Saturday, September 13, 2014

Craving for Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

Today my boyfriend gave me three box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, He knew I absolutely love chocolate. I love all types of chocolates but my favorite is only Ferrero Rocher! I'm so happy he bought for me and I'm so excited for this chocolate because I’m a big fan of the classic Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Ferrero Rocher is an Italian chocolate made by the Ferrero Company. Introduced in 1982, Ferrero Rocher is the most popular chocolate worldwide. Ferrero Rocher is packed very elegant in hard plastic box with luxury gold foils and the label is a white colour with a beautiful gold colour edge which is reflective giving it a real high quality appearance. The box is transparent so i can see through it and get a great view of the chocolates inside. 

This chocolate is good to give as gifts or simply to treat yourself. The price of this is a little more expensive then other leading brands but it is worth the price! I Totally recommend it to anyone who aren't allergic to peanuts. Unless you have nut allergy, you cannot possibly say no to a Ferrero Rocher.
Don't forget these chocolate keep really well in the freezer!

I eat mine by slowly eating the chocolate layer of the wafer, then split the wafer in half, the lick the chocolate out one side of the wafer ball, then eat the chocolate covered nut from the other side. WOW, It's really fantastic taste!
A true treat that will leave you wanting more after every bite! 
I always expect this chocolate in my stocking every week because they melt in my mouth with a great crunchy texture and taste so amazing.

The milk chocolate and hazelnut combination is very well done, though I must admit that my favorite part is the contrast between the crisp wafer shell that is unique to the brand’s chocolates and the ultra-creamy chocolate filling. 
The thing about Ferrero Rocher its like a round wafer covered in chocolate with little nuts on the outside, inside its filled with milk chocolate fudge and nut in the middle of it. It’s so simple, right?

This is what makes this chocolate taste so unique, and allow nutella lovers to experience the taste of a smooth chocolate filled with one of the most delicious treats to be found in the world. 
This is the most amazing chocolate I've ever tasted!  
Well, overall eating a Ferrero Rocher is a really great experience for me, because chocolate and nutella taste sensations are lovely!

Christin Tomntins
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