Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cookie Macaron Ice Cream

In Korea, you can find a Paris Baguette everywhere, because Paris Baguette is heaven. Their bakery selection is always fresh, diverse and packed with flavor. Their cakes are delicious and gorgeous. Every single item will surprise and delight. It's the perfect place to go any time of day. I love this bakery, the environment is very pleasing and friendly. A great to catch up with friends over a nice drink. I went to Paris Baguette at Bangbae (방배). What led me to Paris Baguette was my craving for macarons. I came in and went straight to their macarons. Ok, Let’s talk macarons! I finally had the chance to taste Cookie Macaron! I am so happy!!! Paris Baguette at the moment offers only two flavors such as macarons blueberry and cookie ice creamToo bad cookie macaron are so expensive in general, but worth a try.

It's the first time I tried cookie macaron from Paris Baguette, I am so excited! I loved the cute packaging, and I was impressed by their prepackaged cookie macaron. 

I have to applaud the creativity of the chefs who came up with this treat. It looks very chocolate, and it's basically macaron stuffed with flavored cookie.

Here’s a Cookie Macaron Ice cream! How could I resist getting one? It tasted like a brownie, with a crispy top and bottom. I only tried the chocolate one. It was too sweet! I felt like i was eating one sack of sugar each time i took a bite out of this.

This is the cookie macaron ice cream. It's the size of my palm, not too small or not too big.

 The ice cream was soft and chewy. I liked both the flavor and texture. For those who love sweets this is good choice.


서초구 효령로 117 (방배역점), 서울특별시, 137-842

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  1. These are only available in Korea right? Also another question. Do you think if someone were to ship them to Canada (Ontario) they would last? In like a fridge bag or something?


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