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Natural Ice Apple Mint Cream

Hello friends! Today I am going to review Nature Republic Natural Soft Ice Apple Mint Cream, it's a moisturizer from Nature Republic. I bought this about two months ago and have used it for everyday since autumn and my skin is so dry. I look disgusting and I need to moisturize! Everyone wants good skin, right? I hate to admit that I really spend a lot on skincare and cosmetics. Well, knowing that I spend a lot of money, so it's my pleasure to review and share with you guys! =) 

Nature Republic is a Korean brand and available for the world outside of Korea. I think you can purchase it on eBay too. If you are in South Korea, Nature Republic is everywhere, from subway stations to subway exits. They often have 30-50% off "Nature Day" sales as well so you should look out for that. So far I have never seen this cream go on sale, probably due to its popularity.  
Natural Soft Ice Moisturizing Cream came in two types: Sherbet type Green Tea Cream and Jelly type Apple Mint Cream. 
Grean Tea Cream is designed for oily and combination skin type, and its green tea extract brightens and creates clear skin. Apple Mint Cream is for neutral and dry skin type, and its mint scent provides fresh feeling to skin.

 Product Description: 
- For normal and dry skin. 
- Elastic jelly type enables instant permeation into skin and offers instant moisture and soothing effect to create moisturized skin. 
- Mint offers soothing effect and vitality to tired skin. 
- Contains pure glacier water with full of mineral and active oxygen to take care of healthy and moisturized skin.

This is the lead and lid look of the product. This cream is for dry skin and it contains 90ml of the product. From effects to name to package, everything about 'Natural Soft Ice Moisturizing Cream' was inspired by icecream.
Find out what ingredients in Natural Soft Ice Apple Mint Cream! 
- Apple mint leaf extract
- Lime peel extract
- Lemon grass extract
- Lemon extract
- Grapefruit extract
- Lime extract
- Orange extract
- Kiwi extract

Anyway, I was attracted by the name 'Ice Apple Mint Cream' so I want to buy it, and "Ice Apple Mint" sounds unique to me! Hahaha. =) Apple Mint Leaf Extract can use for revitalizing to the tired skin. Pure Glacier Water (Full of mineral and active oxygen) can use for deliveries intense hydration.

One thing more, an interesting fact about this product is the thermometer sticker. Special inked label is attached to side of package, and it changes the color as the temperature chages. When kept in refregirate, natural soft ice moisturizing cream provides cooler and fresher feeling, immediately soothing the irritated skin from strong summer heat and hot temperation. According to the Nature Republic Employees says that the thermometer will turn into blue if you put this product into refrigerator. I did, put it into the fridge for about two hour but it doesn't turn blue or any color. I guess I need to put it into fridge for longer! Hmmm...

This is the look of the cream! It is elastic jelly type that claims to provide instant moisturizing and soothing effect, and this is a memory foam type. If you don't know what is memory foam, after you dipped and take out some of the product, it actually goes back to how it looks like, as if it's new.
Here's a shot, so you could see clearly the product. It really looks like edible jelly, right?

How to use?
- At the last stage of skin care in the morning and in the night time, apply a moderate amount according to skin texture gently.

This cream spreads easily and provides a nice cool and mint sensations. The more you spread and massage the cream into your skin, the more watery it becomes. Elastic gel type allows the skin to absorb better and offers instant moisture and soothing effect. It's fresh apple scent is relaxing and not overbearing. It has made my skin look healthy and glowy for the last two months. I currently reside in Seoul, and the weather here is becoming dryer as the winter season begins. This cream has kept my skin hydrated. It has a light fresh and apple fragrance that I can't really describe and it absorbs easily into the skin. Some other cream will leave you with an oily sheen, but this is not like them. I love the smell of it so much that I look forward to applying this, and it gives me a temporarily cooling feel, as if I am receiving a facial in a spa. The smell along with the feel makes application of this cream very relaxing.

Tip to use
- Keep in a refrigerator and use when sticker of thermometer next to the container turns to blue color. If you cool down the temperature of this product, you will have more instant absorption and cooling feeling. 

(Apply in twice with a moderate amount in the daytime) 
- Quantity decides stickiness or refreshing feeling of gel cream. Apply cream in twice with time difference during morning makeup and in the day time to remain more moisturized skin with moisturizing veil effect.

(Apply as sleeping pack before sleep)
- After cleansing PM, apply skin care and apply Natural Soft Ice Cream more generously than usual before sleep as sleeping pack 1-2 times per week for more moisturized.

Well, this is definitely one of my favourite purchases. It is an awesome product. I highly recommend this to people who love fast absorbing, non oily film and fresh apple scent creams. I choose Nature Republic because product developed according to the great nature’s beauty secrets and uses extraordinary nature ingredients from all over the world. The smell, the consistency and effect afterwards, really fills your skin with freshness of nature. =)


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