Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Artisee Cafe Gangnam-gu Cheong

Stopped by Artisee Cafe for some bread because I was hungry in the morning. Artisee Cafe is well known for having a European ambience. Everything at Artisee is an art work, made by their artisans. Even the cafe names are creative and original. Artisee Cafe is a deli patisserie, a bakery specializing in French pastry.

Menu includes sandwich, cake, bread, dessert, coffee and tea.

They have a wide selection of different breads, desserts, cakes, and drinks. Given that it’s dubbed itself as a patisserie, I was looking forward to a collection of cakes and tempting desserts that were different from the standard Paris Baguette cakes. They had an impressive showcase of cakes, pastries, tarts, and macarons that were a little rich for this visit but I’ll be back to try those out again soon!

The cafes showcase their diverse and colorful nature in varying ways. The interior styles are remarkably unique. They have quite a few tables that look comfortable for either a quick lunch, or settling in for a while either chatting with friends or getting some work done at a cafe. The design is certainly modern but what I like about it is that they’ve the base of the design modern and added touches of pattern, character, and color through different pieces and sections of the cafe. It’s really quite a cozy atmosphere. 

Look at the cute placement wall with the illustrations!

Artisee Cafe isn't just one of Korea’s trendiest cafes (and I say this personally, it definitely tops the list) but also has one of the most creative, and art.

I decided to try Artisee Green Pea Bread and Red Bean Bread. It's still early in the morning so I didn't want to eat anything heavy.

I was very curious as to what glutinous green pea bread was. The green pea paste was not very sweet. I wanted to try the green pea bread since it looks so pretty. The green pea was a very pretty but edible shade of green, and with the flower shape, it looks very appetizing. What I love about this bread was that there was hardly any bread, especially in the flower petals. It was mostly just the mung bean paste, quite sweet and very yummy. The middle had a buttery crumble sprinkled on top and less paste with more bread so it was a bit gland.
Looks fantastic! What a creative use of pea flour. I have to admit it's pretty tasty.

I loved this red bean bread too, and the moist texture as it was very chewy, or rather dough, as if it was not baked long enough. While it might look simple, it tastes great! It is just the way I like it and provided a nice balance to the red bean bread. It was simple, yet each part was perfectly done and the flavours came through naturally very appealing. These were very fresh and at 1,800 Won each, very affordable, too. I’ll be sure to visit again.

Artisee Cafe has been one of my favourite cafes for a while and it’s partly due to their awesome bread and fresh brunch but more because of the fact that, to be quite honest, the design is so off the wall that it’s really quite amazing. Overall, my experience at Artisee Cafe was fabulous.

Artisee Cafe Name Card


서울특별시 강남구 논현동 119 POBA타워 1층

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