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I Love Smoothie King

No matter how full i am, I always leave extra room in my stomach for juice or smoothies. Luckily, there is a galore of Smoothies cafe in Korea to satisfy my cravings. I’m not sure about you, but sometimes I will have the occasional smoothie or juice craving especially when the weather’s really hot. I stumbled upon a Smoothie King cafe, I don’t know whether Smoothie King are popular in Korea, even though I was never a big fan of smoothies, I do pick up a quick one for breakfast during the warmer summer months. Smoothie King is a smoothie food retailer that caters blended fruit based drinks.

I know many people drink juice or smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or like me grab one for breakfast when they’re short on time and cannot have a proper sit down meal, or as an after work out refreshment. Seeing how everyone in Korea is always very busy and observe crazy long working hours, and in the humid hot weather, I think juice or smoothies are perfect for Korean! 

Many people in Korea opting for healthier lifestyles where exercising and eating right are increasingly important to them. Every girl who wants to lose weight or a guy who wants to gain muscles, the smoothie king has been successful to helping people live healthier lives through nutrition. 

At Smoothie King, their mission is to inspire a healthy and active lifestyle for their guests and they have various smoothies choices for you. Nearly three quarters of adults are not eating enough vegetables and our new Veggie Blends encourage guests to incorporate more vegetables into their diet in a way that tastes great. The smoothies don’t just taste good, they are actually also match for you! Smoothies are really healthy and nutritious. We all know how many vegetables we’re supposed to be consuming, but very few of us are able to eat that many every single day. That’s why juicing and smoothies have become so popular and they’re a much easier way to bring in large servings of fruits and vegetables that fuel our bodies.

All Smoothie King smoothies are under 250 calories (for the small cup), so there’s no need to go on an extreme diet, and with the many flavors available at Smoothie King, smoothies are no longer boring for me. Smoothie King Started in New Orleans in 1973 by Steve Kuhnau. Smoothie King has grown to include over 600 stores across the continental US and Seoul, South Korea.

Interior was upbeat, neat, clean, and cozy. It made me feel fresh and happy. This outlet is probably new as there weren't a lot of people, and most of the people who drink when I was there were Koreans. The concept of the restaurant was simple too.

Seats for you to rest your tired feet from shopping or just hangout with your family or friends!

There is a wide range of smoothies to choose from, with several functions to meet your goals. The menu actually states how many calories there are in the drink so you can decide on what to have easily!

They even sell another drinks, bread, yogurt and original wrap too!

Check out the healthy snacks, energy bars and enhancers you can choose from! It aims to help more people to achieve healthier lifestyles through its wide selection of great tasting nutritional fresh blended smoothies and healthy snacks.

I purchased a Berry Carrot Dream (4,240Won), because the name sounds really awesome.

You will get one device after you place your order at the counter, and once it vibrate, your smoothie is ready for pick up.

Berry Carrot Dream made with carrots, strawberries, orange juice, bananas, and apple juice (contains 278 calories and 58 grams of sugar). The Berry Carrot Dream were really delicious, healthy and refreshing. 
I was pleasantly surprised because I was never really a smoothie lover and don’t quite care for them most of the time, but the smoothies from Smoothie King are indeed something that I would go for again! The thoughtful Smoothie King folks even included the number of calories each and every item contains on its menu for your quick reference! The good thing about the smoothies is that they are not overly sweet, and I could taste the fruits inside quite distinctly.

Healthy can be yummy!!!

If you love counting calories and on a mission to drink healthy, the Smoothie King really recommend for you! It's surely worth place to drink smoothies, and the service was okay too.
If you are in Korea, don't forget to stopped at the Smoothie King. 

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