Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Cafe Some in Bongcheon

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to try some of the delightful treats from the Cafe Some (카페썸). I will be exploring the Cafe Some located around Bongcheon. I went to Cafe Some on Sunday evening, I know I’m very fortunate to live around the corner from Bongcheon, where is close to many cafe and market. We sat inside in the cafe making the most of the good weather, it took a while for a waitress to come and take an order for drinks which seemed to come promptly. Cafe Some was new to me, I went with my boyfriend and had a pleasant time there. This cafe is also right next to the Coffee Is that I also blog about, so you can hit two places in one evening.

They also have a very nice patio you can sit out on as well! I often see students doing homework out here because it is a bit quieter and you can spread out a little more. It’s nice to sit outside the cafe that offers delicious coffee where you can people watch. Anyway, like many cafes here in Korea, Wi-Fi is free! So, give yourself a nice memory at "Cafe Some"!

When you enter this cafe you will immediately encounter the small ordering area and display case with treats you can pick from. The best thing to do is have someone grab a seat and then come back up to order your food or drink.

They have a lot of choices for drinks and the menu here is only in Korean. They also have sandwich, cookies, juice, and soft drink.

Cafe Some decor is simple but modern with big windows, small wooden tables and lightly cushioned chairs make the most of the courtyards natural beauty. The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for chatting with friends or going on a date. I love the ambiance here because really chill environment with friendly staff.
I brought my notebook to work while I drink. Fast free internet and big windows to give me that cozy feeling.

For drinks, I ordered a vanilla latte.
I have tried the vanilla latte from "Cafe Some", and it was too sweet for me. Anyway, don’t waste your money trying if you want to get a vanilla latte. Get from Anopla Cafe or Coffee Station 107 Cafe, they are much better at the similar price. All I can say is the drinks are so darn sweet. I literally paid for a cup of sugar syrup.

Well, On a nice autumn day, you can find people hanging out more and more outside in "Cafe Some" in Korea. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to stop by here and enjoy some more of what "Cafe Some" has to offer you.

Koreans, especially students and employees, love to spend their time having a cup of coffee or tea, and a slice of cake in the coffee shops or cafes. When you visit Korea, you can find coffee shops or cafes spreading around the city. They serve the same things, such as coffee, cakes, even main courses. But Korea doesn't only have such regular cafes, but also themed cafes. One thing more, if you stay in Bongcheon, make sure you ask for this coupon card!

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  1. It's always been my dream to travel to korea. I love korean drama :) I have some korean friends here in the Philippines as well. :)


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