Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Delicious Gold Kiwi Fruit Juice

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Stopped by Platform L By Alfredo Coffee (플랫폼알프레도) Shop on last Saturday, I've been here a couple times and have gotten different drinks. I was really excited about having a fresh juice place near my office friends. This place is wonderful and awesome. It's very best priced compared other coffee shops in the Gangnam-gu Cheong. I highly recommend the Platform L By Alfredo Coffee Shop. 
This became a very regular place for myself and friends to drink. Over all I really enjoyed my time here, also the atmosphere and ambiance of the cafe. The staff is kind and friendly amid the chaos and have always given me good recommendations. I can't say anything bad about this place, other than the fact is gets busy.

I ordered the Gold Kiwi Juice (골드키위주스) and my order was ready in less than 10 minutes. I can't refuse and decide to try a Gold Kiwifruit Juice, because gold kiwi fruit contains a high level of vitamin C, almost twice as much as an orange. They’ve also been known to be good for digestion, respiratory issues, cleansing and energizing. One more thing, I really liked how I could see the staff make the smoothies right in front of my eyes.

WOW!!! The gold kiwifruit juice was fantastic, and amazing. The drink served quickly too. A medley of refreshing and crisp flavors. I think I’ve found a new go to drink to enjoy this autumn. It’s refreshing, sweet and slightly tangy. They’ve also been known to be good for digestion, respiratory issues, cleansing and energizing.

Gold Kiwifruit Juice uses the freshest and finest gold kiwifruit to be 100% naturally without any preservatives. The gold Kiwi tastes similar to melon. I really appreciate a juice place that charges less than 6,000 Won a drink. This kiwi fresh juice is secretly delicious, even though it's little sweet for me, but really perfect juice to surprise others. Oh, and the seeds in this fresh juice adds a great texture to the juice, and the people would definitely love texture while quenching it.

Fresh gold kiwifruit juice are the best way to beat dehydration level in our body. The benefits of gold kiwi fruit for the skin are also many. The biggest benefits of kiwi fruit on the skin are that the vitamins, specifically vitamins C and E, have astringent properties. They not only lighten the skin tone but also help in tightening the pores, helping the skin appear younger than it really is. Gold kiwi juice nutrition data shows a high amount of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and sodium in the fruit. 
Apart from that, kiwi fruit nutrition facts also show that the omega 3 fatty acid contained in the kiwi fruit seeds can help you improve heart functioning. There is also considerable amount of carbohydrates and fiber in the juice, and therefore, this is an ideal drinking option if you are looking to lose some weight. 

In the end, I want to say the gold kiwi fruit juice was super tasty and I will definitely visit here again! 

강남구 논현동 107-45 유원빌딩1층.

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