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Coffee Attoon Cafe in Korea

Travel has always been a passion of mine, so I was very passionate when my boyfriend told me about Coffee At-to-on Cafe. Last week, we came here with some relatives to relax and have a drink. Coffee At-to-on is a good looking cafe, while the interior is fresh, simple, tidy, and clean. Once you step in that small cafe, you can feel the cozy, cool, and lovely atmosphere.

Coffee At-to-on is European casual cafe where located in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, and it is called in Korean is 커피에투온. A European-style cafe franchise that serves coffee and desserts. There are so many good looking cafes around this area that it can be hard to choose, and many of the most interesting looking cafes have the least appetizing coffee.

They also have a small selection of prepared icecream

There is one of the famous franchise restaurants that "원할머니 보쌈" in Korea which is really famous for Bossam and Pigs Feet. Bossam is steamed meat wrapped in cabbage leaves with seasoning and vegetables. It's really good because we can enjoy tender meat and spicy kimchi flavor at the same time.
This company, 1&1 Co., Ltd., has Ten different brands with the different food such as pork, chicken, pizza, deli & cafe, and so on. So, the Coffee At-to-on is one of the brands of 1&1 company. Actually, I didn't know the Coffee At-to-on is belong to 1&1 company whcich is famous one that "원할머니 보쌈".

The At-to-on Cafe at Ilsan offers a typical selection of drinks, coffee, and teas hot or iced. Prices range from around 2,800 won to 4,800 won.

The two flavours of Bingsu that are popular would be the Injeolmi Bingsu (인절미빙수), and Mango Bingsu (망고 빙수).

I ordered a Real 64% Hot Chocolate! 
I really wanted to taste their Real 64% Hot Chocolate drink.

It will vibrate which means I can get my drink from the counter.

I have never found anywhere in Korea that serves Real 64% Hot Chocolate until now. The shot that came out looked good, tasted great, and the dark chocolate has a cacao content of 64%. Their blend seems to be aiming for something strong, and it was enjoyable, and satisfying. The best ever hot chocolate, which is especially good in the autumn, but can be enjoyed any time. I’m happy to say I was not disappointed! The Real 64% Hot Chocolate is really worth my money.

Real 64% Hot Chocolate from Coffee At-To-On in Ilsan.
Two Marshmallows

I'm the type of person who likes a bit strong chocolate, yet sweet and creamy. That's why this is thumbs up for me, and last but not least, it is really good chocolate, very smooth and balanced. Now they are definitely my new favorite coffee shop! Next time I will go there again and try their single origin coffees or teas, which might be more interesting.

경기도 고양시 일산서구 한류월드로 300 원마운트(대화동 2606, 2층 2040호)


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