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Uniqlo IFC Mall

Hello! Today I want to share my story with all of you, let’s get started!  
On last week saturday, I went to IFC (INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CENTER) mall in Yeouido with my boyfriend.
Maybe you don't know about Yeouido, so I will explain about it first. Yeouido is a central city of finance and economy in South Korea, and IFC is Korea's first mall of international style where you can find many famous clothing brands, luxury accessories and good quality cosmetic, there are many national and international brands too.  
IFC Mall developed by AIG Global Real Estate Development in conjunction with Seoul Metropolitan Government and is operated by Taubman Asia. IFC Mall was built to attract the employees of nearby businesses as well as increase visitors to the Yeouido area and the main customer target is office employees notably young career men and young career women.
In here you can play, shop, watch and eat, IFC Mall is a completely nice shopping mall in Seoul, with easy and direct subway access to Lines 5 or 9. 
The mall is directly connected to the subway by moving walkways, come out of exit number 3 at Yeouido Station to find IFC Mall, it's really easy to get here. 
IFC Mall Seoul has been built with a glass pavilion aimed at displaying natural light on all three lower level floors and the outdoor area will be plated with a grass lawn that people can actually step on it, and will feature exhibitions by sculptors and artists.

This happens all the time when we saw a work of art in ifc mall.

The shopping mall is on three levels (L1 until L3), whereby the highest floor (L3) is full of restaurants, nice coffee shops, and also the home of a large CGV movie theater. L1 is all about fashion and beauty stores such as ranging from sports wear to international fashion brands. Fashion stores continue on L2, which also has a famous hair shop and a big Bookstore (YP BOOKS 영풍문고).
A large indoor mall located on floors L1 - L3 of IFC Mall
CGV Movie Theater
Cafe Bene

Me and my boyfriend decided to go Uniqlo on 2nd floor, because he want to buy something and I absolutely love Uniqlo especially when shopping for clothes.  
Uniqlo is a famous Japanese clothing brand, Uniqlo began life in Japan in 1984 as the unique clothing warehouse, and it was founded by Tadashi Yanai, CEO of its parent company Fast Retailing. Now, He is the richest man in Japan.

I think in general it's one of my favorite stores at Uniqlo. 95% of the clothes I wear to university and work on a daily basis come from Uniqlo. Uniqlo clothing is really simple, and their prices are affordable for me. I like the plausible prices and the bright colours and Uniqlo enables me to keep a hold on fashion without looking wacky. Uniqlo It's a really good place to stock up on basics, especially during a sale. I've also found a lot of really good quality shirt, t-shirt, skirt and pants there that actually fit me.

In addition, Uniqlo supply a wide variety of clothing, including women’s, men’s, children’s clothes, sweaters, socks, winter jackets and underwear for both genders and all ages. So don't ever wonder if you can see a lot of Uniqlo shops in South Korea. Uniqlo has two basic clothing designs such as fashionable and informal. In their fashionable clothes, they use various patterns of cute and famous animations on the clothing in different seasons. Their informal style clothing is really modern and simple. There are no excessive patterns or decorations on the clothes. All the designs really suit to their goal “Anytime, anywhere, anyone can wear it!”
Uniqlo also supply many sizes, from extra small to extra large size, so customers are sure to find the right fit. I really love the simplicity, that's why i chose UNIQLO. There are no overwhelming prints, so it's really easy to wear, Uniqlo uses smooth and light cloth in their clothes, everything they sell is perfectly and comfortable for me.

Now lets see what my boyfriend bought last week saturday at Uniqlo!

I'm so happy because my boyfriend bought me a Minnie mouse t-shirt, one piece jeans and two shirts for the coming autumn. I chose the Minnie mouse T-shirt because she’s so darned cute and sweet in this this T-shirt.  My all time favourite cartoon is Minnie mouse! The reasons why I really love Minnie mouse is because she reminds me of me, except i don’t really look like her but the way she acts almost same like me, and she is small body like me, these are my reasons why i really love Minnie Mouse!
Minnie Mouse is the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse created by The Walt Disney Company and she is the most common Disney character after Mickey Mouse in the Disney Parks. I have loved Mickey Mouse since I was a kid so i really love this T-shirt, it is so cute, and never goes out of style. This T-shirt is made of a real quality, it feels comfortable and fits great for me, it's not too heavy of a fabric, so it's a perfect summer shirt.

Furthermore, I got one pair jeans, and two checkered shirts for myself and another one for my boyfriend. I chose purple and light blue, long sleeve shirt with big checks. My boyfriend's was dark blue and grey two colour grid check slim fit shirt, both of us really love the shirts.

These Uniqlo jeans are amazing!
He bought 2 pairs of formal pants, and 2 colors tank-top too, the tank-top and pants were so cheap. The pants fit well, have an adjustable waist, and the pants are well-constructed, and then the tank-top, the style is good and the fabric is really soft.

Me and my boyfriend really enjoyed shopping at Uniqlo because the space was big, clean, and tidy so we did not feel that it was too mess and crowded. The air was really fresh and not stuffy. About the prices were reasonable also at Uniqlo, if you like to wear informal clothes but not too expensive, or if you are on a budget, Uniqlo is a best recommendation for you.
The service at Uniqlo is friendly, while we were shopping, the clerks were kind, and when we had a questions, they answered patiently. 
When you shop at Uniqlo, you can try on any clothes you like, that will help you make the correct decision. Sometimes, we buy clothes for our family, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, but they can not wear it, you don’t need to worry because Uniqlo in South Korea special offer one month trial period. It means you can take any unsuitable item back to the shop and exchange it for something else, that is really a good service, right?
My experience shopping at Uniqlo was a great experience. How about you? 
Do you have any story about Uniqlo or IFC Mall to share with me? 
Please share your story below and i will review your story shortly for publication!

Have a good time shopping in Uniqlo IFC Mall!

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