Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cafe Anopla Korea

Hello Everyone!!! It was a long while since I last posted on my blog, today I would like to recommend is the Cafe Anopla located in Bongcheon-dong, a refuge for coffee lovers and juice lovers.

As there are simply too many nice cafes to visit in South Korea, I'm just going to list some of them that I've been to, during my trip to Bongcheon. This is my favorite cafe since I ever started coming here. I just love this cafe because It’s great for dates, alone time, and just enjoying the overall scenery of the cafe itself.

This place is impressive, clean, huge, spacious, cozy, not stuffy and has a super simple interior design. Sometimes simple is best, and if you manage to grab a window seat, you get a nice view of the Bongcheon-dong. 
If you want to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or juice and eat a shaved ice or slice of cake you really have to stop by this cafe located near Seoul National University Station line 2 exit 6!

Some of the menu items at a Korean coffee shop will seem very familiar, such as vanilla latte, espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte and cafe mocha can be found in almost every cafe, but one of the hands down favorites for many Koreans is the americano or iced coffee.
Scones Sweet Potato
For our first taste of Cafe Anopla, we ordered the following: 
Aloe Vera and Orange Juice for me, an Americano for my boyfriend, and we also tried a slice of their Scones Sweet Potato. 
The very first time I saw a menu for sweet potato scones, I directly wanted to taste them. But sad to say, the scones sweet potato tastes is not good and their scones sweet potato was hard and even harder to finish it. Maybe I had high expectations of this scones sweet potato.

After that disappointing scones sweet potato experience, I just had to go with the next thing on their drinks that catch my curiosity: the Aloe Vera and Orange Juice! When it was served to me, the aloe vera and orange juice surprised me because it taste heavenly. It was actually better than what I expected, it was so good, sweet and rightfully so. There's something in it that makes me drink more, and I wanted it all for myself. Now, I really loved their aloe vera and orange juice drink a lot. It is highly recommended, because the aloe orange juice drink tastes really fresh and good, you might want to try it too. I personally love their aloe vera and orange juice, though it might not be the best option for summer. 
What you want to make sure, when buying your aloe vera and orange juice, is that it’s preservative free. By the way, A fresh juice doesn't need to be that complicated, I don't need all those different veggies in my juice everyday because I like to keep things simple. Aloe vera and orange juice is well known for its healing and soothing qualities, and the juice helps to  preserve a clean and healthy digestive system. 
It is high effective against stomach. It has a soothing and healing effect on ulcers, infection, acidity, stomachic discomfort, and so on. Aloe vera along with orange is a rich resource of vitamin C, A, and strong antioxidant. It helps to counteract the dangerous effects of free radicals and boosts cell renewal thus retarding ageing. Aloe vera juice along with orange keeps a check on bad cholesterol level, and aloe vera juice help in weight loss. Well, Enjoy the benefits of aloe vera in many type of fresh, stabilized aloe drinks.

Finally, i want you to know that we really enjoyed our time at Cafe Anopla, and the place is very pretty as well as a nice place to relax and hang out.

Address:  서울시 관악구 은천로 156 1층

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