raspberry, but I can say the raspberry flavor was amazing! This definitely goes down as my favorite drinks! Possibly the most delicious Ice Chocolate Raspberry ever!!!

Good things, they served tasty biscuits too! Bicuits can be enjoyed while sipping a coffee or tea.

Well, this is the place to go for great coffee and a unique atmosphere, and free WIFI is available. Anyway, you will love this place like I do I am sure!!!

강남구 논현동 107-45 유원빌딩1층. 
(The cafe is equally far from Gangnam-gu Cheong subway stations.)

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